Examples of best profiles ever?

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My question is: Examples of best profiles ever?.

My 2nd question is: I met my current boyfriend on an online dating (online dating with site. After exchanging emails and phone calls for a little bit, we met up and really hit it off.  On our second date, he asked me if I wanted to be official.  Things had been going great, I was meeting his friends and he was talking about the future.  Due to crazy work schedules, we primarily see each other over the weekends.  Over the last few weeks he has been contacting me less and less during the week. He has been acting fine when we see each other.  When I asked him about it, he said he felt like he wanted to take things slower, he did not want this to be a quick 3 month relationship (thru and move onto the next person and he wanted me to take time to complete my master's degree (which is finished in early December).  He said he has been burned in the past by moving too fast.

I am confused because he was the one who made the move quickly to be in a relationship (thru and he has been the one talking about the future (I never brought it up, although I did not shut him down when he talked about it) and yet he is the one who wants to slow down.  I am just confused by the messages he is sending and I am not sure whether or not to believe the reasons he is giving me.

Any insight???.



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In what ways does he want to take this slower? Just communicate less with one another throughout the week? I think that's reasonable, if that's the case. Sometimes people think something is a great idea in the beginning and then change their mind when living the reality. He's facing the feeling of things moving really quickly, and it feels too fast for him. I don't think that his concerns are unfounded, relationships that move too quickly tend to burn out. He's got a point.Take his ideas into consideration and practice, and see how things go. You should both be nurturing your individual lives and friendships to the fullest extent while pursuing a relationship (thru together...

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Seems he knows himself and to me, this slowing down is actually a very good thing.Means he's consciously THINKING about how he's handled his relationships in his past, knows this is part of the reason why he's still single now, and wants to break that cycle. With you, possibly!This can only be good for you both, to take things one at a time, slow it down to a nice little simmer, and let things heat up naturally.


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Thanks everyone for your advice! I appreciate it and I am feeling better about 'taking things slow', I feel like it means he is really open to trying to make our realtionship work and last...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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