Eating out during Nutrisystem?

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Next weekend I am going to the theater with my Mum and Sister and they want to go out to eat afterward..

What do you usually eat when eating out? I tried once and ended up eating a pathetic cob salad with tasted like nothing and left me hungry. Plus it's hard to know if you are covering your portions for the meal vs you could at home or with your Nutrisystem meal..

So I thought I would try and plan ahead somewhat this time, with some help .....

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Your question was: Eating out during Nutrisystem?.

The dining out guide under Tips & Recipes is really helpful. I agree with Pam: lean meat, veggies, salad, fresh fruit. Hold the sauces/ gravies/ dressings (unless they have fat free or low fat). Don't be afraid to let the server know you are being careful and ask for recommendations. I have had to go out several times early on and I have still lost weight (in week total) by being careful...

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Pam's suggestions are great. That is what I do too. And remember to really drink a lot of water all day before and after going to the dinner out, and continue for the next. More than your eight 8 ounce glasses. Restaurant food tends to have lots of salt added to it and that causes a water weight gain until it is flushed out of the body.

Also, watch the portion size. Ask for a take out box right at the beginning of the meal and put aside the extra food right away. That will help you keep to a single serving of the foods (especially the meat and carbs). Most restaurants serving sizes are actually 2 or 3 servings.

Enjoy your meal out but put most of your emphasis on having fun with your mother and sister and not on the food. Remember, the food is fuel, not entertainment...

Comment #2

All of these are good suggestions. In addition, if you know ahead of time where you are going to eat see if they have a website. Many times they do and you can look at the menu before you get there. I always know before I walk in what I am ordering so that I don't get side tracked by the menu. Some sites will also have nutritional informationit is helpful but not always 100% accurate but does give you a good idea going in. There are other sites that also give nutrition info for different restaurants so you could google that.

Enjoy the time with your family...

Comment #3

You're right Debbie -water, water, water And because of this, where ever you sit, make sure you have easy access to the restroom. All I know is when I gotta go, I gotta go (tee-hee: liquid humor.

I appreciate everyone's suggestions - my next dinner will be easier..

Comment #4

Thanks everyone, I have been downing the water. I weigh myself on Mondays and we went out Sunday for my Mum's birthday. I chose well, chicken on a salad with dressing on the site..

But Monday weighing myself I had only lost half a pound where the week before was 2.8 so it must be the salt so trying not to feel bad. Well I weighted myself this morning as well and was down a pound so must be the water..

Anyone ever thinking about wearing depends to bed after drinking so much water?! LOL..

Comment #5

Well, that depends. LOL I love that comment!! I could finally sleep past 5 am if I did, but of course then I wouldn't have time to check the boards before leaving for work. Good luck on being a loser this week - as long as you're not weak, right?..

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I drank way to late last night and got up way to many times! I heave heard your body gets used to it and you get to sleep but I have yet to experience it!.

Thanks, fingers crossed! I have stuck to my Nutrisystem plan!..

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When the menu is unhelpful, I often order a shrimp cocktail with a salad and have a roll..

If the menu is good, I often ask the server to substitute a double order of veggies for the starch. Most plates will offer way more carbs than you want...

Comment #8

I plan on taking my mom out this weekend and wasn't sure what to do. Thank you for the great advise. I went online and found a meal that will fit within plan! FANTASTIC. These discussion boards really have saved me from making poor decisions..


Comment #9

Checking online to plan ahead is a good idea, it's this weekend we go to see Momma Mia and I should check to see where we are going to eat...

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