Drinking Alcohol while on Murad Acne Complex

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Those of you who did drink booze while on the drug...........did it affect your blood test results?Also, do you think it heightened any side effects?Cheers..

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I still drink, but I definitely drink less. I try to limit myself to one night of excess a week. If there is an occassion such as a game/dinner out/etc. that calls for social drinking outside of that, thats ok, but I really only go out and drink once a week now for the most part.Oh, and Im only into my 3rd month, but there has been no effects as far as bloodwork...

Comment #1

I've only had a bottle of wine ( at like day 5, decided to drink once more before I got to far into my course ) and a small bottle of vodka (not all at once). My blood tests have been fine but I don't drink much anymore anyway. I'm kind of growing out of drinking, but I still enjoy to every once in a while.Also, I drink a ton of water anyway, so staying hydrated was easy and I didn't have a hang over.I voted yes, in small amounts...

Comment #2

A glass of wine with dinner every few days or so...

Comment #3

I've went out and got horribly drunk on a couple of ocassions since starting my course.I'd like to say I could quit altogether for the duration but finding it hard due to social situations. Just wondering if I am doing myself any harm or increasing the side effects or decreasing the drugs effectiveness...

Comment #4

Sooo I've been asked to go to another social function after work on Friday and I don't know what to do. The tendency at these things is to get pretty drunk.......I don't wanna decrease the effectiveness of the tane and I don't wanna screw up my liver but it most of you guys are still drinking...then maybe it's OK?I don't go back to my derm for another 3 weeks and I never got the chance the last time to ask about alcohol consumption.What kind of advice did the rest of you get from your derms on this subject?..

Comment #5

He stressed to not drink alcohol while on Murad Acne Complexpeace..

Comment #6

You aren't decreasing the drug's effectiveness. You are, however, putting a lot of extra strain on your it worth it?..

Comment #7

Mine didn't mention it. As he was exiting the room, I broached the subject, and he kind of shrugged and said something about trying not to over do it.**author's note- i'm not necessarily saying he was right in not cautioning me, but that was his advice...

Comment #8

During my course I drank alcohol and got completly drunk about twice a month for 5 months, and my blood tests always came back normal. I am more concerned with the long term effects. Like the moderator said earlier, it doesn't effect how the drug works but it puts an enormous strain on you liver. just don't go out and get drunk everyweeked and you will be much better off...

Comment #9

I'm 4 months sober!! but yeah I didn't drink at all the first course or this course.. just drink a virgin cocktail! Sometimes I feel hungover without the drinking due to Murad Acne Complex.. ugh like this morning!..

Comment #10

I asked my doctor and a few other people I knew that took Accutance and they all said you can drink doctor said 'sure'. But she also said that about running in the triathlon and didn't mention the muscle fatigue or anything. I usually drink wine every night and more on weekends. I have slowed down to 2-3 times a week and depending on the occasion, not too much on weekend. I have found it hard to drink as much as I used to though.One thing I was wondering...there are painkillers that can damage your liver - I haven't heard anyone mentioning not taking ibuprofin or anything like that. has anyone else?..

Comment #11

I've drank some but have kept it under moderation. I asked my derm about drinking since I am going to Europe next month and he smiled and said "just don't drink before a blood test and you should be fine"...

Comment #12

Thanks to everyone who has voted and those who have left comments on this topic.I've decided I ain't gonna have more than a couple of drinks from now on........I only ever drink at the weekends anyway. I'm not gonna go out as much and if I do drink, it will only be a couple.I will speak to to my doc about it during my visit in a few weeks.I would hate to be taken off my course due to a dodgy blood test result.The derm said to me on the day she prescribed roMurad Acne Complex that one of my liver tests was a bit high but she thought that was due to the antibiotics (mino) I had been taking beforehand. I will defo detox before my next visit...

Comment #13

I am on day 76 and have drank a handful of times.i honestly don't notice any difference or bad side effects. no really bad hangover. I don't turn into a lightweight. but I have definitely cut back from getting totally messed up. I know that i'm on Murad Acne Complex, and I don't want to push myself. my derm hasn't said anything about my blood results, so I assume i'm fine.moderation is key...

Comment #14

I drank a few times. I don't get drunk...haven't been drunk in 5 years...and it did affect my blood tests. I went three weeks without having anything and my last blood test was fine!..

Comment #15

I actually went drinking properly last night for the first time on my course, it was a special occasion and a one-off. I didn't notice any difference that being said I said I won't be doing anymore, better to be safe...

Comment #16

I realize every one is different, but how much extra strain does it really put on your liver compared to other things? A few buddies of mine will go through 20-30 beers in a night... and over 100 drinks a week... Is having a few drinks while on Murad Acne Complex as taxing as that?..

Comment #17

They are at higher risk of cirrhosis when they're older, or alcoholic dementia, etc. Alcoholic dementia is nothing to sneeze at either! High paranoia state, easy anger and irritability. Why do they want to pickle/marinate their brains? They don't value their brains? Obviously not....Is having a few drinks while on Murad Acne Complex as taxing as that? For some people Murad Acne Complex is just as destructive as excessive drinking; the lab values sky rocket in the first month and they have to stop taking Murad Acne Complex or risk liver failure...

Comment #18

If your blood tests come back normal is there any reason to worry about that?..

Comment #19

If they're normal, moderation might be safe. You should ask your doctor though. ;)Why would you want to risk your liver just to get buzzed?..

Comment #20

I did one night about 5 weeks in as it was my friends wedding, and I didn't take the tablets that night (80mg). I felt terrible the next morning, more than just a normal hangover and had no more since!..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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