Feeling nausea during Medifast Diet?

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I am on day 4 and I felt miserable all day....nauseas and headachey....just awful..


I know I can get through this right?? Tell me I can!!!..

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You will make it!! In another day or two this feeling will be a dim memory.

Welcome to MF..

Comment #1

Thank you! lol Distant huh? I sure hope so!..

Comment #2

I am also on my fourth day.....

Feeling really hungry but proud of myself!.

Don't think I have ever gone this many days with chips or cookies.....

Comment #3

Sharon, the day's almost over, you're on the home stretch! I guarantee you're going to wake up soon - quite possibly tomorrow - feeling better!.

Think of it as your body working hard to flush out all the toxins from your previous way of eating. Make sure you drink plenty of water, the 8 glasses is the minimum you should have. There are a few snacks that are allowed that can help with the headache like a pickle spear or some boullion.

Welcome aboard and good luck to you!!..

Comment #4

You'll be fine!! It's part of the process. Most of us have been where you are and we all survived our first week. Hang in there, it'll pass.....GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!..

Comment #5

Don't worry. IT WILL PASS. Today is day 8 for me, and it is getting better and better. I felt nausea too, and extremely tired, very cranky. Getting better. You will notice. You'll see!..

Comment #6

Today is day on for me. When I was on this last year (had to stop because of a pregnancy) THE MEMORY OF THE FIRST WEEK KEPT ME FAITHFUL TO THE PROGRAM >>> IT IS GOOD TO GO THROUGH THAT EVEN THOUGH IT TOTALLY SUCKS>.



Comment #7

Hey sharon....hope you are feeling better ...these first few days are hard..but keep sticking to the boards and get some respite..u will be a fat burning machine in no time!..

Comment #8

You will get through this Sharon. You will be in the fat burning stating and feeling great before you know it. You can do this!!!! Mary..

Comment #9

Yes! You can do this!!! It won't be long and all those icky feelings will be gone and you will feel great. In the mean time, hang in there and drink plenty of water, and rest when you can. Ketosis is a great place to be!..

Comment #10

Yup what everybody else said!! I remember feeling like a troll my first week. I promise it will pass and the next thing you know weeks and months pass and you will be at goal Time flys by here!!..

Comment #11

Yes you can!!! You will be feeling energetic and great before you know it. Hang in there!!..

Comment #12

You can do this sharon day 12 for me and the first few were rough. Just hang in there and you'll feel better before you know it PROMISE!!!!!!!! You can do this this is the worst part and it's almost over hang in there!!!!!!!!.

Welcome to MF..

Comment #13

You can do it!! I had headaches last week (first week), but now they're gone...I have energy to get through my day, too! Hang in there; you're doin' great!!..

Comment #14

I have bee on the diet a week and ould fall asleep standing up what is wrong with me?..

Comment #15

Your body is adjusting. Take naps - lots of little cat naps did the trick for me. Don't worry - but remember these feelings. Not wanting to go through that first week or so kept me 100% on plan for 9 months!!..

Comment #16

Good news!! Today being day 5, I am feeling much better! Not 100% yet, but didn't get a headache till the end of the day, that was a miracle! lol.

Thanks everyone for your kind words, I knew you were right and I knew I would get through it, but man, it was a hard two days!..

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