Eating Medifast shake cakes instead of shakes?

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So does anyone here just eat the shake cake in replacement of shakes, can I have like two a day, I take a little away from protein?? I basicly eat tuna with a tuna salad for my lean and green I'm sure I can spare the extra lean since I basicly eat tuna I'm thinkiing... hhmmm thx Angela..

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There are days I ate 3-4-5 a day. Shakes only have 90 calories... so even adding 1-2T of eggbeaters ( I used eggbeater WHITES)... it was still only 100 calories !.

My only suggestion is to drink a little extra water since the meals are supposed to have 8 ounces of water in them!.

Good luck!..

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I started to make the cake shakes because I cant stand the taste of the shakes. I tried different ways including decreasing amount of protein at the lean and green meal and I stopped loosing weight. I finally understood that anytime I add anything extra to the packets that I stop losing. I don't advice to make cake shakes or anything for that matter.

I now tuff it out the shakes- close my nose and drink it that way= weight loss..

Good luck..

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The Shake Cakes have saved me on this plan. Along with the muffins and bread..

Being able to bake some stuff that was more like real food helped me stay on plan for nearly a year and get to goal.

I've got about a month of Transition left and so far so good..

Bon Appetito!..

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Hi everyone...I am on my 3rd day and would love the recipe for the shake cake. Will someone please give me the recipe??? Thank you in advance....Lisa..

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Shake Cake:.

1 shake package (any flavor but I found banana and the antioxidant ones need to decrease cooking time by half).

1/2 tsp of baking powder.

1-2 T of eggbeater whites (or eggbeaters or an egg white) - consistency is up to you.

1-2 T of water.

Mix all ingredient. Use more or less water to get the consistency of a cake batter..

I mix it in a regular cereal bowl, glass or plastic. Mix well..

Pop in microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds..


As a splurge if I make a chocolate one, I put s/f starbucks carmel syrup on it or mix 1/2 T of PB2 with water and drizzle that over the top..

For banana ones some Waldenfarms chocolate sauce is good, tastes like a banana split.

Some people add extracts to it... peppermint to chocolate = peppermint patty... etc..

Just remember to be mindful of what you add and LOG everything. Some people add splenda but I never did, the shakes are pretty sweet in my opinion. I came up with it because it is portable and so you can make them ahead of time.

For other great recipes hit the Recipe section of the boards. Again, always log your food and be mindful of what you are adding... carbs are hidden in everything!.

Good luck!..

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Shake cakes are now part of my reg day. I love them!..

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I just made a chocolate shake cake for the first time everIT ROCKS!!!! And kept me OP at the bbq last night. Reached for the cake instead of the brownies......

I am in LOVE with the shake cake idea...

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The recipe is posted above..

I am eating it right now for the first time and WOW, it is good, I'm pressed!..

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I think everyone is different! I noticed if I started adding a bit more protein and especially extra fat servings- that my weight slid off me with wreckless abandon! I would say if shake cakes make you stall- just don't do them EVERYDAY! I think if you do something repeatedly everyday- your body gets used to it and will eventually stop giving up the fat. So just switch it up a bit!..

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Thx for all the replys, I made a few cakes and they are yummy. I went to the zoo with the family and it helped to be able to carry those along..I need too figure out how to make bread now, and perhaps have a sandwich?? Angela..

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Oh yum! You made believers out of us. We've not had anything close to a dessert in 17 days... thank you!!!..

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Ok I just made a banana shake cake. It was pretty good(the banana flavoring has not been my favorite) But I will definitley try again with choc & strawberry..

I am a little concerned about the post that indicated she doesn't lose weight when she makes the recipes. Does anyone else have that same problem???..

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Can you use a shake packet and a scrambled egg packet, and make two servings out of the shake cake? I did that with pancakes the other day and they were yummy - I added nothing but water and cooked in a pan with Pam spray...

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So, I tried the shake cake with the Mocha shake mix.not my thing. But definitely worth the try...

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I made a really yummy one today. I used chocolate shake with almond extract, topped with a raspberry cream cheese frosting- I made the frosting with free cool whip, ff cream cheese, sugar free jam, raspberry extract and splenda..

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OK I made my first shake cake last night. YUMM!!! I put a little SF Torani Raspberry syrup on top and it was AWESOME!..

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I've always eaten the shake cakes, sometimes 2-3 times a day and it has never affected my loss. But, everyone is different!..

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Hey there - I just started about 1 week ago and am already having fun trying new recipes. The shake cakes are so great - and easy to make! I just wanted to post this recipe I found on the recipe board that I tried tonight - it was the best recipe I've tried to date! It is a variation on the shake cake - crepes - and it uses some lean - ricotta cheese - so you can break up your L&G if you are into doing that. Copied and pasted below right from the other thread:.

MF Crepes with Cinnamon Caramel Creme Brulee Filling.

(springboarded from a previous Medifast recipe postThank you Author!!!).


1 package Medifast vanilla shake (I used Medifast diabetic vanilla).

1 egg white.

1/4 tsp baking powder.

1 tsp Davinci vanilla syrup.

Add water to get a thin pancake batter consistency..

Heat a small non stick skillet with Pam. Pour in enough batter to coat bottom of the pan. Cook over medium heat until set. Then turn (I use a silicon spatula) and cook the other side for a minute. You may need to experiment with cooking temp/time. They cook fast - so be ready to flip them as soon as they set and take them up quickly after flipping..

Cinnamon Caramel Ricotta Crme Brulee Filling:.

1/2 cup part skim or FF ricotta cheese.

2-4 tsp Davinci caramel syrup.

1 tsp cinnamon.

Blend in the blender until smooth. Place dollops of filling on crepes. Roll up and Enjoy... Oooooo, It's so good!!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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