Eating Medifast Garden Veg. Crackers along with soup?

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Is it OK to have Medifast Crackers along with the soup? I know it doesn't count as a meal because it is a snack. But will this add extra calories? can I combine?..

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I use the crackers as my ONE snack that you can add a day. However, it does add calories and carbs so make sure to add them to your MyPlan. I also try to use them only when I absolutely have to ... it could be the difference between reaching goal and hitting a plateau!.

Good luck in your journey!..

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I'm having a hard time getting my 5 meals a day. on average I'm eating 4 so maybe if I add the cracker it would help?..

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The crackers don't replace a meal, so you still need to get in all 5 for the day...

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Don't think of them as meals, think of them as weight loss supplements..

If your doctor told you to take a pill 5 times a day that would give you all the nutrition you need and make you lose weight, you would set a timer and take it 5 times a day - whether you were hungry or not. The Medifast supplements are not much different. You NEED all of them (and the full L&G) to be healthy and maximize your weight loss...

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Hi Nogames1999. I noticed in your post to the nutritionist about getting in all 5 meals that you usually start your day with a Starbucks latte. If you switch from Starbucks to the Medifast Chai Latte or Cappuccino, you will get your 1st meal in early in the day, and you can continue with the rest of your schedule. You will be able to get all 5 meals in since you mention you are already getting 4. The snack crackers are not formulated to give you the nutrition that the meals do, so you cannot substitute a snack for a meal..

I know this program is a huge change, and with any change comes lots of adjustment (physical, emotional, psychological, etc). For me, it was easiest to just jump in with both feet. I abandoned all old habits and went full bore into the program.

Good luck to you, and keep up the good work. Ten pounds down is nothing to sneeze at!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.