When does hair go back to normal after Murad Resurgence?

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Hey ,I fionished Murad Resurgence 6 months ago although I didnt complete my course becuase I noticed hairloss immediatley after 2 months so I stopped....the drug does the trick for acne for sure but the hairloss thing did me in hahaso with the hairloss my main concern was it being ir-reversable...I did alot of research and now know the science behind can be Telogen efflivium or something else....well it turns out mine was TE becuase the shedding started to stop aftera few months....the hairloss isn;t as noticeable now as it was say 2 months ago...although hair has been lost on my right temple but easilycovered with side of fringe or hair short (which I have anyway)so it got me thinking....I must of been losing on average 50 hairs every 3 days...more some days for over 3 my hairloss isnt falling much at all..normal and hair is betting I can;t have the permanent hairloss...although hair is taking an awful long time to recover..and I must of lost alot of hair so basically all I want is someone who has been through it to tell me how it went.when did the hair feel full and healthy agen after TE???d/w I'm not depressed or anything about it...i was but end of day there'sno baldin on my family line and my lifestyle lately hasn't been up to notch on the food side so all this needs sorting i've been free of any TE hairloss since new long until my right side grows back PROPERLY and not just tiny hairs coming through every other day*moderator edit; removed entire quote of all of the above*sorry for starting nearly every paragraph with "so" lol and my poor spelling abit drunk from the sesh and ano how much you americans hate the bad spelling stuff lolim 18 years old btw..

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I've always shed a lot (I think my long hair may have made it seem like more), but when I was on Murad Resurgence I was loosing handfulls of hair every time I took a shower. I finished my course last June and by the end of summer my hair loss had slowed. It was still falling out quite a bit though and the new growth seemed like it broke easily, especially around my face (where your spot is).A few months ago I got really fed up with all the baby hairs and breakage, did some research and decided to stop using shampoos/conditioners/products with sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, and wax. I also got rid of my straigtening and curling irons and stopped blow drying my hair straight (I still use it with a diffuser to gently dry it wavy). My hair has almost stopped falling out! I get maybe 5-10 strands in the shower on a bad day, and it's growing in thicker than ever - thicker than when I was in highschool, and I'm almost 30.Since your hair is short you probably don't do all the straightening and stuff, but if hair loss continues to be a problem then give the sulfate-free/silicone-free thing a try. Be sure to read labels carefully and do a google search to familiarize yourself with ingredient names.

It takes a few weeks to see results, but BOY did it help!..

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:s nah I dont use any straighteners or anything on my hair cuz that does ruin I'm assuming it took yu 12 months to have full hair recovery? my density is back to how it was (now it's been atleast 6 months) just hair isnt level yetmmmm gonna wait it out another 6 motnsh seeing as the offical end of it all is supposebly now to a year....thank god isnt still falling anf coming back tho..

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I'm almost at the 12 month mark, and I'd say it went back to normal~ish around 6 months but didn't really improve until 2 months ago when I stopped using the sulfates/silicones. That improvement is above and beyond what it was before Murad Resurgence though, so I don't know if it really counts in the 'returning to normal' category. I think if I had figured it out sooner I wouldn't have had nearly the hair loss I did while taking it! My hair is in a weird post-tane growing out phase now though, with the new growth at the top nice and thick and the bottom half stringy and thin. It will take a while to get fully grow out, but my skin is clear so no biggie. If you try it, I'd be interested to see how it works for you!..

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Glad to hear your hair is coming back. I started noticing hair loss after about a month and just kept using Rogain and a dht blocking shampoo. I have stuck it out and am finishing June 16th but am petrified because I am bumping from 80-120 for final month so I can get off sooner. My skin has been perfectly clear since my tenth day but the hairloss is scaring the crap out of me. I just started propecia and am hoping that staves it off till I am finished and then slowly taper off propecia. Please update with any further on your hair.

I am glad you have stayed clear but they say unless you get a certain amt it is bound to come back. I could never do this crap again but the results have been amazinggood luck..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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