Examples of best emails?

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My question is: Examples of best emails?.

My 2nd question is: So I've been seeing this guy for a little over 2 months. The first month, everything was great. We got along great, had a great time together...he even gets along with my dogs! He's an amazingly sweet, thoughtful, caring guy. While at first, that was's grating on my nerves now..

He just recently moved to my area for a new job, so he doesn't have a lot of friends except for the ones he has from work. I would invite him out with my friends and I (which I would normally do), which he seemed to make a big deal out of, saying no girl he ever dated would invite him out with her friends. I also plan a majority of our dates, which is kind of off-putting (at first, I went along with it because he didn't know the area). I started feeling suffocated, and as tactfully as I could I brought that up to him. He, was upset and then TOTALLY blew it out of proportion. So it turned into a conversation about him wanting a commitment out of me, and me saying I'm not ready.

After that conversation, he has been constantly calling me, texting me...wanting to hang out with me, he's even told me he loves me. It's way too much, and while I really like the guy...he is slowly pushing me away. I just can't do this anymore. I know just another talk will end up with him hurt and me frustrated. So, short of just not returning his calls or text messages (which, I couldn't do), how can I let him down gently?..

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Blueydgrl, no one likes to hurt someone's feelings... But after only two months you can't be too concerned about letting him down gently, especially when you know he's not the type of guy to take bad news well or be great with hints. It's more important that you are firm and resolute than nice. Remember, if you're TOO kind to him he will take it as an opportunity to try to get you to change your mind or convince you to stick around. He's done this before.The easiest way I can see it is just saying the next time you talk to him, "I've been thinking lately and I've decided that you're not the right guy for me. We both want different things and I don't get a good feeling about our compatibility.

It will be hard to say but once you do you will feel a lot better...

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It's never painless to be rejected, but it must be done. Just tell him that things aren't working out and you are NOT ready to be in an exclusive relationship (thru with him. Don't give too much details. It makes things messy, especially when it comes to someone who seems clingy and obsessive...

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Thank you both for your advice!!.

I've been super busy with work this week, so I'm planning on talking to him tomorrow night when we both have time available. I don't think it's fair to do this on the phone or through texting...

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In response to this, OP, I need to say from experience (mine and others'), please don't tell him "I'm not ready". This gives him the opening to wait around for you until you ARE "ready". It's also not accurate. The real reason is because you're not interested anymore...

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