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Help! I need some positive thoughts, having a hard day. I'm in my fourth week and I am tired of all the food around my house, I'm tired of the tempations, and tired of not eating w/ my family. I have 6 kids so I have to have the food around, I have to cook dinner. Last night was my sons pine wood derby, so to celebrate, I served cake and ice cream after dinner. It killed me! Help!..

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I am in my 3rd week. And yesterday was the first day that I can say I was actually hungry. At last weigh in Ifor 2 weeks I have lost a total of 5 lbs Sometimes it is really hard to stay focused on the long haul. But I remember how I felt 4 weeks ago in Florida and I never want to feel that way again. SO I try to stay focused on how I would feel if I ate the off plan food. Would I feel better? Like would it have been worth the 10 mins.

Hope you have a great day! Hang in there...and remember there are others hanging right along with you.


"I have learned, as a rule of thumb, never to ask whether you can do something. Say, instead, that you are doing it. Then fasten your seat belt. The most remarkable things follow.".

Julia Cameron..

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Hi Lajolla girl....

I am sorry to hear you are struggling. If it's any comfort, it's not uncommon. When you first start are alll full of energy and gusto...and you get the weight loss which adds to that enthusiasm....and as you start to hunker down in to the day in and day out routine of the diet, the enthusiasm wains...and you start to get restless with the diet and the program..

Here are a couple of tips to keep yourself going.....

1) Why aren't you eating with your family? I know you have to cook dinner for the lot of them, but why can't you make something Medifast friendly...and add extra sides for the kiddos. You could make a big salad and have chicken or turkey or any of the lean portions....and add a starchy veggie like potato or rice for the kids. Then, you could all be eating together. I have made dinners for me and my dad...that both of us can eat. It can make the eating part of Medifast seem less lonely. And, if you are eating an Medifast food for dinner...still sit with your family and enjoy your shake or pudding with them.

2) As for the temptations...I wish I had an easy fix on that for you. It's tough...and it will probably continue to be tough even when you are off MF. We really have to change our relationship with food, if we want to be successful in keeping the weight off long term. I'd encourage you to think about why you are tempted by the it that you are hungry or is it that it makes you feel good? I would remind your kids of what you can't have...and have them hold you accountable. It's a nice checks and balances system...and it can give them a role in your weight loss journey..

3) Constantly remind yourself of the successes you have've only been on the program for a month and you've lost 20 lbs...with 40+ left to go. You are already a 1/3 of the way there. When have you ever been able to have that kind of success before? And...if you have those temptations...will that success continue? In those moments when you want the kids' snacks...or the ice cream and cake...ask yourself if it is worth it. What do you want more? To lose those 40+ lbs...or the ice cream. If you keep those thoughts in your's easier to resist. I often say to myself...not THIS time, but sometime down the road.

I really wanted some stuffing and a piece of I said to myself...not this year, but next year. It worked well for me.

4) Find Medifast replacements for those things you really REALLY want. If you are having ice cream and cake with the family...make the Medifast ice cream recipe for yourself to enjoy alongside them. Or make the shake into a little cake and drizzle SF syrup on top. It's not the same...but it's close enough and it let's you celebrate and experience with them..

You've done so well in 4 weeks time...and now is the time to just hunker down and get it done! This is when a lot of people slip...and sometimes the slip leads down that slippery slope. So, come here in those moments of weakness...let us talk you down...and write down the top 10 reasons why you want to stay OP and get to goal...and carry it with you...put it in your kitchen drawers and cupboards....put it in your glove compartment...put it in your purse...and read it when the temptations feel like they might get the best of you..

Hugs and best of luck on your MFing journey....


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Hey there- I eat with my kids- whatever I have for l/g they have right along with me (they usually get some wheat rice or pasta side dish). When we've had birthdays, I make my pudding up ahead of time and eat that instead. There have been a couple of dinners where they have something different so I just make mine up and eat with them. Keep hanging in there!!! good luck!!..

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Same with me - I make the Lean & Green for myself and the kids, but then also give them noodles or rice or potatoes with it.

I also made sure I had a sweet treat of my own - a bar or pudding - if they were going to have something sweet so I would not be tempted...

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Hi there,.

I have 6 kids too (and I am a child care provider). I always tell people that means I'm surrounded by small hungry people ALL the time. ;-).

It looks like you are doing great! I just want to encourage you to push through because it is so worth it! I have been doing Medifast for 3 months and I definitely have highs and lows but I just keep taking it one meal at a time. (And visiting these boards, often for support and encouragement.).

My birthday was last week and even though I said, it doesn't matter if I don't have cake, I was feeling kind of deprived. I mean, I've been having cake on my birthday for 43 years! So...I came to these boards and found a recipe for a 'shake cake'. It got me through the psychological longing to eat something that at least resembled cake. LOL.

As for all the temptations of food being around...I just try to get rid of it...freeze it....hide it....whatever, just so I don't have to see it! And I read somewhere about the 'not mine' trick where you just tell yourself, that's not mine. It sounds silly but it really works for me. If I'm dishing up icecream for the kids (which honestly, I'm not doing these days) I would tell myself...that's not mine!.

Hang in there, you're doing great!..

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I agree my family eats L&G with me with the added starch and bread.

Just a thought! You said "Last night was my sons pine wood derby, so to celebrate, I served cake and ice cream after dinner.".

Why does a celebration need cake and ice cream? Are there other ways to celebrate?.

This is very hard for me I still think about food as a reward for good things ... but to celebrate with our children ... can't it be hugs & kisses, a new movie, an extra half hour to stay awake, a new book .... and such things.

You are doing very well reward yourself with new fingernail polish, a manicure, pedicure, massage ......

Comment #6

LaJollaGirl, - push thru it - you CAN do it!!..

Comment #7

Hey Girl!.

Don't be discouraged! You're doing awesome! We totally need to get together!.

I know what you mean about temptation; I went to my bro's house on Sunday and the whole fam was there ... I didn't know that EVERYONE brought some yummy desserts! My mom made strawberry & lemon meringue pie! My sis-in-law made chocolate chip oatmeal cake, I brought some rice krispie treats ... and someone brought some homemade salsa and chips! *sigh* ... I was sitting there eating my Medifast chicken noodle soup all by my lonesome! ha ha ha..

I guess this is just one of those things that we have to push through ... then once we're in maintenance we can have in moderation..

5 months is a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG time away. (I should be near goal then).

I'm here for ya!.


Comment #8

Thanks for all the advice today. You are all the best! I did eat with my family tonight too, it helped...

Comment #9

I think it was around the 4th week where I was struggling the most. I was also tired of feeling deprived. Hang in there. It does get better. I haven't cheated but I sure wanted to. I kept going...from one meal to the next...just 2 or 3 hours and it was time to eat.

Now what I want it to finish the weight loss faze and move on to transition and maintenance. So....I have to help it happen as quick as possible....and that means NO CHEATING. I know it will be harder to start again than just keep going at this slow and steady pace. So now I'm not feeling as deprived because it's my choice not to have those things. It's a conscious choice and I'm in charge! Don't get discouraged because what you're feeling is normal (I think) and it WILL get easier...

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Laj - I am so sorry that you are struggling! It can't be easy when you are cooking for your family. I really would like you to read and re-read the advice you are getting here on your thread, espcially what Shell's not always easy, but I promise - you CAN do this! Please try to look at the food you are cooking for your family as not a deprivation to you. You want to be healthy for your family and they need you. I'm sure you can't always cook or provide totally "healthy" meals for your family on a daily basis, but what a great gift you can give to them by cooking healthy meals for ALL of you! My family's eating habits have changed dramatically - we don't do the fast food very often anymore....and even if there is starch involved - it's no big deal to me that I don't eat it. You can do this - just get your mind to a place where you know you are getting healthy for you - AND for all of them. Stick to it and you will reap the awards of health and pretty soon, the way you eat will be a normal part of your family's priorities. It is for my family and I'm glad I can be a small part of that...

Comment #11

OK. I came up with a solution to help my own problem. I have 4 kids that are old enough to have a "make dinner" night. I will teach my kids how to cook, how to read a recipe, and help me all at the same time. They have all agreed and are excited to start.

Thanks for all the great advice. You all really keep me going...

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