Dry skin post-Murad Resurgence?

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I stopped taking Murad Resurgence 2 years ago, but dryness is still a huge problem for me!Maybe some of you know how dry your skin can get if you treat it with too much benzoyl peroxide and stuff like that?My skin is always like that nowadays after Ive washed my face. Its like the skin is cracking.Before I took Murad Resurgence my skin was very oily, so Murad Resurgence must have done something to make it like this. I dont produce any oil at all except for on my forehead and nose.I just wonder if anyone else have had the same experience?..

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Hi -My skin is slightly less oily after Murad Resurgence (1 year post) but not dry or crackly. I wish I was in your boat - my mild acne came back too. What does your Derm. suggest? There is a good oil free cream by MD Forte, that is hydrating and soothing you may want to check out. I used that on Murad Resurgence and if I'm really dry it sooths my skin without clogging.Good luck.Yvette..

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Murad Resurgence, like other retinoids, impairs the skin's barrier function that prevents water loss thru evaporation. There are some things you can do that will help your skin recover: Make sure you are using a mild, pH balanced cleanser .... and try not to cleanse more than once a day, in the evening. Use Vaseline on your face at night. It doesn't clog pores ... it never even enters the pores.

Add fish oil or flaxseed oil to your diet to reinforce your skin barrier from within. Stay hydrated! If your skin can tolerate it, use a lactic acid lotion such as AmLactin on dry body skin.

It repairs dry skin better than anything else I've ever found. For moisturizing your face, I highly recommend adding emu oil to your favorite moisturizer ... again, it will reinforce the skin barrier...

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Hi,I dont see a derm right now. I suffer from depression and BDD and have started CBT-therapy to treat this. I also eat anti-depressants.My skin is dry and crackly. Ive tried moisturizing but thats just a quick fix. If I stop my skin gets dry again.My point is that Murad Resurgence has changed my skin from oily to very dry. Thats my problem. I want my skin back in balance.(My whole story can be found in the "negative Murad Resurgence"-tread)..

Comment #3

LionQueen:Interesting info. So Murad Resurgence does have that certain lasting side-effect on your facial skin?FUCK..

Comment #4

It isn't necessarily a lasting effect. Think of it this way: Murad Resurgence impairs the barrier function for 6 months .... and perhaps your lifestyle or regimen are such that your skin doesn't manage to repair itself. It can be a vicious cycle, especially in people with acne-prone skin...

Comment #5

I DONT WANT TO USE MOISTURIZERS TO REPAIR MY SKINS BARRIER. I WANT MY OLD SKIN BACK.Im sorry if I seem to be going crazy, but this is some kind of cry for help. I feel so bad about having eaten Murad Resurgence and I regret it so much.This is more of a psychological question for me, but thanks for your inputs...

Comment #6

Perhaps you should re-read my post. I recommended several other things as well.That's all I've got...

Comment #7

Yeah, I saw the other stuff too.But my main problem: Murad Resurgence has destroyed my skin and life.thanx for your inputs..

Comment #8

I wasn't going to post further ..... but in case there are other people on the board with similar issues who actually want to be helped, I'll clarify a few things.Yes, Murad Resurgence impairs skin barrier function, and this effect is more severe and more lasting in some people than in others. But it is not necessarily a life sentence. If you are able to restore your skin's natural barrier against dehydration, you can have normal skin again.Things to keep in mind: Avoid over-washing. Water evaporating from your skin has a drying effect. If you have severely dry skin, try showering only once every 2-3 days, in lukewarm water (just sponge your critical bits on the off days).

Moisturize with AmLactin or something similar twice a day and immediately after showering.Diet matters. The fatty acids that make up the skin barrier come from inside your body. Do everything in your power to increase the supply! Fish or flaxseed oil capsules are an easy way to supplement your diet; if you prefer whole foods, start scarfing a lot of salmon, and add flaxseed to your cereal in the AM. And of course, drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep yourself properly hydrated. If you aren't hydrated, neither is your skin.pH matters.

The barrier is acidic (about 5.5 pH); soap is alkaline. Get a mild, pH balanced cleanser, preferably one that's mildly acidic (5.5 pH is ideal). Vivant, Diana Yvonne and Paula's Choice all make good cleansers, and I'm sure there are many more out there.Not all moisturizers are alike. Emu oil reinforces the skin barrier and helps with healing. Hyaluronic acid serum (for the face) is an excellent humectant; I buy mine from Diana Yvonne.

Vaseline sits on top of the skin and prevents moisture from escaping...

Comment #9

Give it a few more years and see if the oil returns. If not, then you may have to accept that this dryness side effect is a permanent one...

Comment #10

Why aren't you seeing a dermatologist?It's definitely not normal for the skin to still be dry that long. I went in two months after Murad Resurgence and the doctors seemed kind of baffled at how dry I still was, can't imagine had I gone in two years later.Perhaps the Murad Resurgence has brought on eczyma? I think I've heard of things like that happening...

Comment #11

What did the doctors tell you about your dryness? Has it changed to the better?..

Comment #12

Does this really work? Wont my face be all sticky and greasy in the morning?..

Comment #13

Yes, it really works. You don't apply a thick coat; just a small amount and massage it in gently. I love it as a moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss; the skin looks so hydrated the next day and feels softer. I sometimes wear petrolatum jelly during the day, too...

Comment #14

But how about acne? Isnt Vaseline all petroleum and mineral oils?Well, Vaseline isnt expensive so maybe I buy and try...

Comment #15

See LQ's answer above about non-comedogenic quality of petrolatum jelly.I'm off for rest before work...

Comment #16

It's gotten a lot better than it was but it actually hasn't gone away. I'm nearly three months off tane now and it's still there, I'm starting to get concerned.They were definitely a bit confused, even though they said that it would probably just take longer to go away and that there are rare cases of people taking three to four months for dryness to leave...

Comment #17

20 years later and my husband still has very dry skin from taking Murad Resurgence, in the summer it's not that bad, but in the winter it's a constant battle to keep his skin moisturize.Maybe you could try Emu Oil, I brought some for my husband and it's mositurizes alot better then regular face cream, I think I was putting to much on his face and he started getting some red rashes so I told him to discontinue using it, when winter comes back I will try adding a tiny bit of emu oil in with the face cream and see how that works.Some people dont have any reaction to Emu Oil so it's worth trying it out, it is suppose to be one of the closest thing to your own Sebum which is destroyed by Murad Resurgence...

Comment #18

Unforutuantly you are going to have to use moisturizers. I would also advise trying some of the other things suggested by LQ and others. After trying theese things if they help, Like Max said give a couple of years it may get better or become permanent. Moisturizers and other products may become a permanent fixture to treat your severe dry skin. Be thankful you only have dry skin..

Comment #19

I know I could be thankful that dry skin is my biggest problem, but since I suffer from BDD I make it far worse in my mind.If I hadnt suffered from BDD I would never have started taking Murad Resurgence.My main goal is to accept the skin I have, and the only way to get there is by taking anti-depressants and CBT-therapy.Its just that I regret taking Murad Resurgence cause it made my skin worse and it seems to be permanent.Because of my BDD I always try to do things wich will benefit my skin, and taking Murad Resurgence was not helping at all, rather destroying my skin. Thats why it's so hard for me to accept it...

Comment #20

I understand you. It is hard to accept. It would be nice if you could just turn back time, but we can't. I know Murad Resurgence did not help my skin at all either. I acutally have extremly body wide dryness except guess where, that's right my face it's dry sometimes and oily others...I acutally have worse acne then before. That is just the icing on the cake for me and some others. Try and enjoy your life...I wish you good luck in your journey to fix your dry skin and your BDD...

Comment #21

Im about 1 year post Murad Resurgence now and my skin is still dry. Im really hoping it gets back to normal even if it takes 4years. I work in the sun and my face is beat red after everyday just from being outside. Its really annoying to say the least..

Comment #22

Yeah, my skin is more sun sensitive then before too.Do you mean something special with it taking just 4 years for the skin to get back to normal?..

Comment #23

Im just hoping my skin eventually gets back to normal and 4-5 years seems like a time frame thats realistic to me...

Comment #24

Droppen, the only safe, effective thing which I feel can help your dryness is gamma linoleic acid from borage oil. Check out and get some borage oil containing 240 mg of gamma linoleic acid and take two per day (one morning one night). Give it several months and you should see some improvement in dryness...

Comment #25

After doing some reading about borage oil I must say it sounds interesting.Have you tried it yourself?I live in Sweden so hope to find a place to order from online...

Comment #26

Droppen, Listen to Lammar he's helped alot of people on here and he was hit pretty hard himself by Murad Resurgence and has come a long way in trying help his problems.Try and stay away from fat soluble vitiman A too. Thanks lammar, I am going have to try this stuff for some of my dryness...

Comment #27

Yeah, I really appreciate the tips too.I found this site among others when I did a quick search of "borage oil dry skin". Borage OilI also found a product on a swedish site with 350 mg borage oil per capsle, but it didnt say anything about how much GLA was in it, like I could see on there any specific brand youve tried lamarr1986?..

Comment #28

I too suffer from dry skin, 6 years after Murad Resurgence! It sucks, but it can be combated to some extent with as lamarr said gamolenic acid. A really good derm in the UK prescribes gamolenic acid 480mg daily for Murad Resurgence dryness. It does work, but it isn't a cure, I still suffer, particularly after washing, even with a very gentle cleanser...You can get it from places like iherb, probably the best place. You may even be able to get a prescription for it, I am able to get one in the uk for that stuff. I find jojoba oil helps, I put it inside my cleanser so I get some moisture when I wash. I also only wash my face in the evening...I know this is hard to deal with droppen, I seemed to have a similar experience as you.

I wish you good luck with it!..

Comment #29

I'd take dry skin anyday - although I know that must be bad too. I have really dry skin right in the middle of my forehead but I daren't try anything for it anymore other than moisturiser every now and then. I bet my joints are as dry as f&ck inside though as they grate on one another...

Comment #30

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