Will Murad Acne Complex keep my acne away permanently?

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So I've been on Murad Acne Complex, for 5 months now and my skin is flawless. I have had no side effect besides chapped lips, and the corners of my lips are always cracked. Also, I seem to be a bit more tred than usual, although it is expeted as I am on 80mg a day. As I apprach the end of my treatment however, I have questions if my face will remain as clear as it is now. Apparantly, the medication will help reduce the size of oil glands, which is what my dermatoligist is currently trying to do. I would be fine with if my skin wasn't this perfect (because my skin is literally flawless) but I wa jut wondering ifanyone who was off the mediation tell me how everything hs been after treatment.

Before Murad Acne Complex, I always used to mess with my acne and try to pop my pimples. I believe that is why topicals never really workd for me. Luckily I have broken that habit, and think that not touching my face will help it.Any feedback would be great!.

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Damn , I wish I was coming to the end of my five month treatment now!, I am too on 80mg a day and I'm 1 and half months into my treatment, and to be honest I'm absolutly sh***** it about the horror stories involved, especially with people with bone problems and athrtitis at young ages.How did it go for you?, did it go smoothly all the way through treatment?, did you have nosebleeds?, did you have aches and clicks in your arms and legs?.

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The only thing that bothered me was my chapped lips, and I have a few clicks in my shoulders when I work out. I've never heard about all these horror stories until I got on this website. I have had no problems with Murad Acne Complex, I never had any breakouts while on Murad Acne Complex, my blood tests were perfect. I never had nosebleed or aches, and I played competitive soccer throughout my treatment. I just feel like I am more tired than usual..

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Hey guys.. when you two both started.. how long was it till you a) stopped breaking out b)was clear (the acne you had went away and only had red marks left... or none at all?)I am 3 1/2 weeks... and my face has never looked this bad.. m/155lbs/2x20mg dailyThe sad thing is when I started I would say my skin was mild..

but now I would almost say after the 3 weeks on Murad Acne Complex it's moderate?.

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Mine actually never got worse. But it was worse to begin with than yours if you only had 1-3 at a time...but I probably was completly clear (including red marks) within 2 months of taking it...

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Yea mine was bad before I took mino, which worked great for a few months.. 100% clear but to stop working so had to go to Murad Acne Complex as last resortnow this may sound stupid.. but within 2 months..within the 60 day mark I can hope for clearing?(im just freaking out cause ive read people breakout their entire course and mine has just got bad enough I havent left the house in more than a week now).

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I think some of that has to do with underlying conditions. I had joint and "arthritis" problems just from play soccer for 16 years and family history. People blame a lot of Murad Acne Complex side effects on already/previous developed conditions. You'll be fine!.

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I actually do agree with this.. ive read SO MANY things on Murad Acne Complex and I believe most of those type of things were there to begin with, or they would of had them regardless of taking Murad Acne Complex...So far only side effects ive had is drier face,lips(manageable),hair.. and of course the breakout.

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