Does your breasts and butt get smaller with weight loss?

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Hi everyone. I have lost weight since 2006 I lost 25 pounds but thats because I lost my appetite and stopped eating so I cant really celebrate about that. But I always had a shapely butt now that I have lost weight it's gotten a lot smaller. I only wear a 34B my fear is my breasts will get smaller and my butt will get smaller once I reach goal. For those who have lost weight did this happen to you...

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Since your goal is only about 20 lbs... I wouldn't worry about it. I submit that it won't be a big issue... gbesides... you will be healthier...

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I USED to have nice boobs but someone stole them and left two little deflated skin balloons in their place! lol My butt has gotten smaller but that was a pleasant change. With your lesser amount of weight to lose, I agree with mrmmac that you might not notice it much but my breasts were the first things to go. I also had a lot more weight to lose and some gals never lose an ounce from their breasts. I guess it just depends on how much you had gained in them in the first place...

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For a lot of women, the breasts and the butts are the first things to go - but that varies from person to person. I bet if you worked on toning the muscles in your problem areas, though, they would burn the calories faster and keep your good curves a little more in tact. Better safe than sorry, right?..

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Well I've got to say I have never really had a problem with the boobs. BUT the butt on the other hand is a completely different story.... I suddenly find myself with no butt anymore! hahaha.... I don't quite know what to do about that except exercise and hope that I can build a little muscle in that area. as for the boobs, I can personally recommend the butterfly weights on the weight bench. I did that for ONE week and gained an entire size...

So you may want to try weight lifting. it really does make a difference, believe it or not...

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Yes, thank GOODNESS I lost in those areas. I didn't really like having 48 inch hips! I'm now down to 36. SO MUCH better!.

Now, the boobies. Just say I tuck them into my belts these days...

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My breasts completely disappeared when I was on Medifast!.

Hope that helps.....

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I went from a 40 D to a 34 B! And as for my hips they went from 51 inches to 36 inches. I am not unhappy about that!!..

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My DDD fun bags are now down to DD balloons, but I am hoping they go as low as a C cup once I reach goal at 140..

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My cup size has stayed the same, but the number part went down. I went from a 38D to a 34D. So not too much changed. My hips have shrunk, ALOT! I was a size 14 and am now a 6. My goal weight of 130 is what I was when I graduated college 4 years ago and I was a size 9 then. Not sure how that works, but I'll take it...

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Mine are is my butt...........but I think thats a good thing.......

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That is just too funny! I hope mine don't do that though.....

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That was too funny - almost spit out my water !!..

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I never really had any boobs to begin with.Just Mosquito bites! Now the butt, I think medifast will eat off of that for days! I have though seen a slight change but I have always been the one to have to turn side ways on a school bus to get through the isle. Big hips!..

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Lisa, I see you just joined Medifast this spring. So I'll give you a little tip. Don't read the boards with anything in your mouth. It usually ends up on the keyboard. LOL.

Honestly, I went to VS to get fitted for a bra after I hit goal. The nice young thing measured me and said 34B. I laughed and told her, no a C. She insisted that I'm a B. So I tried one on and showed her. Well, all the loose skin was hanging out all sides of the cup.........She got me a C. So now I can tuck them in.....

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Everything is effected here but my top half tends to go first. I am a total pear shape -just think of the large squash on veggie tales!..

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Rotfpmplol!!! I hear ya sister!.

I've gone from a C cup to an A. I used to get my bras at VS, but now I'm like, why spend that much, I'll just borrow from my 11yo (j/k). But yes, my boobies have gotten smaller. Now my butt on the other hand carries the weight I have left. No complaints, though!.

Cault, you're crazy!!..

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I have pretty much always belonged to the IBTC... Itty bitty titty club so I no longer mourne my loss! I am an ex gymnast and a retired gymnastics coach so... misery loved company. I am sure that I will be a B cup again shortly. All I can say is.... I love Victoria Secret!!! The butt on the other hand has always been there through whatever diet or weight I am at.

But I can live with it!..

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I kept seeing this thread come Yes, I have lost in both places...lots happier with losing the bottom half than the top but I had a breast reduction way before I started Medifast and I don't think my body remembered that..sigh....wish I would have kept my 44 EEE's cause maybe I wouldn't be barely a 36 B cup..sometimes a C now!! Lol I'm liking the padded bras for the first time in my life!!.

This thread is too funny..thanks for the laughs........

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Tracy you braggart !! LOL I WISH to have your cup size. oh well.

ML says they are heavy.

I singing in the choir with Paula & Sherry.

Chris you are funny!..

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Interesting to see how weight loss affects each of us a bit differently. I went from a full 38DD, to a 34D,,,my butt lost it's 'bubble". I am glad of all this,,,,less to move south now!..

Comment #20

Dang - you're still stacked for alittle petite gal!..

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Yes, both definitely went when I was on Medifast last (35 lbs lighter than I am now) - I'm hoping my little yo-yo move doesn't deflate them even further, because I highly doubt they filled out completely when I gained back my weight!.

At my highest weight I could sometimes pull off a C cup, but mostly B, so I'm sure I'll be joining the mosquito bite club soon...

VS bra fitting seems like a great reward for weight loss! I've never had one before. Thanks! *jots that down*..

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I didint really have a butt before I started, NOW I really have no butt. I always look thinner from the side then I am because it's flatsville. I want butt implants..

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LOL @ Dave and Mike. Woohoo droppin' those moobs!.

Jeesh, this is a serious worry for me. I don't mind mine getting smaller, but the "deflated water balloon" look scares the *&(* out of me! I've just told myself, though, that if that happens I'll get a "lift" done so they perk back up, even if they're smaller. That's a very personal decision, though, and very individual to each person...

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