Feeling tired doing Medifast

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Today marks the fifth day since I have started. I am happy to report, it has been very easy. The only discomfort I have had, was on day 2 and I just had a headache throughout the day. Other than that I have had no other problems. No more headaches, I have not been extra tired through this whole thing. I also have not been hungry.

I also make sure to drink all my water, and then some. This has lead me to become a little bit worried. I log all my meals into MyPlan, and it tells me I am doing good!.

I was just wondering if there was anyone out there that didn't really have a rough first week. Everyone I have heard from has said the first three days were terrible, but for me it wasn't bad. So it makes me think that for some reason it just isn't working for me.

Thank you for all your help...

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Amber - Don't worry. Everyone is different. My first week was pretty smooth except for the mild headache. Then wham - week 2 started off with the "hungries" so bad that's all I could think about. My day was consumed by hunger. The next day back to smooth again.

Like I said everyone is different. Hang in there, the program will work for you - look at all the people that have been successful. You can be successful too. I plan to be...

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Yeah, she's right- we're all different- I never experienced the dreaded 3 week stall and never had the ketosis headache. The infusers also do nothing for me and for others, it's a kick in the butt. so, just follow the plan as written and you'll be fine. watch it melt away! good luck to you!..

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Amber, please stick with it !! you will be so happy you did. Take it from me, I cheated my second day , but did not give up, got back on the horse, got a Health Coach and today I am 3 pounds from goal. You will be happy you did this!!.


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I actually had a very easy 1st week. None of the headaches or grouchiness that some others describe. Lesson number 1 is don't compare yourself to anyone else on the plan, because each if is is unique. Sounds like you're doing great. Do the plan as written and it will work for you..

Good luck and welcome to MF!..

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I am in the same boat. I started the plan this Monday (7/28). I did have the headache around day 3. This is day 6 for me. I have been weighing in everyday and am down 6.4 lbs since MondayEach day I lost around 1 to 1.5, but today only .6.

Anyway, I never really had a dramatic switch from not feeling well to feeling great. By nature, I am not a morning person. I could sleep all day if you let meSince I work full time, this was my first morning to sleep in and I had to force myself to get up so I could eat on schedule. I don't really feel jolts of energy. Hunger is OK. Last night I made pasta and sauce for my family.

After dinner I still felt hungry. Once I had my evening shake everything was OK..

I am thinking the same as you though. How can I really tell if I am in ketosis? I don't have the sweet taste in my mouth. I am following the plan 100%. I have not put one extra thing in my mouth. Just doing the 5&1. My calories have been between 800-1000 (averaging 860-900).

I am sure it is working, but I wish I had better signs. I guess the best sign is the scale and how clothes fit. I analyze things too much anyway!.

Wishing you success!..

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I've been looking for these "big" signs too but I've read that the ketosis is mild on Medifast so depending on your body you might not have a "big" sign. The only thing I've had is that I've been so cold a few days that I've turned up the a/c, taken really hot showers and bundled up, until it passed - kind of interesting in hot/humid Florida! lol.

I have to mention that my scale is not showing real screaming results like other people's but my measurements after 2 weeks dropped along with my knee pain and my workout pants are real loose! Those are all great signs for me. The plan does work...

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I recommitted last Saturday and have just finished my first week. I had a smooth week and no headache. It definitely depends on the individual. I also think the hunger is really dependent on how may carbs you eat. I do not go over 85 a day. Medifast is great because it keeps you in the mild state of ketosis.

The ketostix was dark purple, so I think that was too much ketosis for me. On medifast the ketostix might be a trace. Good luck to everyone! You can do it!!..

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I went for 7 months never sure if I was in ketosis, but since the I was continueing to lose at a steady pace and was following the plan 100%, I just decided I must be doing something right!.

While this is a low carb diet, it only puts you in a very mild state of ketosis. I think that makes it harder to tell. Sounds like all of you are doing great. Ju keep working the plan and it will definitely work for you!st..

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I had a relatively easy first week. I had a headache on Day 2 and that was pretty much it. My week 2 I was obsessed with the scale and had convinced myself that I wasn't in ketosis because I only lost 1lb. Week 3 was my bad week. I was SO hungry but I made it thru it and lost 5.8lbs that week. I am nearing the end of my 5th week now and I now just run on faith.

Just look around this board & you'll know that it works. There isn't a secret club that does extra stuff so that they can be successful on Medifast and they aren't telling anyone else. They're just following Medifast as they are supposed to, exercising (but not too much) and drinking their water. So just hang in there & know that it WILL work as long as you stay OP...

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Yes, sometimes you wont see the scale move but the inches still come off, thats why I suggest to my clients when they start to take measurements..

For instance, this week I think I am going to flat line, stay the same weight but the pair of pants that were snug on me last week are now too lose. Hard to imagine but it happens, it's great!! I dont get to crazy with the scale, sometimes just trying on those tight fitting jeans is the perfect indicator of how the inches are melting!!.


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I had no problems at all the first week or the third and neither did my daughter. But we had always eaten fairly healthy food - no junk - it was portion size that got us in trouble. Maybe that accounted for our easier time - and yours?..

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