Fat Free Cream Cheese counts as dairy in Nutrisystem?

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Can I count my FF Cream Cheese as a dairy?..

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Your question was: Fat Free Cream Cheese counts as dairy in Nutrisystem?.

I always use 4tbsp of ff cream cheese mixed up with some splenda and 1tbsp coolwhip to dip my fruit into!..

Comment #1

OK thanks. I used a couple of tablespoons mixed with cinn. and splenda to dip my apple in. OK so it is a free food. Even better...

Comment #2

I use cream cheese as a partial dairy. 2 tbsp of ff cream cheese is only 30 calories so you still have 70 calories left to play with...

Comment #3

Half a tub of FFCC is a dairy. HAve done it...

Comment #4

The one and only time I tried fat free cream cheese, I thought it was pretty much the most disgusting foodstuff known to man. Has it improved over the last 15 years or so?..

Comment #5

The ONLY time I use it is to make guacamole (which isn't on plan but I'm on maintenance). Otherwise, I find it to be a useless food...

Comment #6

I don't know about "useless" I like a little spread on a warmed up Apple Scone or Banana muffin (I'm talking about a half a tablespoon here). Doesn't necessarily add a load of flavor, but I still like it (I've also made a pretty decent pumpkin cheesecake with it...)..

Comment #7

Either my tastes have changed or it has improved greatly. I used to not care for fat free either, but the philly fat free cream cheese in the tubs is great!..

Comment #8

FF =/= LF.

Get a tub of FF and look at the nutritionals. The stuff is a great protein...

Comment #9

Probably depends on your tastes. I thought the Nutrisystem soy chips were disgusting at first. So different from what I was used to. but learned to like them..

It has less of a delicious fat tast to it, but otherwise seems pretty neutral to me. I like to have 50 cals of it (7g protein, 1/4 tub) on top of a slice of Arnold's Double Protein toast. Add some SF jam. Very palatable...

Comment #10

Here is my favorite use for FF cream cheese - Christina's Stuffed Oat Cakes..

Comment #11

2 ounces of Philly has 344 mg sodium and 8.6 g protein. Not overly impressive IMO. But better than low fat which has saturated fat. Personally, I prefer low sodium turkey or Greek yogurt!..

Comment #12

I like to add a tablespoon of FF cream cheese to my lunch potatoes & pasta cups. It makes a thicker, creamier sauce & adds flavor...

Comment #13

I agree with Michelle, there are many better protein choices out there. However, I think it would be fine to use once in a while. This is taken from The Daily Plate for Philly FF Cream Cheese:Nutrition Facts.

Serving Size: 1 oz (28g).

Amount per ServingCalories 30 Calories from Fat 0% Daily Value *Total Fat 0g 0%Saturated Fat 0g 0%Cholesterol 5mg 2%Sodium 200mg 8%Total Carbohydrate 2g 1%Dietary Fiber 0g 0%Sugars 1gProtein 4g 8%Vitamin A8%Calcium15%Est. Percent of Calories from:.

Fat 0.0% Carbs 26.7%.

Protein 53.3%..

Comment #14

That sounds really good. I will definitely try it. Thanks!..

Comment #15

I have a tub in front of me. Multiplying servings by serving size, I get:.

1 tub:.

Calories: 210.

Protein: 28.

Sodium: who cares.

Fat: who cares (calories matter).

Carbs: see "fat".

Eat a half tub and you have downed 105 calories and 14g of protein. It's almost like just eating a greek yogurt or something...

Comment #16

Whatever works for you....but that would be sky high sodium...

Comment #17

I don't salt my food and I'm not even eating Nutrisystem entrees any more. And I'm just having lean chicken and eggwhites and veggies a lot of the time. I wonder if I'm even getting my salt RDA!.

Actually sometimes I worry about fat intake. I do go periods of time with almost none. Got some salmon from the store today, though...

Comment #18

Actually I didn't know that about the sodium. Hmm...I do think my comments about the fat and carbs were kind of funny...and actually make sense if you think about it...

Comment #19

Don't tell me this is full of sodium. Don't tell me!..

Comment #20

Not sure what your tub stats certainly can't count 210 calories as 1 protein?.

You should worry about that. You do know what not eating fat will do, right?..

Comment #21

I eat half a tub as a protein..

What does not eating fat do?..

Comment #22

It is especially important for you because you work out so much. Sprinkle some sunflower seeds or walnuts on your salads..

Why do we need fat in our diet?.

Fat provides needed energy. It is difficult to eat the large amounts of food in a very low fat diet to get all the energy you need.Fat is needed to prevent essential fatty acid deficiency.Fat is needed so your body can absorb the fat soluble vitamins A, S, E, K, and prevent deficiencies of these vitamins.Fat provides flavor and texture to help prevent food from being bland and dry.Fat helps food to stay in the stomach longer, giving a greater sense of satisfaction and preventing hunger soon after meals.Fat may help your body produce endorphins (natural substances in the brain that produce pleasurable feelings).Diets too low in fat (less than 20 - 25%) may trigger cravings.What does fat do for our body?.

Provides back-up energy if blood sugar supplies run out (after 4-6 hours without food).Provides insulation under the skin from the cold and the heat.What happens when we don't have enough fat in our diet?.

Dry, scaly skinHair lossLow body weightCold intoleranceBruisingPoor growthLower resistance to infectionPoor wound healingLoss of menstruation..

Comment #23

I got the dry skin, a bit of hair loss and a lot of dry hair when I was dieting. Not as bad now, though...

Comment #24

You eat half a tub of fat free cream cheese? You mean by itself? With a spoon? The idea of eating half a tub of ANY kind of cream cheese makes me want to hurl with impunity, quite frankly.

Cottage cheese yes, but cream cheese? Why oh why?..

Comment #25

I've found ff ricotta to be a better choice than cream cheese. I mix it with splenda and flavorings to make frostings and fillings..


Comment #26

I wish I could find fat free ricotta around here but there is none.

I use cream cheese in small amounts in lunch entrees etc...

Comment #27

1. I actually have (not often, but have). Yeah with a spoon a couple toimes. Just needed some protein and didn't have much in the house. Hve also eaten it with celery.

Usually it's on bread though. I do put it down pretty thick. 2 peoices of toast, with a quarter tub on each, often with some SF jam on top. That's 300 calories and 2 carbs, a protien and some free food. It's a fast late night flex, if I'm having a hard time getting food content in..

I'm not pushing it, just the lady wanted to know. also, sometimes, I've like eaten a half tub over the course of a day (1/6 tub at a time...did that when I was dieting, can trhow it on your toast if a man or a owman who rates toast, on your bf entree, etc. Or have less than a full ortein and just have more eggwhites later! When I was dieting, I would just draw a little pie icon and fill it (on my planner) to monitor day usage of partial proteins..

2. So you're picky about food. Some people aren't. you almost sound some lady, saying she wouldn't want to exercise since it would get her sweaty. Come on! down some cream cheese. Get radical. Let the juices of life flow!..

Comment #28

Dude. I'm not THAT picky about food. But Greek yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, and part skim ricotta are WAY more appealing to me than fat free cream cheese, particularly if it's being eaten by itself (ngah!). With bread that could be a different story...

Comment #29

I really like your idea of this. Just regular flavored fat free? Or do you mix it with a little cinnamon?..

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