Feeling cold constantly from Medifast?

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Good Evening Everyone,.

I have been progressively getting colder and colder. It is driving my husband crazy especially days like today when it was 72 degrees here. I am bundled up in sweats. Has anyone else experienced this? I am going for blood work on Monday and I hope everything will be ok with that. I am wondering if this is a normal side effect of the program as a person loses weight..

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this..

Thanks and have a great evening!.


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Hi Jami,.

You've lost a lot of weight, is this the first time that you have been cold? I was always hot! Some was weight, of course, but also hot flashes. I am cold a lot now. At work, hairdresser, we had menopause alley on one side of the shop where I (57) worked with my best friend (61). Now she is all by herself! I'm not flashing at all, which is wonderful! All the soy I believe. Just bundle up, it's normal! I started Medifast 2 days after you did. You are a little ahead of me on loss. Aren't we good! Have a good one!..

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I am by noooo means a veteran of Medifast but I am a veteran of menopause. All my life I was cold, except for the middle of summer, until I hit the big M and then I was hot all the time. I fought with hubby over keeping the window open in the bedroom at night and keeping the heat down to 63 in our room etc. Since starting Medifast I have started being cold again, especially as the day goes on so I would think it is the soy/natural estrogen. MHO.

Onward and downward!!..

Comment #2

Yesterday I was outside in a warm jacket and mittens and hooded sweatshirt and it was 68*!.

I love being cold now though, it is better than all of the hot flashes I had before!.

Just tell hubby that you do not have much fat to keep you warm any longer and he has to do it now!.


Comment #3

I thought it was all of the shakes and cold water doing this but I wonder if it isn't relative to not having sugar in our system. Sugar heats the body which is one reason why they tell you not to have sugar sweetened drinks when you are out in the heat during the summer. I am glad to find out I am not the only one around here needing a blanket in the house (constantly) and am still in winter PJ's when it is all of 80 degrees outside!..

Comment #4

YES......YES.....I used to never wear a coat....but I do now..and honey I have 2 long terry robes to wear around the house...because I have lost my insulation...LOL...I can put more clothes on...and at night I drink hot tea...seems to help....Later Prez..

Comment #5

Thank you all. It is nice to know that I am not alone. I think I will ask nutrition support though if this is something we should expect to be happening..

Thanks again!.


Comment #6


You posted while I was writing. Thank you. Maybe I won't post to Nutrisystem now. ~chuckles~.



Comment #7

Now I know why I've been colder than husband fusses and says I'm sweating him to death all the time. WHEW!!!..

Comment #8

It is KETOSIS. I have read on these boards that getting cold is a by-product of ketosis. I have had the same feeling - and it is so unusual after being 'hot' with this layer of fat around me...

Comment #9

This is so mean that I'll not only lose weight on Medifast, but I will save on my air conditioning bill, too? Medifast rocks!..

Comment #10

Cold? OH YES. I'm always freezing. Have started taking hot showers and drinking plain hot water to warm up. My boyfriend thinks it's hilarious, except when I've got the car heater blasting even when it's 60 outside.....

Comment #11

This is great! I was cold all day today! Maybe now my kids won't whine all the time that I have it too cold in the house!!! (Summer & Winter)..

Comment #12

I am with you on the freezing side of MF...if I sit idle for more than a half hour I have blue finger tips!!..

Comment #13

Hi Jami,.

In the downloads, under "symptoms and side effects" it says it is due to the lower caloric intake. It has been a problem for me since my second day (now 23 months later), I hardly used the a/c at all during the last 2 summers....a big difference for me. I was always turning up the a/c before. Small price to pay....I make sure when cold weather comes that the electric blanket is handy. I like to wrap my hands around a hot mug of sf apple cider when I sit at night to watch tv.....I am coldest when I sit still..

Started" 05/24/05.


Comment #14

I was "cold all the time" before Medifast and now I am really freezing. It was 80 here yesterday and I was perfectly comfortable for the first time since starting MF. I was wearing jeans, T-Shirt, and tennis shoes while grilling out...

Comment #15

HiI agreeI am cold ALL OF THE TIME!! Even after being outside doing yard work for hours in 70-80 degreesI come inside and have a hot drink or a soup for lunch. That was never the case before. I do notice that I am always colder after I drink a shakeI use alot of ice in them. Like the others said, you can always put on a sweater or jacket! I'll take the cold over that layer of fatANY DAY!!..

Comment #16

Yep....always cccold! I was driving around yesterday with the seat warmer on high and the heat on full blast and it was a gorgeous sunny day in Seattle...

Comment #17


I posted almost the exact same message 3-4 weeks ago! Yes, your body being colder than usual is normal, the result of:.

- ketosis.

- more water.

- fewer 'empty calories (sugar).

- the body working harder to garner energy from less fuel.

Now at week 7 I am finally beginning to feel less cold, and do not look like an artic eskimo bundled up in sweats/scks/vests and at one point ear muffs! Today I am wearing capris, flip flops, t-shirt and okay, I admit, a sweatshirt. But a light one!.

Consider feeling cold a positive weight loss sign..

Or maybe it's the fact that we both live in Oregon, and Spring has certainly not yet arrived..


Comment #18

Thank you all for your thoughts and advice. I really appreciate it..


Comment #19

My Doctor warned me that I would be cold alot and that it normal. He did say that it was a side effect that should pass over time....????.

Hope that helps some!.

Stay warm!..

Comment #20

Yep, me too! Cold all the time. Bundled up a lot. I wear socks to bed now..

But - I'd rather be cold and healthier (my blood tests are PERFECT now) than feel frumpy, hopeless and depressed...

Comment #21

It's definitely better to wear a sweatshirt to warm up rather than wearing it to cover myself up as much as possible...

Comment #22

Hey, I forgot to mention this in my previous reply: The more calories you take in, the more heat you hold in your body. The less calories you take in, the less heat you cold in your body. The food you eat can be:.

" Broken down to create energy.

" Converted into body tissue.

" Or excreted.

All foods release heat when they are broken down. The less food you have inside you, the less heat is released. A calorie is a unit of heat..

I hope that helps. It helped me when I first starting experiencing being cold. The smaller I got, the colder I got...

Comment #23

I have the same story! I was cold all of my life until menopause. I spent about 4 or 5 years of being hot all of the time. Now I am back to cold. I also thought it was the shakes, so I started drinking hot drinks and eating hot oatmeal. It helps a little. Glad to hear I'm not alone...

Comment #24

I definitely prefer feeling cold and skinny vs hot flashes and fat..

Comment #25

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