Favorite Meatless Options for Medifast?

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Hey Everyone! What are your favorite "lean" meatless options..

Mine is the Boca All American Grill Burger. Delicious..

You get three of them and no need to add an add'l fat serving with the new formulation..

Has anyone Tried the Boca Cheeseburger?.

Looking forward to trying that one..

MF works! Keep up the hard work everyone! We can do it!..

Comments (55)

I havn't tried any of the Boca products yet...

I LOVE the Morningstart Griller Crumbles!!! They are really good if you saute them with a tablespoon of onion and some red pepper with some taco seasoning and olive oil.

I make a bed of lettuce and spread the crumbles over the top and then made lettuce tacos out of them... Mmmm!!!! SOOOOO GOOD!!!..

Comment #1

I love scrambled eggs with any veggies. Its so easy and so filling mmmmm.

Be careful the taco seasoning doesn't have sugar.


Comment #2

Veggie omelettes rock. Also, my wife loves Tofu with string beans..

I also make what I call Italian Zucchini Pie... using lots of veggies with lowfat mozz and egg. It rocks!.

I like boca burgers, but would rather have regular old lean hamburger or turkey burger instead...

Comment #3

I like Morningstar Chik'n Strips. I'm not vegetarian, but I keep a pack or two of these in my freezer to serve on a salad for a quick lean and green...

Comment #4

I love the Morning Star Farms Grillers Prime Patties. They are so good. I also liked the Garden Burger Riblets, those are absolutely finger lickin' GOOD!!!..

Comment #5

Boca All American Grill Burger! These rock, just finished my L&G for the day. I felt like I was dining on a hamburger cooked on the grill...

Comment #6

They ARE Awesome and you get three of them! Of course with the new formulation, you no longer get to have an add'l fat serving, but they truly are delicious!..

Comment #7

I let tofu soak in a little lite soy sauce for an hour. I saute (very little oil in a non stick pan or add Pam spray) scallions, colored bell peppers and hot sauce, the add tofu and saute till it browns..

If I am in a rush I snack on low fat mozzarella cheese string cheese. Why is low fat swiss the only cheese option on the lean and green drop down list (why not low fat cheddar or mozzarla?).

- JA..

Comment #8

The Boca All American Grill Burger is my fav!.

Love it! Love it! Love it!..

Comment #9

I had 2 Okra patties today and they were really, really good!..

Comment #10

Okay, you've got me. Where do you get these, or do you make them yourself?? Sounds like a nice change...

Comment #11

Mmm I'm not even a vegetarian but I bought the shirataki noodles and used the MSF grilled chicken strips and made pad thai the other night! I totally felt like I overdid it because it was a massive plate of food- but I ate it all...gobble gobble....

But I love the grill crumblers too! I made a taco salad out of them- and I love tofu and boca burgers! mm!..

Comment #12

The Boca All American Grill burger is my fav (and I'm not vegetarian). I HATED the Boca cheeseburger ones. Don't get them IMO. Stick with the All American Grill ones...

Comment #13

Hi Dan,.

Do you get 3 because it's on the Mens Diet? The Quick Guide I am reding says 2 per lean meal......

Comment #14

No everyone gets 3 Boca All American Flame Grilled Burgers, see for add'l info, hope this helps. Thanks, Dan-O..

Comment #15

3 Boca All American Flame Grilled Burgers.

Is this what you are all raving about?? I have to go try this!!!!!.


Comment #16

Hey Dan didn't know you were vegetarian. I have been been for 13! My favorite is MS Steak Strip, Boca Burger Flame Broiled burgers. I usually have one egg so as not to eat so much of it...

Comment #17

Hi Carol, No not a vegetarian at all. Just like many types of healthy food choices! Love Boca and have seen those steak strips and just haven't tried yet!.

Thanks for the suggestion!.

Have a Super ON Plan Day! Dan-O..

Comment #18

Dan, why no fat servings with the All American Grilled Boca? The meatless options say we can have 1 fat serving..

Comment #19

Good Question, they have been reformulated. So good news, they taste GREAT now, but you no longer need the fat option listed on guide. I called Nutrisystem back in June when I started and found out for sure. Enjoy!..

Comment #20

Love egg/egg beater options. SO many options.omelets, scrambled.. adding veggies, etc...

Comment #21

I'm not a vegetarian, but I absolutely love the Boca All American Flame Grilled burgers. I cannot eat 3 of them, however! I cook 2 of them and top them in the skillet with the Soy Slices cheese, add lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mustard. I feel like I'm having grilled burgers with the rest of my family! Cutting back on the number of patties but adding the cheese slices comes out fine when I log them. I also love omelets with veggies and a little dash of salsa..

Comment #22

I will have to Try the Steak Strips and the Boca Cheeseburger! Sounds good!..

Comment #23

Hello, everyone! If any of you are interested in contacting Medifast to inquire about adding more vegetarian-friendly foods to their product list, you can do so by going to the "Help Center" link at the top right of this page, then create a "ticket" (send to "Medifast PLan Support"), and let your voice be heard..

When I received both of my first two months' "free week" package, they had Chicken Noodle Soup in them, which of course, I could not use. Rather than PAY to send it back and get a replacement, I just kept it for my family to eat, if they wanted a quick meal..

I think it's a good idea that Medifast not only gives vegetarians a vegetarian-friendly free week when they first join, but that they offer a complete vegetarian variety pack so that we can save money like non-vegetarians do..

I hope that as many of you as possible contact Medifast and request more Medifast meal products so that we can be represented!! After all, there are certainly enough vegetarians who view/post on these boards to justify adding products designed for us!! But, nothing will happen unless we let them know how we feel. Please take the time to submit a ticket; it will benefit us ALL!.

Happy eating,.


Comment #24

OK guys, I'm salivating (sorry) reading about these Boca All American Flame Grilled Burgers. I'm going out to buy them tomorrow. I believe they are in the frozen section, right? Also, how are you cooking them? Thanks for the idea...

Comment #25

My favorite is the Morning Star Philly Cheese Steak Burgers. Every time I find them, I buy out the grocery store!..

Comment #26

Has anyone had the flame grillers lately? I maybe doing the math wrong but it looks like only 2 patties now am I right?..

Comment #27

I'm in transition now but still continue to eat 1 cup of eggbeaters and 6 strips of Morningstar Breakfast/Bacon Strips. I usually add vegetables to the eggbeaters..

I also love the Morningstar Grillers Crumbles. 2 cups with stir fried vegetables and some Walden Farms barbeque sauce. I had it for dinner tonight..

I liked the Boca burgers with a slice of the nonfat cheese. I can now have them with a whole wheat english muffin, and it really does to me taste great...

Comment #28

I was very pleasantly surprised at the MSF sausage links...

Comment #29

Where do you buy these and how many can you eat for the lean and green? Does it count as the l&g and the fat serving?..

Comment #30

I'm not a vegetarian, but I like to have lean options available..

I like having a box of Boca Burgers in the freezer for those times when I forget to thaw chicken breasts for dinner. I also like making omlettes with egg beaters and I have been meaning to purchase some shirataki noodles to try...

Comment #31

I love boca flame grilled and favorite way to cook them is right in the toaster oven...on the non stick reynolds wrap foil...I eat them with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and mustard...or sometimes salsa instead of mustard...I love them golden brown...I tried the MSF tomato basil pizza was OK until I discovered a mushroom chunk....I am more into the strictly soy burgers...not a big mushroom or water chestnut fan which they stick in those sometimes.....

Comment #32

I use one goya cilantro bouillion cube, water & cabbage (cut it close to shredded) and cube up some tofu and add some curry powder. It makes a nice spicy filling soup on days when I am more hungry. I also use 1/2 block of lowfat feta (it meets all the Medifast requirements as far as I can tell)with 1c eggbeaters and red peppers. I like the morningstar tomato basil burgers...they taste like pizza to me. Ok, not EXACTLY haha but it's a nice flavor to mix up the palette. I'm going to try soaking my tofu in soy, good idea. I like to use toasted sesame oil (1 tsp), it's really flavorful for such a small amount!..

Comment #33

OMG just ate the best meatless L&G ever. Two large portabello caps brushed with olive oil. I place them in my grill pan and put a small pot on top to hold them down. Cooked for about three min on a side till they got tender. Then place a morningstar veggie burger on each halve, a slice of onion and a sprinkle of Low fat cheese, covered and let it warm for a bit. Oh they were so so yummy....and so filling..

Comment #34

I usally find them at Ingles or Publix - you can have 2 and it is just L&G....

Comment #35

MF has many of the nutrition values incorrect for the Meatless options, if you are logging your info in 'MyPlan'. Read the following post!.

Comment #36

I live in California and don't have either of those stores so I went to the morningstar website and didn't even see this item posted on their site.....

Comment #37

Trader Joe's and Whole Foods may carry them. Good Luck...

Comment #38

Hi all,.

I went looking for those Boca burgers and my local store had a space on the shelf where the burgers used to be - so I have to go further afield hunting for these burgers!.

But I have a related question - as vegetarians how do you eat out? It's easy for meat-eaters to find an appropriate L&G in any restaurant, but what do veggies do? I suppose a greek salad is one option - what do you do? I have a lunch date today, and I'm not sure if we're eating at my friend's house (I haven't told her I'm on MF), which could be very difficult, and I may just decide to eat off plan (which is a choice, not an emotional reaction, so I can deal with it) or we might be going to a restaurant. I don't want to make a big deal about being on Medifast - it's "bad" enough to say I'm a vegetarian (I eat cheese if I know it's veggie-friendly, ie uses microbial rennet - and so I don't eat cheese at restaurants unless I know where it comes from). I'd be interested to know how other veggies deal with eating out...

Comment #39

I plan ahead when eating out. Most restaurants have online menus and I pick out what I am eating. Ive never had to go off plan or had to mention I was on MF. I am lacto ovo and only make plans at restaurants where I can find an L&G that works...

Comment #40

Thanks for the advice - I'll definitely check online in future. I was lucky - we went to a French restaurant and I had a nice greek salad (my lunch partner noted that I'd had a greek salad last time we ate out - so I guess I'm predictable). I don't have olives or feta cheese at home, so it's a treat to eat out...

Comment #41

I am getting really confused. I just started this week and I'm trying as hard as I can to stick perfectly to the plan, but I'm not completely sure what that means. For instance, in some places, I see that I can have 1 cup of egg beaters as a meatless option for my lean portion; then I find on some discussion board and even in the list of meatless options Medifast provides that it's actually two cups. Plus, I do eat one bar everyday, and, according to the count when I record my food, I'm keeping my carbs to around 80. Is that okay? And the LF cheese thing has me utterly confused. I don't see anywhere where cheese is even an option.

I'm feeling great; I'm not even hungry, but I'm worried that I'm doing this all wrong...

Comment #42

I LOVE a good Greek salad! Mmmmmmmmmm What a treat it IS!..

Comment #43

Hi Kendall, I was confused at first too. So don't worry. First off, if you are eating 80 carbs a day you are well within the recommended 80-100 Carbs a day, so that is great news. As far as egg beaters, here is the meatless options list:

I am not sure the context that you saw 1 cup of egg beaters, but if you are having egg beaters for your ENTIRE Lean portion it is 2 cups as the list indicates. Maybe they were having it in a recipe or something. In any case, just enjoy your egg beaters. The new crunch bars are completely interchangeable and you may have more than one a day if you wish. Keep up your hard work, YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Just take it one day at a time, stay on plan and the weight will come off. Dan..

Comment #44

I like the fake hot dogs - tofu pups or smart dogs. I put them in a lettuce "wrap" with salsa. I don't know how many you get for the "lean", but they are only 45 calories each, precooked and my kids love them..

I was do happy to hear that the low fat cheese is ok. (I like the Kraft Mozzarella). Does any one know waht other nonfat or low fat dairy is allowed - I love yogurt, blended ricotta "mousse", and cottage cheese, but I don't know if these are on the program...

Comment #45

Hi. Cottage cheese is allowed. 1% or 2%. 1.5 cups is a serving. Go to the "my plan" tab. Click on "log food" and click on Lean & Green.

There's a lot listed there...

Comment #46

I know this thread has some old posts, so hopefully I have the most recent info. I just tried the Boca All American burgers tonight, had 2 of them based upon this post from NS:.

The quantity of 3 no longer applies, right? Just wanted to check with some of the vegetarians out there who may eat them regularly..

They are really tasty!!..

Comment #47

One of my favorite things is baked tofu! Tofu is so versatile, it'll take on whatever flavor you want so it makes changing things up easy. Here's one of my fave recipes that I modifiy slightly (mainly just for the condiments/fat) to make Medifast friendly..

1 block extra firm tofu.

3 T Tamari (or use low-sodium soy sauce).

1/2 tsp. sesame oil.

Olive oil, for spraying baking sheet.

Optional: sliced green onions and /or black sesame seeds for garnish.

Cut tofu in half crosswise. (I would also cut each piece in half again to make four pieces, not shown in these photos.) Blot each piece on both sides with papers towels, pressing down to remove as much liquid as you can. (You don't have to do this as carefully as when cooking tofu with a quicker method, but the wetter the tofu the longer you'll have to bake it.).

Turn oven on and set to 350 F. Whisk together the sesame oil and Tamari in a small bowl, then use pastry brush to brush both sides of the tofu pieces generously with the mixture. Let tofu marinate in the soy-sesame mixture for 5-10 minutes while the oven heats..

Spray a non-stick baking sheet with olive oil or non-stick spray and place tofu slices on sheet. Bake about one hour, not turning, but brushing with the soy-sesame mixture several times, until the glaze is all gone. It's done when the tofu feels firm to the touch, and looks glazed and nicely browned. I cooked my tofu about 70 minutes, using a toaster oven..

I highly recommend you try this if you're a tofu fan, it is so easy and so so yummy! If you freeze the tofu in advance and let it thaw, it makes even more "meatier"! If you don't freeze it before hand make sure you press/drain it to get the liquid out before baking!..

Comment #48

Hi Everyone, I am new at this forum. My Ayurved Consulant said no soy for me but I doubt I will go off Medifast but would like to blend what I was recommend with Medifast and his recommend diet for me..MF has been the only program that's worked for me with the weight loss. I am going vegatarian once again but I would like to eat what was recommend to me by my consultant which is lentil and yellow mung beans. I am to have No eggs or Tofu and etc. My question is: Would somneone know if I can eat the beans instead of meat listed at Medifast and have the hope of still losing weight with following the rest of the Medifast program?..

Comment #49

Hi, I love the Boca flame grill burgers. But I'm confused. I just started my plan today, and under the getting started post, one of the other newbies asked if you can have 2 or 3 and the dietitions replied that you can only have 2; now I don't know w hich is right! Can anyone help?..

Comment #50

From what I understand, the recipe has changed, and now 2 are allowed. I eat MorningStar Farms and I've always had two of those...

Comment #51

I like MSF tomato & basil pizza burgers & MSF sausage patties. I haven't tried the MSF chicken strips or the Boca American grill burger(I always eat Boca original vegan)...

Comment #52

I like the boca burger with parm cheese and and tomato brushetta. Yum!..

Comment #53

I like to split my Lean 3 ways: 1/3 serving of egg beaters, 1/3 serving of crumbled veggie sausage, and 1/3 serving of shredded jarlsberg lite (a moderate fat cheese). I put the sausage and cheese in a Pam'd dish evenly, then pour the egg beaters over them. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. YUM...

Comment #54

TWELVE, yes 12, Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs..

I am not a vegetarian but I like these better than Meat-balls..

One minute in the microwave to cook and they are filling and delicious!..

Comment #55

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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