Feeling awful during Medifast Day 1

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Like every diet I go on, I get all the food and a day or two into it I fold and tell myself to accept being overweight. Today, is day one and I feel awful, shaky, hungry and depressed. I am following everything like I am supposed to but I want real food. I seriously need a buddy. Anyone interested in coaching me or forming a group so we could all email each other everyday for motivation...

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Hi lmc, don't worry you are going to succeed at this! I've pm'd you...

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Hi Imccart,.

Don't give up!! I just started 5-31-08 and this was my second time trying MF. The first time I felt like you did, but this time I said I am going to do this and make it happen. It is mind over matter. You can do this!! I feel great and I in my 2nd week. Join one of the groups under the Clubhouse. I am a prt of the Junebugs and they are full of support and inspiration.

Maybe even one meal at a time and go from there. YOU CAN DO IT!!!..

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The first 3 days are the worst and they past really fast. After you have your lean and green I am sure you will feel better. You could always split your l & G into 2, to help so that you dont go off. It is so worth it! Trust me! I lost 9 lbs the first week. Your hunger will soon past. Diets arent easy and this program is so worth it!!!!..

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Congratulations and welcome to MF. You are going through what everyone of us did. Headache, fatigue, nausea, hungry, moody, etc.....

When I first started MF, 3 1/2 months ago, I was sure I would not get past day one. A good friend, on MF, told me not to look into the future. She said take it one hour, one Medifast meal at a time. Once you can do that look forward to one more day at a time. When you make it through a day look at making it through a week. Believe me they all add up and soon you will be looking back several months from and loving the new and improving you..

If you need inspiration look at the success stories because Medifast really does work. If you need a team go to the clubhouse/challenge boards and read some threads to see what group interests you and then ask to join..

Good luck, your CAN do this!..

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Come and join us junebugs in the clubhouse thread. All of us started in June. It's a great group..

I totally know how you feel. I've been doing this for a week and 2 days. The first FIVE days I felt like this wasn't possible to do, I hated the food, I felt bad, and I just wanted to cry. Everybody said they were better after the third day, but my worst day was the 5th. I tried recipes and worked out what foods I liked. Now I'm soooo glad I stuck with it.

Read some success stories. Also make sure to mix up your food. Some have a few more calories/carbs than others. If you're just doing shakes, for instance they're on the low end of calories and may make you hungrier. If you haven't had your bar today and you have some, have it the next time you eat.

If you want can do it! And it WILL get better!..

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You have already taken one of the hardest steps, and that is choosing a diet plan and committing to doing it! You can do this! Hang in there and come to the threads often. The Medifast family are the best people and support out there!..

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The first few days really are the hardest but it gets so much easier!! There is so much support here and even though it's tough just take it 1 meal at a time!! I would encourage you to stick with it for the month and then see how you feel, what you are experiencing is very common but like I said it does get better!!..

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Welcome to MF! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!! As everyone has pointed out, the first several days can be very difficult whlie you body adjusts to the change. And they say it take a month to form a new habbit. So give yourself a month, but take it 1 day at a time. Use the community. There are some great groups on here with all different personalities and goals. Look through some of the threads and see which one is right for you...

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Don't give up! You CAN do this! We've all been where you are, and know exactly how you feel right now. The shakes, hunger, nausea, headaches,'s all normal. Your body is detoxing and adjusting to not only eating very different foods, but way less of them. I read something Vie posted earlier that she had heard from someone else, and it really struck me:.


Keep telling yourself this. It's OK to be hungry. It's OK to feel crappy. It's OK because in another few days you are going to feel GREAT, and by the end of the week you will be down several pounds. Just keep telling yourself you CAN do this, nap when possible, take motrin or tylenol for headaches, come to these boards and talk to us, make a list of all the reasons you're doing this for you. But most importantly, believe in yourself. YOU CAN SUCCEED!..

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Another quick tip to get you through the beginning... Find ways of rewarding yourself for you little successes (Both related to Medifast and not). I was always one to reward myself with food/drinks for little successes in life. So with MF, to take care of that I would do little non-food rewards. Got myself some flowers for resisting the work luncheon. Rented a really bad movie I secretly always wanted to see after my 1st weigh in.

Gives you something to look forward to...

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My food is coming tomorrow - I am committed to doing this - I want to lose 20 pounds before I turn 40 in July. My longterm goal is to KEEP it off!!!!! You will do great!..

Comment #11

Hi there!.

One thing that I didn't see mentioned is "Take Shape For Life" you can request a health coach they can match you up or you can request a specific one. I requested someone I "knew" through my team. I find it helps! That way you have a little bit more encouragement one on one. There are a lot roaming around the clubhouse, usually, states "certified" health coach in the signature..

Hang in there you can do this!..

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Boy, was my first day bad! I was SOOO hungry...I kept chugging water!! BUT, I had a coworker who lost 24 lbs. in 4 wks. I thought, "Holy crap, that's almost half my goal!!!" and she is my TSFL health coach now too and we're doing this together. I LOVE reading success stories b/c I tell myself "that's gonna be me"....

Remember how you feel when stuff doesn't fit? Remember how bad it feels to not go out b/c you're unhappy with yourself? For me, that was worse than any hunger pain I could ever imagine. I was so scared my daughter would wake up one day and realize I was fat and be ashamed of me. That would tear my heart in two.....

Pick some things to motivate yourself. PLEASE look around for recipes (I have some I can send you too and they're simple b/c I'm super lazy and don't like to cook with 35 ingredients...hehe).

It's my weigh in day tomorrow and I've lost 6 lbs. SIX POUNDS!! I was making my hubby some french fries (and did not want a single one thank you very much..hehe) and I picked up the rest of the bag of potatoes and weighed it....six pounds. OMG, I almost keeled mean, I lost a bag of potatoes!?! I carried it around while I cooked and ate...I NEVER want that back again..

Sorry, I've rambled, but you owe it to yourself to see it out. Hang up some goal jeans in your room. Write yourself notes encouraging yourself....plan out what you're eating tomorrow and look forward to it. I like the food now! LOL Maybe cause I made lemon meringue out of my stuff hehe..

Come hang out with the Junebugs if you'd like. We would love to have you and support you. Most of us are new too, so we know what you're going through. Fight it, be strong....YOU CAN DO THIS!!!..

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Hang in there and don't give up!! The first few days on Medifast are a little rough and you probably aren't going to feel your best, but please don't quit, because once you get into ketosis you will feel great. Take it one day at a time, don't overwhelm yourself, just take it slow and easy...

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Just checking in and hoping you made it through that first took me a couple tried the first time around..but once you get past those first 3 -4 gets much easier. Keep posting and reading the boards. The success here will keep you going. hang in can do deserve it..


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I wouold like to join the June Bugs - can someone tell me where the link is?..

Comment #16

Hi Dreamsterling, go to discussion boards, scroll down to clubhouse, teams and special groups. you will find June bugs in there. Awesome group to be a part of..

Lmccart3...hang in there. Iam on week one today. down 10 lbs. I barely made it through day 3 but I stuck to it and the reward is well worth it!!!!.


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Don't quit!!! And definitely do not take on the attitude that you are always going to be fat. You will lose all the weight you need to lose doing MF. Hang in there because it gets so much better after the 1st 3 days. Drink a diet coke and have a bar in the afternoon, that's when most people start wanting to cheat, I think. Pretty soon, you'll be working hard to make sure you get all your medifast meals in everyday because you really won't be that hungry. You can do this.

Hang in there.


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Well, I can promise you this, Medifast will not work for you if you quit!.

I can also promise that it will work for you if you don't quit!.

It's not easy - it's easier than alot of other plans - but not easy..

It's a choice each and every day on the plan..

It can be done though..

And there are lots of people here to help you..

Geez! Look at me - I'm gonna be 50 here shortly and had a lot to lose - now I'm over half-way there!..

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Hang tight! I tell myself it's just two hours away that works. I also painted my walls chocolate raspberry just as a back up! These boards are a great inspiration and a buddy really helps...

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Honey ~ You just head right over to Junebugs, and we will rub your feet, and brush your hair, and tell you everything is going to be all right...Give your self permission to take care of YOU for a change. This is all about loving YOU, and giving YOU the gift of good health and self esteem. It is hard at first ~ I'm mid-week on my first week, and lord knows we all have these moments...You can try all you want to convince yourself that where you've been is fine - But if your heart doesn't really believe that, it won't lie to you every time you look in the mirror. Hang in there, girl. This thing REALLY works...reach out to the people who are reaching for you and hold on tight. You are going to make it..

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