Dry taste in mouth from Medifast foods?

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I'm on day 4 of MF. I'll be honest, it's been hard for me. I have a few questions if others who've been on the program for longer could answer that'd be great..

1) Embarrassing, but I feel like a drug addict or something. I'm not hungry physically but I would LOVE a high fat soothing food FIX. I feel like I need a FIX (no I've never done drugs, but I'm guessing this is what it might be like to withdraw). Do others go through this does it get easier?.

2) I don't like a lot of the food. It's a chore to eat it it's difficult imagining doing this for 6 months it gets better?.

3) I've come to use my Magic Bullet frequently and at home it's great but what do people do when they need to go places and eat elsewhere I know I'm allowed one bar per day but sometimes I'm on the run for hours..

4) There is a weird, dry taste in my mouth that doesn't seem to go away with drinking, chewing gum etc. Do others get this and does it go away?.

Trying to hang on ......

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Kiki hang in there! It gets SO much easier I promise! Regarding #1 maybe it doesn't happen to everyone but I had it baaaad. Worst cravings and I wanted a "fix" something fierce. Don't give in! You can do it! After about 2-3 weeks for me the cravings went mostly away. Now and again I do get a craving but i'm able to talk myself off the ledge.

For the food, give it some time, your used to food with a LOT more in it. If there are things that you really can't tolerate put them away for awhile, after a bit most everything tastes better. I can attest i'm a pleasant oatmeal eater There are a million recipes on here from the very simple to more complex that will make your food more flavorful, count your condiments of course but there is so much that works wonders. One of my favorites and this would help your on the go problem is soup with a 1/2 serving of bouillon. I put the packet, the bouillon and boiling hot water in a little portable thermos I let it sit for 4-5 hours and when I open it up it's fabulous!.

As for on the go, you can have more then one crunch bar, the maintainance bars are the once dailies. I take my magic bullet to work. The puffs and pretzels are pretty portable as well as your bars.

Yep the tastes in the mouth can vary. I go from dryness overnight to the metallic sweet taste in they day sometimes. Make sure you are drinking all of your water plus some.

Hang on ok? The results are SO worth it and after the first week or so you'll be feeling much better!..

Comment #1

I just found this out! You CAN have bars as long as they are the crunch bars! You can eat them for all of your five meals! Sweet right?? I had the same trouble with the shakes being a chore to drink! But it does get better! You just need to experiment with the foods and find your yummy favorites! Just like the shakes, I found that the dutch chocolate blended with 8 ice cubes and a splash of vanilla extract tastes like a milk shake! Make sure you shake the packet and water together prior to blending! I know that feeling of needing a yummy fat fix but put it into perspective. That food will not get you closer to your dreams and aspirations. It will just get you down to that depressed horrible feeling once they touch your lips and travel to your thighs. Something that helps me is smelling foods I want to eat. It sounds silly and weird but the smell satisfies my brain and makes me realize that the food isn't worth it! And finally that weird taste is your friend!! That is the bitter sweet taste of ketosis! Ketosis is the thing that makes you lose weight so fast! I know you can do this and I believe that once you see results you will be so happy! Keep on trucking and you are worth all the trouble! I hope this helps!..

Comment #2

Thanks so much for posting this! I'm on day 5 and have the same thoughts and feelings! Thank you so much for the GREAT replies...they're sure to work!..

Comment #3

Just be careful with the crunch bars not everyone can tolerate more than one a day..

I looked over the ingreds and I see that they have a lot of the same as Fiber One bars..

If any of you have ever eaten more than one of these in a 24 hr period you know where I am going. I found out the hard way that for me I can only do one or the tummy issues are not pretty. Just a warning!.

Otherise Welcome to MF! It does get easier. Promise! And your taste buds will change. It sounds crazy but they really do..

As far as the dry mouth I get this when I forget to drink all my water.


Comment #4

Thanks for the help I'm definitely going to get some Bouillion cubes and try it with the soup in the thermos idea Sounds great...

Comment #5

Yep, I can relate to wanting that fix, too. Sometimes you just feel like you want to EAT SOMETHING. Work through it and hang in there. It DOES get better.

I don't know how fair it is to issue a blanket warning of horrible tummy troubles with the crunch bars - not everyone has issues with them. Kristi, don't let that scare you from having several in a day when you are out and about. If you notice a lot more gas on days when you have several bars, they're likely the culprit. I know others have had GI-type problems, sometimes related to a soy intolerance, sometimes related to the malitol (sweetener) in the bars, sometimes without any clear relation to Medifast food at all. At any rate, you can have up to five crunch bars a day if they agree with your digestive system..

I like the bars for portability when I'm out running around, but now that it's so hot I typically take pretzels or puffs instead. There are also recipes for muffins, etc. made from oatmeal that make it easier to take oatmeal on the go..

A thermos and some containers that have a tight seal will be your friend when it comes to taking soups along with you...

Comment #6

Hang in there Kiki.

It does get easier after the first week or so.

And once you see the results, you won't regret the healthier choices you're making every day!..

Comment #7

It DOES get easier !! During my first days I did anything I could to stay distracted - napping, video games (yea!), etc. Once you make it through it's so worth it..

I haven't had any problems with breath or weird tastes in the mouth, just occasionally dry mouth if I don't drink enough. I was reading about the benefits of spinach and one article said it helps with breath - who knew? I've been eating a spinach salad almost every day for lean and green and maybe that's why..


It will get better!..

Comment #8

Definately wasn't issuing a blanket warning...just saying it caused me issues and it could cause other people issues. Certainly do not mean to scare anyone. I know some people eat the bars for every meal but more than a few of those same people mention gas and gastro problems. Was more of a 'this is what it did to me' so be cautious...

Comment #9

Thanks so much for all the honest feedback. I've discovered today splitting my lean and green into 2 meals really helped as well...

Comment #10


I can relate! I'm on Day 6 and was PMSing when I started. I like challenges I guess! LOL.

I thought I was never going to make it the first couple of days, but I kept reading all these great posts and stuck with all their advice. I love the bars & shakes and have to choke down the oatmeal. Looked up some recipes and tried the oatmeal scones. It was better than eatting it the regular way, but it's not my favorite. Oh well....

Just wanted to let you know that your not alone!!..

Comment #11

Hi KikiB.

If I'm away from a blender to make a shake, I find that I can mix the fruit drinks in the shaker cup that came with my order and it works quite well. I usually save the shakes for when I'm home. One day I accidently dumped a shake in my measured half-cup of water instead of my oatmeal, but didn't want a shake for breakfast so I just added another half-cup of water and finished mixing the shake. Then I put it with some ice cubes into a metal thermos and drank it later in the day. That worked well for me, but I don't like dragging a thermos to work, so I wouldn't do it every day..

I can't abide the soup, stew, or chili, so I gave it away. Now I read all sorts of interesting recipes on this website and read that tastes change, so maybe I was hasty. But I'm doing well without it anyway. It's funny how different people like different things. I can easily eat the oatmeal..

Hang in there. You will find some things you like, and since all are interchangable it makes planning the day easy once you settle on some...

Comment #12

If you don't want to travel with the Magic Bullet, Medifast sells a shaker bottle with a little metal ball inside to help with mixing. Several people have mentioned using it with a few ice cubes to mix up creamy shakes..

Put away the food you don't like and put in your reorder a bit early. In a few months, pull out the meals you put away and try them again. I was able to skip an order this month by using all the icky stuff I had put away and now like..

Congrats on getting started. Stick with it!..

Comment #13

Hi everyone! I'm new and almost done with my first week (weighing in tuesday). Just had a couple comments and questions. First of all, I really like the oatmeal, have since day one and I also love the bars, they're definately the quickest and easiest. I haven't tried making the soup any other way but with water and needless to say I've only had once in 5 days...YUCK! Also, I'm not really a fan of the shakes yet. The strawberry creme was good, but that's about it and unfortunately I have A LOT. I can get them down if I usa a blender and ice...any ideas for tastier shakes?.

I also have never really been a fan of pudding in general so if anyone has any tips for the pudding I'd love to hear them!.

And if anyone out there weighs in on Tuesdays like me, maybe we could start some kind of group or something and check-in at least once a week..

Comment #14

I weigh in on Tuesdays and this Tuesday starts my third week. I would love to have a buddy to help me on my journey. I hate this soup as well and use ice and the blender in all my shakes. I also am not a fan of the pudding. I do take the hot cocoa and put it in the blender as a shake and it's one of my favorites. I edited my order to only the things that I like and made do with what I have for this time.

Let me know if you would like to check in with each other especially on Tuesdays )..

Comment #15

I weigh in on Tuesdays alsohere is a link to the .

I have turned the pudding into a shake with lots of ice, frozen it as ice cream and turned it into a pie... if there is a food out there that you can't get down search the recipie forum becuase someone has already come up with an idea to make it better.

Kendy: I am going into my fifth weeklet's do this! Congrats on your loss!..

Comment #16

I'm with you! Yesterday was terrible for just wanting to snack on something! I managed to muddle through and am glad I did today. Cause once I start with "just one" of something, it leads to more!..

Comment #17

I wiegh in on Thursdays, but did this morning just to see how my first 4 days went down 5 pounds. Thanks so much for all the encouragement...

Comment #18

I'm on day 21 (with one or two big mishaps along the way) and the food gets easier. In fact I really no longer crave anything. Even when I fell off the wagon and ate some really yummy old favorites (a slice of bread with butter, a bite of cupcake, chicken cordon blue) going back to the program was not horrible. Even though it doesn't taste good - it somehow satisfies if that makes sense..

I still need to pick a weigh in day. I have only weighed myself twice since I started - the first time big progress, the second time a 2lb gain/backslide. How did you guys pick your day/time?.

Also does anyone know if the rules about eating within 1 hour of waking up - also apply to going to bed? I.e. do I need to have my last meal within a certain number of hours of going to sleep? I would much rather eat more during the day and stop eating around 7pm (I go to bed around 11)...

Comment #19

I have a trick for when I get to craving something savory (not sweet). I like to cook up several chicken breasts at a time on the BBQ. Then I cut them into slices and, when they are cool, I weigh out baggies of 6 oz each. Each baggie is a day's protein. If it's lunch and my lean and green isn't until dinner, I will sneak a couple slices out of the bag. It so satisfies my craving.

Splitting the lean and green works too. I will sometimes do a 1/2 cup of eggbeaters for breakfast and then reduce my protein by an ounce or two that night..

The oatmeal is better with a little SF maple syrup or splenda added. The soup/chili is better if you soak it for at least 20 min (a must do) and then add spices or pepper sauce to spruce it up a little..

You can do a shake on the go. Pack a mixer bottle (MF, tupperware or rubbermaid) with a shake packet inside. Then buy a chilled bottle of water from a machine or quickie mart, shake and drink. It's not as good as a blender shake, but it certainly is no worse than chocolate milk...

Comment #20

GI Jane.

Kiki, yes it can be rea hard but I know you can do it. Just take one day at a time..

Sometimes, it's one meal at a time. For me, when I get discoraged I will go on the blogs and read tons of them. This gives me a lift and encouragement. I also went to the mall after a month and found that I was getting smaller and could fit into jeans that I thought would never be possible. Also set awards to your weight loss. I also try to drink at least 12 cups of water a day.

Hang in there and know this is life changing. With God all things are possible. Jennifer..

Comment #21

Hi Kiki, only thing I was "addicted" to before starting Medifast was Coca Cola. Having tried to break that addiction a few times prior to MF, the withdrawal symptoms that came with giving up "normal" food were familiar, more's the pity. But as everybody else already has said, it does become easier very quickly. (By the way, have not had a drop of soda since starting Medifast and don't miss it one bit, much to my surprise!) Am on week 12 of Medifast and about halfway to goal, but remember very clearly the first few days of thinking of nothing but food - not something I had ever done before. Was reminded of that when my eldest daughter started Medifast 4 weks ago and she went through that cravings stage. Not fun, but self-limiting!.

Try some of the various recipes you can find on the Medifast website. Personally I despise the oatmeals straight - tried to mix in the bit of allowed milk, added allowed condiments, etc - still no go. Then my daughter found recipe for muffins that uses the oatmeal mixes, and you know, they are actually quite good! One muffin = one Medifast meal, great to take along, and with a coffee or tea, you have actually a decent meal. As to soups, let them stand for a while, they become better. I like to eat them with a pack of the Medifast snack crackers. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of cream cheese mixed with chives to the crackers - that together with a soup makes a dandy meal, and will last you a good while! (Like to do this at lunch as I try to keep my L&G for dinner with the family.) Bars, if you tolerate them, will become your best friends - just don't leave them where they can get hot - they melt! The lemon meringue bar is tasty after putting it in the fridge - sort of a cool treat for summer (we live in southern Texas - it gets HOT here!).

Hope this helps. Let us know how you're doing!!!..

Comment #22

Well I'm a day ONE gal and if I can do it...YOU CAN DO IT! You're's hard. I try to remind myself of WHY when I start to feel my stomach rumble (as it is NOW!)and I remember how important it is for me to be healthy and strong for my children and my family! Ketosis...yes...that strange taste. In the past I saved my 'coffee' for 'iced coffee' in the car etc. when my mouth was just byuck. Hang in there...we can share thoughts as we go!..

Comment #23

Hi there.

I'm on day 12 myself, and although I can't say I've had cravings, it can be difficult watching my friends eating from the same restaurants I used to, ordering things I used to that aren't necessarily healthy (paninis with bacon and cheese, all kinds of 400+ calorie baked goods) at our lunch break. That's when an attack can hit me, but I would feel bad asking them "Hey, I'm being tempted here, can you go eat somewhere else?" That's when I tend to distract myself with an activity, or remind myself my scale will be so much happier that week if I step away from the chocolate croissant right now..

I do have to admit pizza is my one and only weakness. I wouldn't binge on almost anything on this earth, but if you put a BBQ chicken pizza in front of me, regardless of it's size it WILL be gone in half an hour. But then I look at the nutritional information on those things, and that kind of puts it all into perspectivethe Dominos Memphis BBQ Chicken pizza is about 250-400 calories per slice. Thankfully I found some Medifast recipes for pizza that qualify as Lean and Green, so maybe you can find a Medifast version of your favorite food too?..

Comment #24

So you've gotten great feedback here....

Try to keep things simple in the beginning...find foods you can tolerateput the "yucky" ones away for nowyou'll "experiment" with them later, and some will become your favorites! Drink your water (I tell my clients to drink "half your weight in ounces" each day...minimum 100 oz) and only have snacks if you really need them..

I have a great pdf collection of tips for newbiesif you (or anyone) want a copy, email me and I'll shoot it off to has lots of great tips (some have been mentioned here already) for those first few weeks..

I'm wishing you well on your journey...find a good, supportive buddy/group/coach to help you through the plan...IT WORKS!!!!.

Peace & good health,.


Comment #25

My comment above: sorry I was on another thread and had several windows open - posted on the wrong thread..

Comment #26

Congratualtions! I completed 5 days and have lost 5.5 feels good...

Comment #27

That's GREAT!! Let's both keep up the good work!..

Comment #28

This is my first day of medifast, and I feel exactly like you feel.

I do get withdrawals from the *bad* foods. I'm a total junk food addict, but it's killing me, that's why I'm doing medifast.

The food, imo, is horrible. I tried the honey mustard pretzel sticks and chili today, and I barely could eat them & keep them down. Ick. I'm exchanging those for something better. I have a feeling that all the "solid" foods will be that way, so I guess it's just liquids from now on...they say it gets better after you are in ketosis, some of the hunger goes away, so maybe that will help the fact that I'm only eating bars & brownies for solids (other than the LG).

Good luck...

Comment #29

That's great! Good job! That is motivation for me to stay on plan...

Comment #30

Good job KM, My first one week total is 8.5 also!!..

Comment #31

I'm finishing up day 2 and the taste of some of this food is gross. I am praying for the willpower to stick with it...

Comment #32

Are you letting the stuff set for awhile after mixing it, add water and put in fridge and then warm up, I do mine over night and actually the food isnt bad. I'm on day 5 I have done eating for the night and I'm full but my normal routine of wanting to eat at night even when I'm totally full, I'm not because I want to stop this habit, I am not hungry and there is no reason for me to eat, so I am looking at medifast to help me gain control over these habits, so think of medifast as medicine to overcome you disease of has helped me day to day. I actually am not having a hard time with the food since I prepare the night before..i just know if I make it through this day that it's one step closer to being thin. you know you want this, so make it work...figure out what it will take to make it work, you put out alot of money for this program so you know you want it to work. stay has to get easier, look at the people on here that have lost 100 pounds dont you think they had the same thoughts that you are having right now? They got through it and we all can too....

We have to break old habits of living to eat and eat to live, just like with quiting smoking, this habit can be broken...hang in there....

Comment #33

I lost 3 lbs on day one! I actually enjoy the taste of amost everything (not the brownies). I went on a 3.7 mile bike ride today in an hour, with my husband and 3 kids. Very proud of myself! Loong way to go. This is day 2. Doing good...

Comment #34

I had the worst first 6 days! So tired, and wanted food sooo bad! But the good news is I read that strange taste in your mouth is Ketosis ( google it!) Which means you are now offically burning FAT!!!..

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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