Favorite weight loss books to read?

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I LOVE to read when I'm on my elliptical and I'm looking for some must reads. I need something that is going to help me stay committed until goal, and really for the rest of my life since I know that is what it is going to take. Anybody have some Favorite books on weight loss/keeping it off/ inspirational stories?.

This is the point in my weight loss efforts where I start to falter and hit plateaustrying to get my minds set ready to keep go-go-going!.

Thanks and have a great day!!!!..

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Here's a link to an earlier thread with some great reads on the topics you might be interested in.....

Comment #1

Thin for Life.

100 days of Weightloss.

And just for fun.

Good in Bed ( not a sexy book just a silly title).

Happy reading!.


Comment #2

Thanks for the link and the book ideasI'm buying a few today at Borders...

Comment #3

You have to read "The Beck Diet Solution, How to think like a thin person" By Dr. Judith Beck. It is a great book that gives you the option to choose any diet you like. And it shows you how to talk yourself out of situations and learn from your behaviors. It really is a great book..


Comment #4

This is not a weight loss book, but it is definitely about maintaining a positive outlook on life. It's called "How Full is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work and Life." It's an easy, quick read, but it will make you feel good in the end...

Comment #5

Also, not really about weight loss, but a great inspirational story - any of Lance Armstrong's books. I think he has two and both are incredible. They obviously talk about him beating cancer and winning the races while dealing with other life situations. He is truly amazing and after I was done reading both books (and wiping the tears from my eyes) I wanted to take on the world...

Comment #6


What do you use to hold your book? Did you buy a book rack that attaches? I would like to read while on my elliptical but I have nothing to hold the book? Or do you hold it in your hands?.


Comment #7

I 2nd the Beck Diet Solution. I think this will make a big difference in maintence..

Good for you for reading on the elliptical machine. I can't do that...

Comment #8

Life is hard, Food is easy by Linda Sprangle.

Love Hunger by Frank Minirth, Paul Meier, et al.

Medifast the secret is out..

Comment #9

Do you have to get big print books?.

I can't imagine being coordinated enough to do the elliptical with a book in my hand, I'm a klutz.

But books on tape, now that's an idea! Thanks - Steph..

Comment #10

Heidi....I have used that book for has been a help for sure..

Comment #11

3 books?.

Thin for Life.

Thin for Life.

Thin for Life.

... still my bible, because so much of it is about KEEPING the weight off, and from the people who really did it!..

Comment #12


Someone asked on a post how are you going to keep the weight off when you get in the 'real' world (non Medifast world) I am studying the threads of you maintainers and that one book THIN FOR LIFE.

It is wonderful!.



Comment #13

Kraftie, I am going to get set up so that I can chat with you guys. I have been off of the plan for a while and I am gearing up to start again. You are doing great!..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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