Eating before working out on Nutrisystem?

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Hi all,.

Hope everyone had a great and restful 4th of July!.

I work out first thing in the morning.. usually I eat my Nutrisystem entree (scone, or muffin), and then eat my protein and fruit when I get back from the gym..

The thing is, sometimes when I get home from the gym I am really hungry.. Any ideas on what I should be eating before/after working out?.


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Your question was: Eating before working out on Nutrisystem?.

I do a yoga breathwork/stret(hing routine every AM before anything goes into my stoma(h. Eating prior to that breathwork's asking for tummy trouble...

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I am a runner, and I always eat my Nutrisystem entree before my long runs. I need the carbs more than protein for that kind of workout, so I'll have pancakes or a muffin first, then go run, and then come home to my protein/fruit, which I make into an entire meal in itself. You get a ton of Eggbeaters for under 100 calories. Mix in some diced veggies, some FF cheese if you have any calories left for the protein, and you have a huge omelette, along with your fruit. I am easily full until lunch..

On days when I do a regular run that is an hour or less, I don't eat anything first...

Comment #2

I tried eating breakfast before going for a bike ride once. I thought I was going to be sick so I eat about a half hour after riding...

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I do not eat anything before a morning workout. It makes me feel sick jumping around with a full stomach and if I wait an hour after eating before exercising in the morning I'm bound to skip my workout because other things start to creep into my day.

For an afternoon or evening workout I will time it so that I have my lunch or snack about an hour before I exercise. This gives me time to absorb the nutrients and begin the digest process so I'm not as likely to feel sick from jumping around on a full stomach...

Comment #4

You're already eating 6 minimeals on Nutrisystem program and many people divide that into more minimeals. Given that, I think obsessing about meal timing for working out is not so critical. Especially when your main goal for the workout is weight loss, rather than performance...

Comment #5

I can't eat before a workout - really upsets my stomach. I do eat my protein and fruit within 20 minutes of finishing my workout, and usually my entree on my way to work...

Comment #6

It depends what your looking for weight loss or a good performance.If your looking for a good performance then yea of course give your body the fuel it needs. But If your looking for weight loss you should ALWAYS do your cardio on an empty stomach. Because your body will use your existing fat for energy. You should try to work out in the morning and eat breakfast an hour after your work out for the best results. Hope this helps..

Comment #7

I always eat a bit before my workout, but i'm a type one diabetic so I need to make sure I have a reserve of sugar to run off of during exercise...

Comment #8

You don't need to exercise on an empty stomach to burn fat. If you do x amount of exercise and eat y amount of calories, you will lose (x-y)/3500 pounds of fat. Your body will use glycogen or fat as it needs it...

Comment #9

I eat a Cliff Bar, but I'm a Diabetic so I need too. If you feel you need something beforehand, try Lite Muscle Milk. It has 100 calories and 15g of protein, banana's are also great to give that extra boost..

I personally wouldn't eat a thing if I didn't have too...

Comment #10

Totally disagree with this. And every coach and personal trainer I've ever worked with has disagreed with this..

If I don't have a good performance, I won't burn as many calories, which can impede my weight loss..

For instance, if I don't eat before I work out, I may only be able to jog for 3 miles before pooping out. That would burn about 300 calories..

If I eat 150 calories before working out, I may be able to jog 5 miles, burning about 500 calories (more of a calorie deficit than not eating first), plus I've given my body additional cardio which is great for my heart and muscles and metabolism and stamina..

Now if you're only setting out for a limited workout and your body is used to it, you can get away without eating first. I'll do this sometimes for my shorter runs, but usually because of lack of time (no time to eat something, wait for it to digest, then workout and get to work on time)...I still think I'd perform better if I ate first. So I purposely make those my shorter workouts. But given the choice, I'd always eat first, to improve my performance which improves my calorie burn!..

Comment #11

The rule of thumb for eating for workouts is if you're doing intense workouts of 1 hour/burning 300 calories eat 1 fruit before working out & 2 proteins after - this is in addition to Nutrisystem regular plan - this is from talking to Nutrisystem counselors & dieticians - you do need fuel for your workouts..

Comment #12

I agree with fueling the type of workout you're doing. I never could eat before cardio either without feeling like I wasn't going to keep half of it down. But when I work with the trainer, it is all core, stabilization, toning, and resistance work. We don't do cardio at all (except a short warm-up to loosen the muscles), thus his direction to get a light amount of carbs and a good protein an hour ahead of time. I don't think I could make it through a session on an empty stomach...

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