Extremely Dry Skin from Medifast?

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I posted this to Nutrisystem but thought maybe someone else had some info to share w/me..

Since starting Medifast I have had extremely dry skin, especially on my hands and face. I have always had dry skin but this is much worse than normal. Moisturizers and lotions only help for a few hours and then I'm right back to where I started..

I am drinking waaay over 64 oz. of water a day and nothing in the household has changed. Same laundry soap etc....

Has anyone else experienced this? What was the solution you came up with?..

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You can count me in as well. My forehead is so dry I can even wer foundation bc it looks horrible. I am drinking well over 10 glasses of water a day so I am not too sure as to why this is happening either. I am getting a facial on Saturday (had a gift cert) so hopefully they can do something about my forehead. GL- I will be cking your post on the Nutrisystem forum!..

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Me too!! My hands mostly, then my face. I can't stand it and have been trying everything! Usually this time of year, Im good and not like the "winter" dry...

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Me three! So I asked my sister about it....she is a cosmetologist, and she is soooo into skincare. She says she puts of few drops of olive oil into her moisturizer, because it has squaline in it. ( the olive oil that is) Im gonna have to ask her specifically what it does, but it seems to be working for my dry dry cheeks and forehead...oh and on my hands too! wont clog your pores either....

I havent had a problem with dry skin but since I started MF, man is my dry skin been a problem. I too drink tons more water that is required..

Anyway, this helps me...


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My doctor has me taking 2 1000mg Omega-3 fish oil a day...

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I gotta try this tonight! Thanks and thanks to your sis!..

Comment #5

THANKS thedss! I'll try the olive oil thing tonight. Do you add the Olive oil to the whole jar or just a few drops when you're rubbing it in each day? I can no longer wear make up either too many dry patches...

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Add me to the dry skin wagon! I usually get soft, pretty skin when I drink so much water. This is the first time that my face has actually gotten worse! I have reddish, dry patches. I called into Medifast and they said I could be allergic to soy. I put hydrocortisone cream on my face everyday and it keeps it down. I am not quitting this diet even if my face turns into one big red spot. I am doing good and I'm not stopping until I see my goal! Let me know if you find anything else out!..

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I take omega-3 oil capsules and also use a tbsp of flax oil on my salad every day. No dry skin here and I live in Las Vegas where the humidity is like 0.1%! Try to add some additional good oils and see if that helps...

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And just fyi - Dove has a new line called proage. I have been using the soap and lotion for a week or so. It has olive oil in it (both products) and my skin has been not dry. So I started this morning putting some of the moiturizer on my forehead on top on my reg face cream.

Maybe it will help, I will let you know!..

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Maybe you need more oil in your diet. I too have been having the same issue. I have been eating an extra tbs of oilive with my food a day...

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I am really glad to find out I am not the only one with this problem, I have increased my vitamin E intake, but have only noticed a slight difference!..

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I have been having this issue too with my skin and my hair.

I have long, thick, curly hair that gets compliments everytime I wear it down. What I have found lately is that the ends are brittle and dry. I have never had this happen before. I have tried expensive intensive conditioners and it is not helping. My next step is to try a hot oil treatment on my hair. Although it makes me sad to think of losing my beautiful mop that I love so much, if the end result is a skinny, healthy me, I guess I can live with cutting my hair off and growing it back after I finish with MF..

On my face, the skin is so dry too. I have been trying to remember to moisturize a few times a day. Last weekend all 4 generations of women in my family spent the weekend at the spa to catch up and visit. I had a very expensive facial with eye work added on as an extra. Although my skin is smooth and clear now, there has been no change in the dryness factor. I tried to put just a dab of foundation on my cheek and forehead and chin to cover the red blotches yesterday morning and had to wash it off because it looked horrible and flaky..

My aunt told me once that olive oil or almond oil are both really good to dab around your eyes. I never knew why, but I think I will try the advice here to put a few drops into my moisture lotion and see what happens. I think I might just try all the suggestions to see what happens. Fish oil supplements and flaxseed oil as dressing sound like good suggestions...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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