Favorite grocery items for Nutrisystem?

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Going shopping today....

I need to find the guidelines for each type of food so I can read labels..

I'm starting a list, will you add your favorite grocery items so I can look for 'em?.

I'm creating a "master list" to choose from as needed. Feel free to correct me if I make a mistake!.


Various types of squash.

Romaine lettuce and bagged salads.

Salad veggies (tomatoes, onions, cukes, baby carrots).

Various fresh fruit.

Garlic bulbs for roasting, yum!.


Eggs (or egg beaters, can have more).

Lowfat Greek yogurt (fage,oikos recmd.).

And/or ff sour cream for veggie dip.

Yoplait delights (occasional treat, not ff).

Dannon Light and Fit Banana Yogurt.

LF laughing cow cheese.

LF cottage cheese.

FF milk (I use 1%).

ICBINB or Smart Balance spray.

Parmesan cheese (reduced fat?).

LF string cheese (Sargento Light recmd.).

Other LF cheese (look for min. 7g protein, under 100 cals, under 3g fat,Cabots recmd.).

Muscle Milk Light (under 100 cals, under 3g fat).


LF chicken sausage.

Hormel Natural Selections lunchmeatturkey (for a roll-up w/laughing cheese/protein).

Hormel turkey pepperoni (this will make hubby happy!).

Chicken breast (boneless skinless, for adding a bit as a protein).

Morningstar breakfast sausage (meat aisle?).

Jennie-O or Turkey Store turkey breast portions.



Green beans.

Brussels sprouts.


Corn (1/2 cup=carb).

Peas (1/2 cup=carb).

Frozen LF sausage patties (recommendation?).

Boca burgers (frozen aisle?).

Boca Crumbles.

Sugar free Philly Swirl pops.

Fat free Cool Whip.

Bread aisle.

Whole grain rolls (can't find 'em except for hamburger/hotdog?).

Ezekiel bread (actually this is in the frozen organics).

Whole grain LC tortillas.

Sandwich thins/flats (orrowheat/arnolds recmd.).

Bagel thins (Thomas' recmd.).

Flatout wraps.

Pasta aisle.

Whole grain LC pasta (I can add a carb here and there).

Canned tomatoes, italian brand w/no additives, check label.

LF/LC spaghetti sauce (Ragu NoSug added recmd.).


SF pancake syrup.

Kraft bountiful ff dressing.

Minced garlic for cooking ease.

Various flavored Pam sprays.

CARAWAY SEEDS for the nutri-toots, LOL.

Jello Cheesecake ff sf pudding mix (for adding to yogurt).

V-8 juice, watch sodium content.

Musselmans applesauce, no sugar added.

Thanks for playing/helping!..

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Your question was: Favorite grocery items for Nutrisystem?.

Thanks, Jen!.

I'm not a vegan, but I'm not opposed to eating vegan patties if they'll help me. I've eaten vegan "lunchmeat" before, to avoid sodium nitrite...

Comment #1

I didn't know if I should put things like grilled chicken on the list!.

I eat a lot of grilled chicken, grilled myself to watch sodium. You.

Could get FF hot dogs too, but I think they are high in sodium..

** turkey lunchmeat, I buy dietz & watson no salt added.

** mushrooms, onions, peppers, spinach, they are all good sauteed with garlic and spices and added to all the meals. Improves flavor of both veggies and meals.


Comment #2

Don't forget sugar free jello-they come in really handy when I'm craving something sweet!..

Comment #3

I've got to have bacon bits, raisins, craisins, dried apricots, almonds (whole and sliced), and canned green chiles. Great list though!!.


Comment #4

The yoplait delights are really yummy - they are lowfat, not fat free but good for a treat..

Comment #5

Ive always loved your suggestions specially trader joes stuff that ive read from tons of threads ....... I cant find that darn cabot 75% ff cheese and reduced fat parm where did you find them? hopefully they are stores in michigan lol..

Comment #6

Thanks! There is no sense reinventing the wheel, but better to share the information. I actually found the cabot cheese at Harris Teeter, but then decided not to buy it! LOL Cheese just isn't filling for me, although I love the string cheese melted with prunes....and a slice of turkey. I think you can go to cabot's website and do the where to buy and it will give you some choices for Michigan..

I buy the reduced parm at Wal-Mart. It's their great value brand. I know you have those in Michigan (and Meijer's too?) I miss Meijers. We used to live down the street from one and it was a nice store..


Comment #7

Thanks I never noticed the reduced parm at walmart thanks so much!..

Comment #8

If sodium is not an issue, I buy large cans of V-8 to drink instead of veggies for lunch sometimes. Also, ff ball park beef franks are great, but again, pretty high in sodium. Instead of beef jerky, I like to buy Jack Links turkey nuggets and buffalo chicken nuggets. Prunes, if you like them. Canned diced tomatoes can be found with no salt added; some brands even have seasonings like italian or green chiles added. Jennie-O or Turkey Store turkey breast portion(I like the sundried tomato, you get two oz for 50 cal, so you could actually go as high as 4 oz on a hungry day!). Musselmans has single serve no sugar added (NO SPLENDA!) raspberry acai applesauce, which is really good!! There are many more, but I can't think of them right now!..

Comment #9

Cjshines2, you pretty much nailed it! Good job!.

My additions besides what others have added include:.

Flatout Wraps.

Pizza Sauce (for my Flatout Wrap).

Artichoke hearts (for my Flatout Wrap Pizza).

FF sour cream - for some of Christina's recipes and tex-mex food.

Nathan's 97% fat free hot dogs.

Canadian Bacon - I know it's high in sodium, but it's low cal & I only use 2 slices.

Jello Cheesecake FF, SF Pudding Mix - I use it to flavor my plain yogurt.

V-8; use in a pinch if I need a vege and I'm on the run.

I also buy PB2 and Vegetarian Joe from on-line sources..

I use a lot of Safeway "Eating Right" items; especially the dry soups; they are very close in stats to NS...

Comment #10

These are all fantastic additions and ideas, I'll be updating the list, thank you!!!.

Has anyone tried Chobani yogurt? My mother loves it best of all so I'm going to look for some tomorrow...

Comment #11

P.s. what is a Flatout Wrap?.

Is it frozen? Bread aisle? Thanks...

Comment #12

I think Chobani is more watery. I prefer Fage then Oikos..

It is a wrap found in the bread aisle near the deli, usually. I don't know the stats but others to look for are Joseph's lavash and Joseph's Pita Bread. I can get the pita at Walmart near the deli counter.


Comment #13


I am new to the boards and to ns. I have been lurking all week. this post has been very useful to me. are there any other items that anyone cares to add that has been left off the list? tia.

I have to have my coffee every morning. I usually take it with coffee mate creamer (full fat, sugar). can I still use coffeemate? I noticed there is a ff and a sugar free. which should I get?..

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