E harmany or match .com which one has a more funnier ironic twist?

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My first question is: E harmany or match .com which one has a more funnier ironic twist?.

My next question is: Hi girls,Well, I'm checking back to this board.. a few months ago I came here as I met a girl @ a nyc airport that I really liked- I was able to get her number, but waited a bit too long (2 weeks) to call her. So it seemed she was a bit standoffish. I've texted her several times since then..and this time I asked her if she was interested in coming to a happy hour in nyc.. she said she was interested as long as her friends came as well. So I do work in the fashion industry and work with all girls and all girls will be at the happy hour- my question is how do I approach this- What sort of interest do I show the airport girl that I like? Should I pay more/less attention to her or the girls I work with..

I'm confused- I really loved the time I spent with the airport girl, we actually talked for 4 hours straight that day. To me, this just seems so complex, I don't even know if she has a bf. Please help ;(..

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Your question was: E harmany or match .com which one has a more funnier ironic twist?.

Hi Vegginvin,.

Welcome back to the board..

You should definitly pay more attention to the girl you invited.  If she's comfortable with you dancing with someone else then it's okay.  So if another girl comes up and asks you to dance just ask the invited girl if she minds.  Just don't do this too much.  If you want her to know you are interested you have to show her..

By the way - I think the only reason she asked to bring her friends is a safety thing.  She's being careful and that's a good sign.  She has some sense.  And on the bf ? - she shouldn't be going out with you if she has a committed relationship.  don't assume that she isn't dating (online dating with around. .

Good Luck,.




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Hi kristi, well the oddness of this girl continues.. she did not show up tonight. I'm done with this one- I don't need my ego being hurt anymore with her...

Comment #2

That sucks!!  I'd write her off too.  did you still have a good time at the party?  and just think it's Friday and we get to chill this weekend.  I'm going skiing tomorrow and tomorrow night my bf gets back into town.  I can't wait!!  Do you have any good plans for the weekend.  When I have something like this happen I treat myself to something nice (lots of us girls do this).  I'm guessing that you're not into pedicures, but maybe a massage?.



Comment #3

If she's the one you like let her know that, let her know that you're really excited to see her again and that while you really are looking forward to meeting her friends you hope the two of you can spend a little time together sharing a drink (maybe dinner) and get to continue the nice conversation you started at the airport. Girls do like to know they're liked and sought after, not one of a crowd.


Comment #4

Hi girls, thanks for the positive words.. here's the latest update- I just received a text today (Sunday- 3 days later) from her and it reads ' was your happy hour shindig? Sorry I couldn't make it. I'm in SI and thought of you. Hope all is well.' Again, I'm not sure why she's texting me because it's apparent she doesn't want to hang out. She's acting as if she's 17- she's in her late 20's. I mean I'm 30 years old, I REALLY have no time to waste here. Why must there be games!? V..

Comment #5

The games stink.  I hate the games!!  If you still want to go out with her then tell her you expect and deserve more respect!!  And more of an explanation as to the no show.  That was totally rude!!.

Good Luck,.




Comment #6

Thanks for your understanding Kristi,appreciate it I wish it were that easy.. I'm not very confrontational & I don't want to scare her away. I mean I'm trying to figure out why she didn't come.. was she scared? I did mention I'd have friends there (about 15 came to the happy hour)she did ask if her friends could come. If her friends didn't want to go, that could have caused some fear in her- I don't know. The other thing I can think of is that she's just not interested. I guess I'll just see if she texts me again, if not, it'll be great, if not ,I tried...

Comment #7

I know it's way easier said than done.  I don't do confrontation well either.  I'm just not a fighter!!.

I'm still working up enough guts to tell my bf more about me.  I'm not hiding anything, but he'd probably understand a whole lot more if I just told him.

Good plan on the if she texts again or not.  She should show you she is interested!.

Enjoy your week and let us know if she texts..



Comment #8

Hey Veggievin,.

Maybe you can help me out.  I'm not sure what to do next.  See my bf and I have been dating (online dating with for four months.  He's a really great guy.  I'm 37, divorced no kids.  He's 41, divorced and has full custody of his two girls (15 and 7).  We've been exclusive for three of the four months.  I feel stuck in a rut.  I don't get tons of time with him - he has lots of responsibilites.  On top of the kids, he works full commissioned sales (this helps him be flexible with the kids), he's building a new house and he's the general, right now they all live with grandma (this is his ex's Mom(don't ask long story - but it's all good)) so he has to consider her too, and he has a physco ex wife that is a big drama queen.  I think that is it oh, but wait now he has shuffeled me into the mix (of course I'm glad about this). .

I want to know him better, but I'm finding this hard to do - a lot of our time is spent with his kids and grandma too.  Another thing I find hard about him is that he goes by the seat of his pants.  Not much planning.  I'm figuring this would be the same with or with out the kids.  Any suggestions on how to fit into his life without loosing myself or any inner guy ideas on what to do here?.




Comment #9

 Hey Vin,.

 I'm kind of curious why you're asking girls how to date using girls. To me, girls are the worst people to ask advice about other girls. Why? THEY DON'T date using GIRLS, SO THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO date using THEM. It be like me asking you how to play basketball, knowing you're in the fashion industry. You don't play basketball, thus, you would not be the person to ask about playing basketball. Make sense? If I want to get 'dating advice' about women, ask men that successfully date using women.

 This girl flaked on you b/c it took you two weeks to call her. I'm really surprised that she even remembered who you were. Secondly, never wait two weeks to call a girl. If it were me, I would have called her as soon as you had the chance, even if it were a brief 3 minute convo. I know most people say to wait for 3 days, but... that advice is TERRIBLE.

Even if you called to say that you're going to be super busy for the next week or so, and that you're really glad you met her and that you would like to get to know her better in the future, would have been suffice..

 Does this make sense? I'm not sure if you're the kind of guy who's willing to learn from past errors, so let this one girl be a lesson on what NOT to do..

 Be well....


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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