Does VitaminShoppe sell anything to help flush Kidneys of a Kidney stone?

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My first question is: Does VitaminShoppe sell anything to help flush Kidneys of a Kidney stone?.

My next question is: Im sad today I'm on my last few dbol tabs. this was my first course and have really seen some gains.

I have noticed , the last few weeks that iv not been getting the same pumps in my muscles. my next question is what next..

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Your question was: Does VitaminShoppe sell anything to help flush Kidneys of a Kidney stone?.

Go for it dude....

Presumably youre not a natty so i`d be interested to hear your views..

Comment #1

Ok but no one be nasty!.

I dont believe in PCT nor do I believe in staking steroids (or using anything other than test unless it's sports/contest/ specific, especially orals) or high doses and I think cycling should be blood test dependent! I belive it's about balance and synergy of all hormones!.

I would be typing for ages for the justifications, so I will just have to reference or justify if anyone asks...

Comment #2

Lol you cool bud..

Most of the tw@ts who analyse the asshole out of every word you write aint here anymore!.

You talking about coming off regularly,blast and cruise..staying on...?..

Comment #3

Constant low dose, coming off should be based on blood work (organ enzymes, bp, cholesterol ) or when you want a child ( then I suggest a year off test)..

Comment #4

Oh right i`m with ya..

What sort of dosages/compound of test etc you talking...

Comment #5

I'd be interested in the references if you have time to post them up?..

Comment #6

I dont think there is need to go above 500mg/week but I would suggest 250mg/week.

As for references you would have to be more specific, some of the conclusions I come to are based the the endocrine function (example hgh effects insulin sensitivity and thyroid out put).

As for cycling , the body prefers balance so going on I high dose then coming off for 12 weeks and going back on high dose I think is more stressful.

You produce around 11mg of test a day some people take 100mg test a day so when you come off your natural levels maybe around 4 mg a day so whether you drop 89 mg or 96mg it's only 7 mg difference % wise it's still a big drop is it worth taking toxic drugs do get that extra 7mg back up?.

This is why I think low dose long term is safer you dont constantly mess around with the amount of test in the body and low dose test is less toxic than pct!..

Comment #7

Adam - why don't you beleive in taking anything other than Test for most people...?..

Comment #8

Steroids are all derived from testosterone! What separates them.....the androgenic/anabolic ratio what they convert into ( DHT, estrogen) and ester!.

This is only relevant if you are concerned about water weight (but you can use anti-e) spots and hairloss..

With my method ester is not a concern (cheaper, less jabs) and only if your an athlete or competing (4 weeks b4 a show) would you worry about water.

DHT is only a concern if you suffer from the negative side effects (there are advadart and proscar ect).

Tabs are toxic and un necessary.

When I first used I mimic everyone else , my good cholesterol was low, bp up and kidney and liver enzymes were high..

With this methods my blood work is perfect and bp is 110/70 and am in good condition all year with the same if not better gains because am healthier..

Sorry for putting it in such laymens terms but have to keep it short , plus typing is hard as am dyslexic!..

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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