Ever quit Medifast, and then started over?

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I started the 5&1 plan last July, and by Sept, had lost 35lbs. Not bad, but I needed to lose 100..

What happened?.

I had sinus surgery, and a after several weeks of recovery, just could never get back in the mindset. I didn't gain all the weight back, but about 15lbs..

It has taken me to this past weekend to get back into the mindset..

I was doing so well..I know this is something..I CAN do!.

No surgery scheduled this year, and I'm still down from where I was...this time last year. So I'm trying to be positive...

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Hey there- glad to see you're back on!! You were successful before and you'll be successful again!! you can do it! lots of luck to you..

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I put up a very similar post this morning. Not sinus surgery, but new job, issues in extended family, ect.....gained back about 20 pounds....back on track now with 98 pounds left to lose. I am right here with you staying positve and ready to lose the rest of this.

Our situations are similar, with a similar amount of weight to lose. PM me if you'd like! Glad to meet ya!..

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Way to go on coming back & being positive!!!.

I think you are on the right track with getting into the correct mind frame! I started end of Feb/first of March and lost 35 lbs....then went on vacation for 2 weeks. Didn't gain any lb's when I was gone and actually came back 1 lb lighter. This should have been a huge motivator, however I learned while on vacation that I could still enjoy the burger and fries and all that other food.....for me I got tired of making shakes and washing containers on the road....2 weeks is a long time to live out of a bag! So I've been back for a month and finally.....yes FINALLY lost 2 lbs! It took 3 weeks of just trying to get back to being 100% for longer then a week! But I did it....I am on day 9 of continuous OP!! And now that I have crossed that hump there is no stopping me! I got a new set of workout DVD's and am jamming my way back to loosing those last 16 lbs! It is hard work and I think it all comes from within! You have to make the choice and stick with it. Linda Spangle has a chapter in her book that talks about loosing weight and being "interested" or "committed" and if you are committed you will do what it takes and stick to your guns..

I wish you lots of luck in getting back to it!!! You can do it and you will do it!!!..

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I just posted a very similar scenario. I get it! Most of us do. We can do this thing. We know it works. We need to help and support each other. We will succeed because we choose too..


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OMG Photorebel - I could have written your very same post. Mine wasn't surgery though, it was just the darn holidays. I originally started July 1, 2007 and by Thanksgiving I was down 44 then that's when it went downhill. I too gained back all but 10. I recommitted May 25 and am doing good. What I keep thinking about is I would be at goal by now had I just stuck it out. Let's do it this time for sure - til the end and then on to maintenance forever!! We all can..

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I found your post jandesmom - I went from 251 to 207 last year so I hear ya on that part!!..

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DOINIT - I also found your post and I'm so sorry for the loss of your Mother..

Bunny - Good for you buying workout DVD's and gettin' movin'!!..

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I started in June 2006, lost 25lbs, then had to move, sell my house, travel and fell off the wagon. I regained the whole 25 plus about 15 lbs! It took me a year and a half, but I'm back and doing great this time around! No quitting til goal!..

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Thanks for all the encouraging notes.

What was frustrating was I actually did pretty well last summer. I lost 35lbs!! (needed to lose a 100). I was actually doing good, really sticking to it. The surgery set me back, and I just couldn't get my mindset back to do medifast...then the holidays..came up...etc..

No excuses after the new year..

I just got back from a family vacation last week, so I thought...what a great time to start!.

Made it thru my first day, just fine..

On day two now!..

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You are right about needing to be in the "mindset." I really think that's what most of this is all about...attitude. Happy to see you back and in the right frame of mind again..

You will do great!..

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I can totally relate. I'm in the same position right now. I'm more determined than ever to be successful, and it sounds like you are too...

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I can completely relate, too. I originally did this diet back in July of 2006 to lose weight for my wedding. I lost I think around 30 pounds and was only 13 pounds away from my goal on my wedding day. I loved the diet and raved about it to everyone who asked. My plan was to go on my honeymoon, enjoy myself, then when I returned, I would go back on to hit goal and go into T&M. When I returned I just did not want to go back on, so here I am.

I gained all that I had lost PLUS 26 more pounds. I was well over the "scary" number on the scale for me, and soon I would have to go up a size in clothes which I refused to face, so I decided to restart my Medifast journey in May of 2008. I knew I could do it and I knew what to expect. Now I am down almost 15 pounds and am loving it. It's such an easy diet, but sooooo hard, as well. In the end, I know how great I felt when I lost the weight the first time and I am so looking forward to feeling that way again...

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Been there, done that! You are doing great, just keep up the good work!..

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