Does VitaminShoppe's mega men sport multivitamins help?

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My first question is: Does VitaminShoppe's mega men sport multivitamins help?.

My next question is: I have been reading alot about steroids and hair loss. It seems Anadrol and Dianabol are the worst. I had a quick question I used Androlic/Anadrol 50 last year(6 weeks) and had no hair loss. These where strong orals and would put muscles on a tomato. I am looking to take some D-bol orals on my next cycle with some deca.Do you think I will have any problems with this..



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Dont talk to me about Dbol..

I did two cycles with Dbol and now my hair has thinned around my crown area..

I know that risks and I'm not complaining..

I came out out the shower one day after just having had my hair cut and clocked it in the mirror..

Got the fright of my life..

I wont take Dbol again..

I hear primo is the best if you have hairloss issue's..

I would shave it off but I like having hair..

Comment #1

Munterhunter, don't you think that would happen without steroids anyway? Maybe the steroids will speed the baldness process up slightly, if it's part of your genetics to go bald. But it would happen anyway, with steroids or not. I'm guessing your dad is bald or has thin hair in places or something? (my dad still has a full head of hair at 60, and my grandad died at 84 with a full head of hair still).

I have never noticed 1 hair leaving my head since the 4years I have been using steroids and i've used pretty much everything..

But on the other hand I get skin problems from some products, because thats part of my genetics. Some people don't have any skin problems....

All depends how you are genetically programmed, IMO anyway.....

Comment #2

Personally, id stay well clear of dbol. iv heard loads of people who have lost hair through just 1 cycle! same goes for anadrol!! stickto the steroids with a low androgenic affect. like deca, boldenone, primo, anavar, turnibol and if you use test, make sure you use finateride with it (1 tab per day) this will stop the conversion to DHT...

Comment #3

My Dad has a full head of hair..

As I said I knew the risks just never thought it would happen to me...

Comment #4

Hair loss is genetic and if your going to get it Steroids will just speed up the process. I've started using this stuff called Nioxin which is a shampoo that is supposed to slow hairloss. Apparently it works by removing DHT from the scalp.

I haven't done Dbol so I can't say how much this stuff will help with that but I have noticed that there are hardly any hairs left in the tub after a bath now that I'm using this. Also, if I grab a bunch of my hair and pull lightly I normally dont' get any hairs coming out where I used to get a few. My hair loss has been pretty slow and minimal so far so it's hard to tell just how effective the stuff is but I'm going to keep using it anyway (it can't hurt)..

Stuff that stops conversion to DHT will reduce hairloss. But DHT is a powerful steroid itself so I would have thought that reducing it's levels throughout the body would reduce gains. I don't know how much it would reduce gains (never used a DHT blocker) but I'd be intersted to hear anyone else's experiences with this...

Comment #5

I used finastrede with my test cycle - no hair loss and no reduction of gains in my opinion. I still packed on over 2 stone..

Comment #6

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