How to deal with extra sagging skin after Medifast weight loss?

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I just posted a blog about this, so sorry if you are reading this again.

After watching a plasitc surgery show on the Health network, I am now freaked out!.

It was all about people who had lost over 100 lbs and had a serious amount of extra skin. Even though they lost weight, they still looked horrible due to the sagging skin. I mean pounds of it.

I want to loose between 80-100 lbs. I have lost 40 and I am feeling that I can really do this. But, I am freaked out about the possibility of having this problem.

Those of you who have lost a lot: Has this happened to you? Or has your skin tightened while you lost? I need to know what the possiblities are here.

I can't imagine doing all this hard work only to be left with other problem Perfect!.

Please let me know your experiences. Anything you've learned to help prevent this from happening?.



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It's a problem I just can't wait to have!.

Actually, I'm already starting to experience this and am hopeful some of it will tighten up, but at 49 years old I'm probably kidding myself..

My plan is to lose the weight and maintain for a year, during which I'll be working very hard at toning. If at the end of that time it's still an issue, I'm thinking a tummy tuck and some kind of tightening of the bat wings may be the way for me to go...

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Acbcmom, I think it all depends on your age. I am 64 and lost 57 pounds and I have sagging skin. I am resigned to the fact it will stay sagging, I just won't go to a nudist camp LOL. I went from a 40C bra to a 36B, probably could wear a 36A, nothing much there anymore, but that's O.K. I feel great and can wear nice clothes, so I am very happy. Linda..

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I've lost nearly 100 pounds and at 55, I'm realistic enough to know that I'll probably never get rid of the baggy skin that's left without surgery. I'm working on doing some toning, and I'm going to see what happens over the next year but the idea of a tummy tuck freaks me out..

Still I'd rather be skinny and have baggy skin and be healthy! than to be the way I was nearly 100 pounds ago..


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I am 45 and already have sags. I do know that one of the best things that you can do for your skin is to stay well hydrated. ) Its helps the skin firm up quicker!..

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I've got it and I'm proud of it! LMAOOOO! I've lost 88 pounds and I'm 44. 20 years of being overweight is what took the toll on my body, losing the weight is what I am proud of. As somene said before, no one has ever died from saggy skin. I have the bat wings and saggy skin all over, but especially my tummy. Oh well - hopefully I will continue to tone and if I have to wear short sleeves and capris rather than tank tops and shorts this summer - at least I look better in smaller sizes - HA! Like scars from a surgery, I have battlescars of my weight loss journey and something that I will never forget. We just have to look at the positives..I'd rather have the skin than the fat anyday.

Others that are younger, thinner, or haven't been overweight very long will have much more success with their skin elasticity. Congrats on your progress so are gonna be just fine!..

Comment #5

I went from a 40D to so far a 36 LOW. Sure wish mine didn't need the pulley system every morning, but not sure if I can handle bust and tummy surgery either..

Q: What's the worst thing a woman can find between her breasts?.

A: Her bellybutton...

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When I started my weightloss journey, I had it in my mind that once the weight was gone that I would have a tummy tuck and breast lift. I am down 85 lbs. of the 129 and I am optimistic at this point that I may not need to resort to surgery after all. I walk on my treadmill and use the elliptical almost every day and my body is shaping up quite nicely. I noticed that my rear end is a little deflated and saggy but I'm hoping with continued exercise that I can help it along. I guess it just depends on our bodies in how they will react...

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Juls - you are HOT!!!!!!! And you are work out queen! You are right, it has helped minimize some of my body with exercising.

That is one thing I forgot to mention - even just walking and resistance training will help tremendously as you go down in your weight. Doing that at the same time as Medifast has been very helpful to many - don't wait to start toning when you are at goal in other helps to do it now. Good luck!!..

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Thanks girls. You have all had great journeys. I hope follow in your foot steps. I am walking and just started Jazzercise. I bought hand weights today.

I have been overwieght for a long time as an adult.

Someone else mentioned using good lotions on a daily basis. I will have to make it part of the 5&1 + exercise lifestyle. Oh goodie one more thing to do today. lol.

Thanks for the advise. I guess it will be good to have such a problem.


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I don't give a second thought to it! We will not talk about what condition my breasts are in after breastfeeding and losing this weight!! I was and still am top heavy, so you can only imagine what I am dealing with..

I am not the least bit worried. Whatever will be will be. That is what good custom fit all in ones are for, as well as Spanx. I am not about to sweat it..

I use that Nivea Q10 firming lotion on those areas, but am not sure it is making any difference.

It reminds me from where I've come!..

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At 33 I have lost 130 pounds. Previously I had been overweight my ENTIRE life so I had no "memory" in my skin....

My biggest suggestion to you would be exercise as much as you can, INCLUDING WEIGHTS as you are losing. It helps!.

I, however, am one of those people that was left with excess skin. I actually just had a full abdominal lift in February and will be following it with a breast and arm lift. It is because I have some painful scars from previous surgeries and because I don't like having to tuck skin in like a shirt. MOSTLY, however, it was a mental NEED to let go of that overweight person that I have hated my whole life and start NOW with the person that I have learned is pretty easy to love!.

Good luck!..

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I also can say that I have the sagging skin issue. Like most of us will tell you, I also would rather have that than the fat!!! I have lost 131 pounds and I am proud to have the saggy skin instead!! I live in a beach community and I have decided to find my self a really cute swim skirt that I can coverup those areas I can say that I have thought about the plastic surgery option and we will see. In the meantime, I think that you should carry on and celebrate the awesome loss that you have achieved!! Ciao... Best of Luck.

Hatebeingfat....not anymore!! AKA Leslie..

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I have wondered about this question as well. Good advice from lots of people here - great to hear the differing stories...

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How about some discussion on camouflaging the extra skin when we want to look sexy and feel confident. I for one have always but always been self consious. I would like to be able to camouflage the extra skin so that it's not front and center. (when I have extra skin LOL right now it's still filled out)..

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Personally with 80 pounds down and about 50 to's obvious not amount of exercise is going to get rid of what a lifetime of overweight and having 2 babies has done to my tummy. HOWEVER...I do daily toning exercises and it has definately helped A LOT! My waist is already getting very trim and I can see at the end of the road I'll still have a little "pouch"..but I'm building lots of muscle under that pouch and that is minimizing the "flappiness" of it..LOL. I personally don't think surgery will be an option for me..but I think the exercise is going to help enough that I can easily cover the flaws with clothing. I just won't be running around the beach in a bikini anytime soon..and I'm ok with that!..

Comment #15

There was a young woman trying to get me to buy tata jewelry once, I told her pffffffffffffffffttt I cant wear those, she said why not? I replied, because I would trip over them. her face was priceless...

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Hi Ladies,.

I want to WEIGH IN .... on this topic. I am 52 years old and have lost - so far 72 pounds in 8 months. At times I've been really frustrated that my weight loss has been slower than others BUT - in November (about 3 months after I started MF) I began working out with a personal trainer 3 x's per week for an hour - doing Interval Circuit Training - fancy words that I have learned mean - keeping your cardio in the zone while lifting weights.

I have been overweight for 30 years sometimes more than others and so, one would expect, that my skin would be to put in bluntly - SHOT ... However, since I've been training in this way I am finding that adding muscle while losing the weight a little more slowly is making a BIG DIFFERENCE from what I am hearing anyway in my excess skin. My excess skin seems to be shrinking proportionately as I am losing the weight. I have to admit that NO ONE is more surprised about that than I am.

I posted my first photos on Sunday (BEWARE) and in the one in the gray shirt you can tell (kind of) the shape of my stomach) and there's not any excess tucked in the pants. My lower abs still need quite a bit of work but I am HOPING that by the time I get to goal, I will be close to where I want to be for a old broad in her 50s ... but in any case, in a much better place than where I was in that before picture.


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Hi There,.

I'm 40 years old and at my highest weight just before Medifast I was approximately 200 pounds, I'm 5'3". I have lost 52 pounds with Medifast and have 9 pounds to go. It has taken me longer than most ( approx 7 months) but I think losing it slowly and incorporating exercise at least 3-5 times per week has helped. I especailly think that Yoga has helped my skin go back to it's normal size..

I think this will vary for everyone but exercise and losing it at a steady even pace can really help your skin to shrink back..


Comment #18

I too have resigned myself to the sagging skin. It isn't as bad as it could be. My weight loss has slowed greatly and my loose skin is trying to catch up. I will never have the hard body I had in my teens but I look pretty darn good compared to what I used to look like. A boob job however will probably be needed. I need a reduction, as well as a lift!..

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I lost about 100 pounds (I didn't weigh for the first week, so my beginning weight was even higher than the ticker). It took 10 months, so not the fastest or slowest loss..

At 40 years old I have very little sagging skin. I have some issues up top that are easily fixed with a good bra, and a little pouch of some sagging skin under my tummy area that you cannot see even in a two piece swim suit. Spanx are 'Assets' are great and take care of anything. My arms don't have any problems at all, and I wear sleeveless. I have students in their 20's with more sagging issues. I consider myself lucky..

I have naturally oily skin, and I use plain straight shea butter on my skin. I also think that since I choose to stay put at my present weight, things are not as 'deflated' as they would be if I weighed say 40-50 less pounds. I worked out a little after the first 4 months, and work out moderately now. I drink water like crazy 9-12 glasses..

Do not worry about it, because you never know if you will face the issue or not. Today has enough troubles of it's own!.

I have seen a similar show, and I agree it was scary. However, the show that I saw the women lost almost 200 pounds. Yes the sagging was significant...

Comment #20

I'm going to have plastic surgery because I want plastic surgery..

I don't look 'bad' ... I want it for me. I have wanted a boob job for YEARS and after 5 kids, I'll be ready next summer! I will also get a tummy tuck at the same time..

This is my decision and I think something like this is a very personal decision. Just like wearing make up or coloring your hair. It's how someone feels best about their body..

Just my $.02..


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I had pretty bad saggy skin in my upper arms after reaching goal... but now I am doing intense weight lifting and it has REALLY helped... I am thrilled. So yes, working out helps a lot!.

Everyone is different, so I agree with other here... don't about it till you have to! Before losing weight, I didn't look good in clothes or naked. Now I look good in clothes, which is the way 99% of the world sees me!..

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I am 60 years old and lost 85 pounds. Sagging skin has not been as bad as I had anticipated. I do swim laps and do free weights regularly and I am on hormone replacement therapy. Of course the breats are "low" but they always have been after lots of babies! Sterling..

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Glad to hear that exercise is the solution!.

Somehow exercise keeps getting shoved in my face! lol.

Thanks for all the shared thoughts.


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A couple of tips that work for me have been :.

Weight lifting/resistance training - fills some of the space and keeps whatever is left from flapping. Pilates/Yoga/Callanetics is great for this as well if your joints cant take the impact of full weight training..

Exfoliate and moisturize the skin along the way - use a body scrub or loofah sponge everyday in the shower ALL OVER YOUR BODY. It increases circulation to the skin and also keeps the collagen levels up so the skin constantly renews itself. The elasticity definitely improves. Also, follow up with a moisturizer that keeps the skin looking "dewy" as dry skin stops the renewal process. This includes keeping up with your water as water moisturizes your skin from the inside out..

Hope that helps!..

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After having three kids I unfortunately already have some sagging skin in the belly area that I'm sure will get worse as the fat deflates. My gift to myself once I reach my goal is to get a tummy tuck to remove it all. Hopefully the boobs wont deflate because i've never wanted implants, I think they would feel weird. I guess time will tell. Hoping to be at goal by my bday 10/25...

Comment #26

I'm actually thinking about going into transition now because of the the sagging skin. I've really noticed the last 5-10 pounds has the sags hanging in folds. That I don't really like. I may stop here and work for a while on toning. Then - maybe- finish if it starts to improve. Or just stay at this weight. I'm thinking I need a little to fill me out - you know? (I'm quite happy in size 6s)...

Comment #27

Well a lot of you probably know this is my issue right now. I have looked into it quite a bit and exercise is key, skin brushing is key and lotions may help but it turns out you actually have to do those things!! Geez! there is a lot of good info on the t-tapp exercsie web site, I am trying to work it all into my life, check it out and tell me what you think.

I don't think a lot of people have to worry about this, for me I have quite a few strikes against me, my age, 46, Irish/english skin, yo yo dieting 80 lbs swings over 20 years at least 5 times and I haven't been exercising like I need to because of my shoulder injuries.

I am trying real hard to come to terms with it but it is not just my stomach and arms, it is my rear and legs too so I am going to hit the exercise heavy, hold me to it please!!!..

Comment #28

The workouts help. Adding a little muscle mass with freeweights also helps fill in some of the flab with muscle. You don't need to look like a body builder, just enough to help fill out the problem spots..

With me, I notice it mostly in my arms, but it's really an all over thing. I've been able to regain some muscle mass and keep toned by eating at the upper end of the Medifast range. I thought my neck was doomed because when I was heavy, I had more chins than an asian phone book (no offense), but surprisingly the face and neck are what have tightened the most of all...

Comment #29

My lord, how do men lose weight so darn fast! Beachman look at you! 95 lbs in 4 months!..

Comment #30

Kc...I have lost over 180+lbs in 7months - sagging skin I won't lie yes there is a little extra but my big mistake was not starting to exercise from day 1. I started to exercise in my 4th month and I believe that would have eliminated some sagging. Honestly going from a obese women (size 26 to a 10) we welcome the sag LOL<OL. All kidding aside it's not as bad as you think it's going to be. I just exercise a little harder and yes it is getting firmer by the day......Keep up the good work..

Comment #31

There are claims that rebounding (mini-trampolines) help with connective tissue and the sagginess. No clue, since I have lost 44 pounds, not seeing sagging yet, I have a long way to go. I do love my Urban Rebounder. We actually moved it to sit right in front of the computer chair. It makes sure I get on it everyday, you have to actually STEP ON IT to get to the computer! Might be something to look up...

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I have saggy issues everywhere..I'm going to the dominican republic for surgery when I've lost all my weight..I kept the weight on too long and did'nt start exercising from the beginning, so I had weight to deal with and saggy skin.

Congrats on your losses everyone! Youre losing weight the size of WHOLE PEOPLE!..

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You guys need to try witch hazel lotion. A friend who lost over 100 lbs was going to get surgery and her dermatologist told her to do witch hazel lotion and apply it in a upwards motion and it will tighten the skin back up..

Comment #34

To InCertainCompany: PLEASE, Please check things out before going to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery. I just recently watched a show (60 minutes, 20/20 or one of those) that showed people going to other countries for plastic surgery with dire results. Many of the "doctors" aren't even doctors, let alone plastic surgeons. And many of the clinics are substandard. A really scary point that the show made was that if you have need for care after you return home, especially due to some complication, you may have a LOT of trouble with insurance, legalities, etc. Forgive my intrusion if you've already done your homework and the doctor(s) check out, but the doctors featured in this show were wanted by police in numerous countries.

I'm not against plastic surgery. My doctor has already suggested a breast reduction for me once I get to a good weight and I'd LOVE to get a tummy tuck - though I doubt my insurance would cover that. The point is to make sure that the doctor who does your surgery should be qualified, licensed, approved ~ and all that!! So please be careful...

Comment #35

Hi Bettie! Thank you so much for your concern. I have heard the horror stories, believe me! But I met a woman from RI on the forum that said her physician in the Dominican Republic was phenomenal and the after care was superb. I have talked to her 3 times on the phone, about 2 hours each and saw her results. Her pictures were UNBELIEVABLE. She had lost 120 lbs over three years and needed a lift, implants and a tummy tuck. I saw her befores, she had an apron of skin and fat in the tummy area and her chest had severe sagging.

She looks 20 years old. Some of this has to do with the fact that she always had muscular legs and arms, just her tummy and chest was in bad shape.

I just talked to her last night as a matter of fact after I got home from work. In addition, she referred her friend from work to the same surgeon and she then had surgery with the same surgeon on April 1 and her results were just beautiful.

THen there is another forum called where people from the UK go abroad to have surgery done and a woman there saw the same surgeon for implants and was very pleased. I saw photos of her surgery as well on that forum. This particular surgeon, Dr. Ruben Carrasco, was trained in the Dominican Republic but came to the US for years to continue his training.

YOu have to first make your arrangements with Global Medical services, a US company out of FL that does all of the planning. They just sent me an email that outlines the medical tests I have to have done in the US before I can go, including mammogram, full blood work, EKG, etc and then they do the tests again the day before surgery. I am still a good 5-6 months out. And that will allow me more time to get more testimonials about this doctor. A full tummy tuck with MR and lift is $7000 which includes the surgery, anaesthesia, 1 week in the hospital + food and all medications and garments. Going abroad is the only way I can afford this. The same surgery here is 2x that and the surgeon sends you home the same day!.

It is definitely scarey, but the Global Medical place is more than willing to provide my contact info to other patients that may call me so I may talk to them. I just can't call them due to privacy but they can call me. I am going to continue to research this.

Thanks again so much!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.