Feeling full during Medifast

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Wow, I really think this is the breaking point or "detox" people were talking about. When I first started on the medifast I was still kind of hungry all day and turned to binge drinking... "water" I dont think I can count on one hand how many times I went to the bathroom the first few days I probably drank 3 bottles over my daily 4 :X But today I woke up.. hungryish, I'm generally not a breakfast eater but I'm determined! D:< So I made some apple cinnamon oatmeal and added a little more cinnamon for my taste and towards the last bit of the oat meal I had left I definitely felt/feel full. With so little food I think it is.... I'm actually full o.o not in a way that I feel like I COULD eat more if it was there; but I'm actually full :3 I feel great.

So now all I have to do is tell my friend I'm not going with her to the olive garden tomorrow >.> I had never been there, but everything there is too high in fat and calos.

I was the person who ate out too much to say, "It's not like I go out everyday.".

And I really don't want to be anymore :3..

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Isn't it a great feeling? You are well on your way. Believe it or not there are days I have to force myself to get that last meal or 2 down because I'm just not hungry...

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Yay! Congratulations!.

I had that same experience yesterday, day 4 for me...

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This has encouraged me! I am JUST starting and I am a nervous wreck. I have never been on a REAL diet before and I am PRAYING I can do this! I love food too much! HA!..

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I was talking to a friend today about Medifast and she wanted to know what the meals consisted of. I pulled a chocolate mint bar out of my purse and showed it to her. She laughed and laughed about how small it is. She wanted to know how I do it. I told her I just started and I've been hungry off and on all day but I don't care! I want to be thin. I'll get over the hunger.

So I'm on day 1 and am doing great so far. We can do this! have faith!..

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Its so true Alisa! I cut my bar into small little pieces and nibble on the small chunks! and I drink a bottle of water with every meal except for my snack.

A few days ago I was at work and a woman was talking about her diet that she loves and is doing great on. I asked her what her motivation was..

And she said, "Hun, I've given birth to 3 children and raised them into adults, if you think losing weight is hard, try being a single parent and devoting all your time to 3 kids for 30 years, I motivate myself because I'm doin this for me.".

Im only 21, I'm not a mother, but I found this to be so inspiring D: this woman amazed me..

And I'm sure a lot of women can relate to it..

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