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How Do I Use This Promo Code?

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2. Click on the "Colonix" link on the top.

3. Scroll down, and choose how many boxes you want to buy. We recommend buying 2-3 months supply.

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Why Try DrNatura?

- It helps eliminates toxins, and cleanses your system
- It can help with weight management, acne, and candida.
- DrNatura offers a 60-day money back guarantee.
- Over 1,000,000 people have used Colonix to cleanse.
- It is popular, and raved about in many health forums.

My Review of Dr Natura

I did my first cleanse with the DrNatura Program a few years ago. At that time I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if it was even going to do anything for me.

I did a 3 month cleanse. And I did the cleanse before I wanted to get rid of excess body weight, as well as my constant bloating, sluggishness, and constipation. I felt tired almost everyday, and heard how a clogged colon, and toxins stuck in my system was causing such a lack of energy.

After the first week, I noticed a sudden burst of energy. I did sleep better during the week, so it might'v been that. During the 2nd week though, I got rid of some nasty stuff in the toilet. It was very very disgusting, and I eventually found out it was mucoid plaque stuck in my colon that I eliminated.

In the 3rd week, my increase in energy continued, and my bloating gradually waned. I also started to have better, healthier bowel movements. No more nasty explosions, and no more constipation. Instead, I had 1 bowel movement everyday, and it wasn't constipated at all.

After 1 month, I weighed myself, and found that I was 10 lbs lighter. All that excess bloating in my stomach was gone, and I felt lighter, and more energized. I continued cleansing for a couple of more months (they recommend doing 2-3 months), and after it was over, I felt so much better. It was like I was a totally new person. I never knew this was what life felt like.

I experienced a bunch of other healthy benefits besides losing excess weight, and better bowel movements. I also got rid of my severe acne (it is now minor). I used to get 2-3 new cysts every week, and now I get 1 small one every couple of weeks. And I tried everything in the market... I mean EVERYTHING. From Tazorac to Duac, to Minocycline, to Tetracycline, even Accutane for a few months. Nothing worked. It wasn't until I did a cleanse with DrNatura that my acne suddenly went down in severity.

I would recommend the Colonix Program to everyone out there. It won't "cure" any of your problems magically. And please don't look at it as a weight loss solution. It's a cleansing program, and afterwards you're supposed to practice healthier life habits to keep your system clean and light. I now cleanse for maintenance with Colonix once a year, so those toxins won't remain in my system, and cause disease in the future.  



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