First Time Meeting from Where to go?

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My first question is: First Time Meeting from Where to go?.

My next question is: Hey so I have known this guy for over three yrs.  During this time we never were going out.  He would ask me to hang out occassionally.  It was almost like we were friends except I he was attracted to me b/c he would always complement me and we would hook up but we never had sex.  Also during the time I knew him we never really got too close.  I feelt like he cared about me but just did not want a girl friend.  And I know I should have not let this go on and should have asked what was going on or something but I never knew how.  I guess I was comfortable too with just hanging out like we were, rather then not at all.  He also barely ever called me only A few times when something serious happened.  We would talk thru Text messages or online.  Which I also hated but I dont kno y I put up with it anyway.  Well I went out with him and his friends two weeks ago and he was holding my hand acting like were together and paying me a lot of attention.  then this week he blocks me from online.  I kno this cus I was wondering why he hasn't been on and asked my friend to see if he was online.  And he was and has been but I am still blocked.  Oh and btw we are 24, I think this whole situation is immature and I know I should have never let it happen.  But anyway today I decided to text him happy valentines day just to see what he would say.  Then after I sent that my friend showed me that his away message said "taking my beautiful valentine out".  After I saw that he text me back "happy v-day too hope you havea good day" I wrote back "oh ok btw you didnt have to block me".  I know it's so immature but I want him to kno I kno because it's so dumb that he even had to block me.  Even if he has a gf tell me, I would still be upset but we were never serious so.  And also it's not like I was bothering him.  I am hurt tho by this cus it's like for over three yrs he never tried to make it into anything more with me and now he could have a gf.  I kno I never put much effort either but I just felt like he never gave me the chance to.  Also it hurts that he doesnt even care to kno how i'm doing even if we were never gonna be together I thought he always would talk to me.  I dunno I feel like a fool b/c I should have talked to him while we were hanging out.  I just keep playing all the stuff I should have done diff. in my head and it sux..

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Your question was: First Time Meeting from Where to go?.

So now I am not blocked on his aim anymore and today he sent me a message saying "I'm sorry for temporarly blocking you it was stupid and immature of me.  But I am seeing someone steady now and did not want to hurt your feelings with my away messages.  I think your a great girl and hope we can be friends" Well at least I know that he has a gf.  It just hurts b/c obviously i'm not that great or you would have tried to be with  me.  So I wrote back "I'm not mad it's just amazing that I knew you for how long and you always kept a comfortable distance, I even just hung out with you two weeks ago and now you have a gf, I guess I was never good enough, oh but we can still be friends, anyway I wish you the best in all you do" I probably should have just writen nothing but I have to finally get out how I feel, He strung me along for soo long, and I think that it's mean to just be like now i'm seeing someone but your great...huh I dunno pisses me off.  I know I didnt do everything perfect but I thought he wasnt looking for a serious relationship, now I just see he wasnt looking for it with me....

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You could have talked to him until hell froze over and it would not have made him be with you.  He was obviously playing both his gf and you.  Feel sorry for the poor girl that is with him, she got a loser.  You come out with just a couple of bumps.  Take this as a lesson and move on..



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My next door neighbor.

Wants to ban all guns.


Out of respect for their opinion I will not protect.

Them with my guns..

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I agree. Move on. Live your life. What will be will be.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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