What do you eat after Medifast is over?

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Hello, I am extremely new to MF, actually will be receiving my first order tommorrow. yep THAT new. lol but 1 question has been on my mind alot. so for all you veterans out there, especially in maintenance....

Ok so whats the deal with the afterwards. when youre in maintenance and not on Medifast food anymore. can you eat what ever you want as long as you use your new Medifast habits? or are there still some things that you dont eat. or cant.?.

Also, what are chances of rebound when lets say you have a piece of pizza. or have a cheeseburger WITH the bun..

I mean I am all for the new life change and staying healthyand know that I cant eat these things all the time anymore, but there are some things I dont want to live without forever..

So whats the deal vets? how does it work? please advise with all your wisdoms and experiences..

Looking forwards to hearing your stories. TIA!..

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I would love to send you recommendations and wisdom. But I am new to Medifast too. I need to read the books and blogs, posts, etc. They say there is tons of information on there. Think of it like being on Weight Watchers (Maintenance I mean), watch your portion control, allow yourself a cheat but only as a once in a while or you will be back to where we all started. If you have a bad day and totally blow it, remember one was only one day and DON'T beat yourself up.

I was on another program similar to this only more severe. The thing I like about Medifast is that they are teaching you maintenance as you go with the lean and green meal. Until I started doing the L&G, I never realized how large my "normal" portions really were or how many carbs (rice, pasta) was on my plate vs. everything else on there. And I never kept track of water intake.

I have to say on the last note, I would love to get one true, firm answer on that. I was told all fluid counted, water, Crystal Light, the water content in the food itself (although I don't know how one would beging to even figure that one out)..

So post again if you get good tips, maybe I will be able to find you (and the replies again). Not good at blogs and posts and the likes. But I will get there eventually..

Best wishes on your new journey!.


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Hello and welcome to mF. I have been in maintenance for a little over 3 years, so maybe I can answer a few questions for you..

After you reach goal, you need to do transition exactly as written. this is where you will add back in higher carb foods, not junk,,just the healthy options. this is done in 4 phases and this leads you into a maintenance level of calories, You may have to play a bit with that number until you find a place where you can comfortably maintain within a range of a few pounds. This then is the number of calories you can eat and still maintain. those calories in maintenance can be of your choosing, however, most of us have found that we choose to leave certain trigger foods out of our diets. that doesn't mean you can't have that piece of cake, pizza, ice cream,or cookie occasionally, but if it is known food that may trigger your cravings, you may choose to just not have it.

Really learn now to read labels,,and measure what a package of something says is a serving size,,it will be a real eye opener for you as it was for me..

For most of us, I think our tastes change as we lose, we no longer crave as many of the things that are bad for us. I basically don't eat "white" foods. Hot breads were a big trigger for me before, and I don't want it now,,so best to leave it be..

Take this time while you are losing weight on the 5/1, to retrain yourself about foods. If you have any questions at any time, don't hesitate to throw them out to the community. the search option here is good for lots of things, you will find it at the top of the page in the orange band. No question is unimportant,,,we were all newbies once!!.

Again, welcome, and best wishes on this journey,,enjoy the ride!!!..

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Great question and great answer because I'm new and also wondering how my future will be. Thanks for the help...

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I learned from experience that if you don't do the transition you will most likely gain it all back. I am coming back (lost 30 pounds and gained it back over a year) and doing that transition this time, no matter what the cost...

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I have been maintaining over a year now and I personally can't eat whatever I want anymore. I don't want to as I have trigger foods such as sweets and I can't have a normal portion. So I avoid it all together. I enjoy a wonderful variety of Healthy meals ranging from a slice healthy whole wheat pizza, to the ham and cheese omelet I had this morning. I still use Medifast Meals too. I will always have to use some form of meal replacement to maintain.

But I enjoy many other meals, that are redesigned favorite foods, now made healthy and I eat so many more fruits and veggies and I exercise EVERY day. But, I don't eat at all like I used too, so my answer would be I don't eat whatever I want, just whatever is healthy and isn't a trigger food. Hope this helps. The good news is Medifast works, just stay 100% On Plan, 100% Of the time and the weight will come off. Good Luck..

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First off...welcome to MF. I know you wanna see the end of the road, but my first piece of advice to you is to make sure you are prepared and ready to start MF. The best way to be successful in maintenance is to make sure you get there. Read over the materials you got in the the Quick Start over lots of the posts here on the discussion board..

Secondly...and not surprising coming from me, follow the plan as written both in the 5&1 phase and the T&M phase. In every other diet I have ever done, I've always tweaked it and done the "Shelley version" of whatever plan I was on. Sometimes I lost weight, but never got to goal. And, I always gained the weight back. Being 100% OP for my time on MF, I learned some incredible lessons about myself and my relationship with food. I feel like the 6 months I was on Medifast set me maintain for life..

Once you have gone through the transition then are on your own. You have to figure out what to do and how much of it. Medifast gives you suggestions and guidelines. Of course, some of those suggestions are to keep eating their food. Once I hit goal, I have never used Medifast food in my day to day life. I am happy to now be eating food that does not come in a little white packet..

As you are in maintenance, you have to figure out your trigger foods. Does it mean you can never have a slice of pizza again? That depends. Pizza is a huge trigger for me. If I have it, it has to be planned and controlled. If not, I easily start down a path I do not want to go on. I only eat pizza now a few times a year.

The biggest tip and trick for me in to still track your food, plan your meals and continue to weigh yourself regularly. I have a maintenance range and if I get outside of that range, it's my job to get back into it. In December, I was out of my maintenance range...because shockingly, I stopped planning my food, stopped watching my portions, stopped weighing myself regularly, stopped working out regularly. So, I got myself in gear...and now, I am back in range..

Welcome to MF! Enjoy the journey...commit to it...and learn all you can to set yourself for getting to goal and beyond!.



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Excellent advice, Shelley! I know that now that I am in transition I have to really buckle down and get myself prepared for the rest of my life as a thin person. I know perfectly well how to live as an obese person, but this healthy, thin me is a completely new thing. I am following the transition phase very closely and I am learning what foods I love and can have in my daily life (most fruits, vegetables and yogurt), which ones I used to enjoy, but now are too dangerous to have regularly (white potatoes and other white foods), and which ones I will just put on hold indefinitely (most junk food). Who knows, maybe I will decide later on that I want a candy bar I am training myself now to be able to recognize when I am satisfied, to recognize when I am truly hungry, and when I just feel like eating just to be eating. Luckily, those latter times are rare, and I have a handle on recognizing whether it is boredom, stress, or something else. And then I can deal with THAT rather than eating when I should not be..

Do I plan on never having my old favorites again? No. In fact, my roommate (who is now in maintenance) and I have discussed ordering pizza for dinner. Sometime this summer. It used to be a weekly (and oftentimes more frequent) dinner. Now it will be a rare treat, and only 2 slices along with a huge green salad. We are both learning moderation, healthy habits, healthful food selections, and mindful eating.

My best advice to the OP right now is to read all the material available on this website, get to know the produce aisle of your grocery store, and prepare your home and your head for a new way of life. Get rid of all junk food, and make a resolution that you will choose every single day not to allow anything that is not on-plan to enter your mouth..

Come back often, ask whatever questions you may have, and spend time reflecting on who you are, how you got to be here, and why you never want to go back to the old ways again..

I wish you much success!..

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Here is the official answer from a Medifast Registered Dietitian: 64 ounces of plain water, not including what you use in your meals, and not counting flavored waters and diet sodas...

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Thanks for the water clarification raven....I was wondering that one myself...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.