Eating candy while on Medifast

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Has anybody ever dreamed about eating something not Medifast approved? I was dreaming last night that I ate M & M's.. I was surrounded by them they were all around me.... plain, peanut, almond all colors and I was shoveling them in by the mouthful ! Now I have been on Medifast 8 months on the 19th of Jan .. I have not had one cheat nor have I ever wanted to cheat... so why am I dreaming about porking out on M & M's ? At least I got to eat them, enjoy them and not have any of the calories or carbs from them..... I guess it was a dreaming kind of cheat... are those allowed???????.

Ah it was just so funny I had to share !..

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Your dream sounds heavenly!!! M&M's are my absolute favorite candy!!! And Yes, I think dreaming "cheats" are allowed!!!..

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I have been having several of these myself lately (only ice cream one night and doughnuts another! And two other nights that made no sense whatsoever!) What is up with that? I woke up either feeling guilty or starving!..

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Hey, goalbysummer. That's actually called lucid dreaming. There are times I can do it at will and other times I can't. But it's sure fun to put yourself in control of your dreams...

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Hmmm...have you been thinking about eating them lately? Really? This could be a cause of the dream. How do you feel at the grocery store when you see them at the checkout? Is it tempting you at all? We tend to dream about things that are causing anxiety, or things we have been thinking about alot. I read this somewhere at least...forgot where but I found it to be interesting, because everytime in the past when I would start a diet, I would dream everynight about food I loved to eat...and Atkins was the worst food dreams galore on that one! At least dreaming about it is a calorie free way to get those M&M's in LOL!..

Comment #4

Not one cheat in 8 months - that is amazing. You are an inspiration..


Comment #5

If you could really taste them in your dream, I want to have that dream too!!!.

And can we add some loaded nachos and pizza to that?..

Comment #6

This is another old thread, but I thought this statement was too good to ignore:.

"I guess it was a dreaming kind of cheat... are those allowed???????".

Nutrition Support says:.

"We do not recommend dreaming cheats. If you have a dreaming cheat, do not eat a bar in the next dream.".

Well ... maybe Nutrisystem didn't say that after all...

Comment #7

Hi there. This is called a "using dream" among alcoholics and drug addicts. Interesting, huh? I know I'm a food addict so yes, I have had "using dreams" about binge eating tons of junk food!..

Comment #8

Interesting, thanks for reviving this thread...

When I first started MF, I did have dreams about following the diet (or not).... not anymore, though. How funny... "Using dreams," huh?.

And Jim, go to sleep! You have spelling bee coming up, you're in training!..

Comment #9

Nutrition Support says:.

"We do not recommend dreaming cheats. If you have a dreaming cheat, do not eat a bar in the next dream.".

Jim in tulsa: I loved that! Very, very funny!.

I had a cheating dream or two. I woke up feeling guilty before I realized it was a dream. We must be putting lots of pressure on ourselves...

Comment #10

Wow 8 months no cheats! You are my idol! I only went 5 weeks without a cheat....

And I have been dreaming of food since day one and waking up in a panic each time! But I like your dream better!! Funny!..

Comment #11

OH MY...I had a dream long was eating a whole big can of pineapple..I woke up sooooo...mad at myself..I went into the look at the can to see the damage...LOL...still in the cabnet....just a if it happens again...I will enjoy it...LOL....Thanks for sharin...Later Prez(Patty)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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