Does VitaminShoppe Mega Man Sport makes you gain weight?

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My first question is: Does VitaminShoppe Mega Man Sport makes you gain weight?.

My next question is: Well, after winning Class 1 at the NAC UK yesterday, i've been checking out flights to Athens for the Worlds, and at 650 return I just simply cannot afford it.

So, I start my new offseason today. It will involve staying as lean as I conceivably can whilst adding some good lean tissue. My aim being to be competing next time about 15lbs heavier than I did yesterday, but in the same condition!.

My diet will run something along the Lines of:_.

7am - Meal 1 :- Egg whites + Whey Isolate , 4-5 W/meal toast (w honey).

10am -Meal 2 :- 100g Organic Oats, whey Isolate (50g).

1pm - Meal 3 :- Chicken/Turkey/Beef, 100g Brown Rice + assorted veg.

3pm - Meal 4 :- 100g Organic Oats, whey Isolate (50g).

6pm - Meal 5 :- Chicken/Turkey/Beef, 100g Brown Rice + assorted veg.

8pm - Meal 6 :- Fish, Baked Potato (no more than 12oz Potato).

10pm - Meal 7 :- Beef Jerky, Miscellar caseine.

This gives roughly 450g carbs, 400g protein. Not too different from my pre-contest plan, but just a little 'looser' to allow a bit more flavour so it's easier to stick to..

I will also be keeping some cardio in my weekly cycles to Offset fat build-up and to assist recovery. My PCT started today also, which is along the lines of "The Gear-less Stack" I followed about 18 months ago, it will be as follows :-.

First thing A.M - 2.5iu Gh + 150iu HcG (Both shots Sub-Q).

Immediately pre-breakfast - 5 iu Insulin.

10 mins Prior to meal 6.

2.5iu Gh I.M.

Immediately Pre-meal 6 - 5iu Insulin.

Immediately before bed - 1 serv Gaspari's Novadex-XT.

Workout days will have PWO - 200mcg MGF.

I will also be using Gasparis Cytolean to help prevent me from 'overeating', and therefore further avoiding bodyfat gains!!.

This will run for 30 days after which I will clean out of everything for 2-3 weeks before starting an Offseason MASS cycle...

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Your question was: Does VitaminShoppe Mega Man Sport makes you gain weight?.

My food aspect of this is as follows:-.

Non-Train days (Wed, Sat & Sun).

7am - Meal 1 :- Egg whites + Whey Isolate , 4 Wholemeal Oat batch toast /w honey.

9am - Cytolean.

10am -Meal 2 :- 100g Organic Oats, whey Isolate (50g).

1pm - Meal 3 :- Chicken/Turkey/Beef, 100g Brown Rice + assorted veg.

2:30pm - Cytolean.

3pm - Meal 4 :- 100g Organic Oats, whey Isolate (50g).

6pm - Meal 5 :- Chicken/Turkey/Beef, 100g Brown Rice + assorted veg.

8pm - Meal 6 :- Fish, Baked Potato (no more than 12oz Potato).

9:30 - Novadex XT + ZMA.

10pm - Meal 7 :- Beef Jerky, Protein shake or Cake + Melatonin.

Train Days ( Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri).

7am - Meal 1 :- Egg whites + Whey Isolate , 4-5 Wholemeal Oat batch toast /w honey.

9am - Cytolean.

10am -Meal 2 :- 100g Organic Oats, whey Isolate (50g).

1pm - Meal 3 :- Chicken/Turkey/Beef, 100g Brown Rice + assorted veg.

2:30pm - Cytolean.

3pm - Meal 4 :- 100g Organic Oats, whey Isolate (50g).

5pm Meal 5a Pre/Intra workout drink.

6:30 Meal 5b Protein blend drink.

8pm Meal 6 Fish/Beef + 100g Pasta or Baked Potato (no more than 12oz Potato).

9:30 - Novadex XT + ZMA.

10pm - Meal 7 :- Beef Jerky, Protein shake or Cake + Melatonin..

Comment #1

Lol I take it avrils been sacked as your personal photographer.....

Comment #2

LOL, yeah. Summat like that. Heres a couple courtesy of D'N'S videos.

Class 1.

Odd shot of me..

Comment #3

Weighed myself today. A gain of 5 lbs and very little loss of conditioning..

A pound per day...pretty good so far!!..

Comment #4

Might be the first pic ive seen of you on stage apart from

Jkes aside big improvement!.

Btw nothings coming up on the NAC on google..

Is it just another federation?got a link?.

Have some rep....

Comment #5

Aparently it's HUGE in Europe, bigger than NABBA and as big as the IFBB!!.

Malika may be able to give you more infor as she won the Figure & Overall at the Worlds (which I wanted to compete in too!..but couldn't afford ).

Not too big in the UK , they run 2 shows, the UK & the British, both are heald at Middleton Civic Hall, check out the Beef for the show dates...Alex is good with that sort of stuff!..

Comment #6

Well, due to pain in the ass PC problems I've not had chance to update this thing..

Had a really good week training getting steadily stronger in everything (which is nice! ), I'm also holding onto my condition!! (Which is even nicer!).

I've filled out by half a stone since the show, so looking a little fuller but just as lean. Half way into the gearless stack V2 so i'm pleased with the progress i've made. I'll give it another 2 weeks then back off everything except the Gh, which i'll go down to a maintenance dose of just 2iu a day..

I did back down from the 5iu/day to 4 iu but I'm going to go back to 5iu again. See where that takes me!.

My primary target for this 4 week period was to fill out a little and keep lean far so good..

Comment #7

Finished my little Gearless stack V2 last monday, and total gain has been 11lb, with next to no change in condition, other than the separation isn't as sharp. I weighed myself again today after a week off, and I'm still 8lbs, up...however, due to the humid weather and not getting as much fluid in as normal today I'm putting most of that drop down to the fluid..

My strength is going up in the gym so all in all I'm happy with the change over the last 4 weeks..

Start planning the next phase now. Just gotta make up my mind whether it's gonna be a pre-ciontest plan or a Mass gaining plan. It could falll either way though!.

Hmmm, decision decisions!!..

Comment #8

Looking v. good there mate..

It's good to see that our Moderators practice what they preach, so when asked a question by a newbie the newbie can SEE what the moderators advice CAN lead to physique wise.

Hopefully then they will follow the SENSIBLE advice, get good results, enjoy what they do and keep progressing rather than do something stupid ...

Comment #9

Cheers, I try to only give advise from either, Personal experience or that I've heard from someone I trust implicitly..

Theirs to much keyboard warrior postings on the American forums...gotta try keep 'em off here!..

Comment #10

That looks like a pretty advanced cycle you have there Neil.

Looking great btw...

Comment #11

Yeah, but after 20 years training, with 14 years as a competitior, you get to that sort of thing!!LOL..

Comment #12

Planning on the next stage of the Offseason plan...and just for controversy's sake. i'm gonna do a Pro-Hormone cycle.

Yep, Starting Monday I will be doing a 30 day stint on a Pro-hormone...possibly Genetic SD (as I already have a tub). The last time I ran a Pro-homone cycle I gained about 10 lbs, so I will be looking for something similar this time round..

Let the experiment begin!!!!..

Comment #13

Ever so slight change of plan, decided to start the cycle yesterday, 30 days and we'll see what happens.

As I said earlier, I tend to response quite well to these kind of things, and as average gains seem to be anything from 10-15lbs, with little to no reduction in conditioning, then that is pretty much what I will be aiming for too. Although for myself, maintaining condition will take preference over just having an extra Lb or two on the scales!!.

It MUSCLE gain i'm after not just weight gain!..

Comment #14

Well, so far so good. The strength gains seem to be coming!.

Managed an extra rep or 2 with the 140lb DBs on shoulder presses!!.

And thats after only 4 days!.

Could be that this SD is as good as people say!.


Comment #15

Strength is still coming!.

Repping with 155lb Db's on incline Chest....after 4 sets of incline flys & 4 prior sets on the incline DB Bench!!.

The Superdrols really are good!!!.

Only 1 week in so can't wait to see what the next 3 weeks brings!!..

Comment #16

Cheers, I'm totally buzzing from these things!!.

I can't believe so many people knock the Ph's TBH. They obviously haven't actually tried them!!.

I've not been this hyped since I first started taking gear nearly 10 years ago!..

Comment #17

Another week in. Strength still going up. keep getting extra reps with some pretty heavy ass weights!.

A few exercises I'm doing the same as when I was 260lbs+ and i'm 25lbs less than that at the moment!!.

I am hoping the weight comes on in a similarly proportioned fashion!..

Comment #18

Genetic Edge..

3 caps a day for 30 days..

It kicks ass!..

Comment #19

Strength is still climbing, got a PB on Pulldowns on Monday, a PB on DB shoulder press on Tuesday, Squats are coming back up {5 plates for 5 reps!} and got a PB on Incline DB bench on Friday..

Gonna wait till next week to weigh myself though as thats when the SD are due to run out..

I'll have a few weeks off and then start the next phase!..

Comment #20

Well, into last few days of the SD, weighed myself at 243lbs (17st 5).

Strength is almost at an all time high, been hitting PBs on a few exercises..

SD is definately as good as people say. I've used it and in 28 days have gained 12lbs with noticable strength gains across the board!!!.

I'll have a few weeks off and start a cycle of gear...see what I can achieve with that!..

Comment #21

This has been a great thread to follow mate I'm glad it was such sucsess..

Comment #22

After a more indepth consulataion with my training journal, I can report some real life gains :-.

Bodyweight = +12lbs.

Pulldowns = +10kg.

1 arm DB Row = + 30lb (each).

Seat DB lateral = +15lbs (each).

Seat DB Press = + 15lbs (each).

Upright Rows = + 20kg.

Shrugs = +90kg.

Squat = + 80kg.

Incl DB Bench = =15lb (Each).

Flat Bench = +20kg.

Hopefully this'll give people a better idea of the gains possible with SD!!..

Comment #23

Okay, so i've been thinking over what my next cycle will be,.

I'm thinking of:-.

Duo-thate @ 2ml/week.

Deca 300 @ 1ml/week.

Test E 300 @ 1ml/week.

This brings the dose to 1100mg per week and breaks down at.

600mg test E.

300mg Deca.

200mg Tren E.

Will run this for 6 weeks with slin & MGF in the first 4 weeks and.

Gh to run throughout..

I guestimate this should give a 15-20lb gain. Obviously at least half of that will be water retention, but i'm hoping to keep it intra-cellular, with as little subQ as poss..

To aid in this I will run Letro @ 0.5mg EOD throughout..

Its still a work in progress as I won't start for another week yet, so I'm still putting together the final details...

Comment #24

Decided on a slight amendment to the above..

Only gonna do 1ml per week of the Duo-thate..

This brings the weekly dose to 850mg but i'll be able to do 5 weekson 3 weeks off. and then repeat. For 2 cycles. This should nicely take me to Mid December, so I can have a couple of extra weeks 'Off' in order to enjoy christmas.

Then push forward from the new Year..

My target is to get to 280lbs by the end of the second cycle, so I only need about 15lbs from each, which is well within my abilities to do..

Plus I can always add in an oral to the second cycle if I feel I need to raise the dose a little more...

Comment #25

Neil - when you ran SD - what was your protocol?.

Of the 30lbs you're trying to gain why do you think will be new tissue (hard to gauge I know) / intracellular fluid / fat / excess water?.

And how do you think that will affect your on stage numbers?.


Comment #26

With the Genetic Edge SD I Did 3 x 10mg tabs a day. With meals 1,3 & 5 (Ihave 7 meals a day).

PCT I tried Horny Goat Weed & Trib together. Never used HGW before so wanted to try it, not noticed anything great TBH...but you gotta give these things a go!.

I weighed myself yesterday, to get a starting weight, and I got a bit of a shock TBH, coz I was back to 231lbs. So the 12 lbs I gained has disipated..

Thankfully, I do know why I've lost it. Been stressed to high heaven at work (I'm currently doing 2 full time jobs at the same time, both of which are pretty high pressured roles)..

This is leaving me now with nearly 50lbs to gain, which is meaning a change in targets...just gonna be looking at getting to 260 by christmas and then in the new year pushing to 280..

Of these gains I will be aiming for 10lb tissue gains, and as much of the rest of it as IC fluid retention, with minimal SQ retention (hence lowering the dose)..

Effectivelt though 2 6 week cycles with 2 weeks clean in between, these should be attainable. Especially as the 12 lb I lost in these last 2 weeks should(!?!) come back reasonably quickly...

Comment #27

How come you did an OTC PCT rather than a scheduled one Neil?.

Harsh news on the weight loss..

Comment #28

Needed to see what the HGW was capable of. If I had nolva or whatever in their then I wouldn't have known what was Nolva what was HGW etc..

I now know that HGW isn't anything cracking. However, I do know that OTC stuff like Novadex XT, Endotest & 6-OXO etc.. are all good to use as long as the androgen dose isn't too high..

I'm actually considering using Novadex or 6-OXO inside my planned cycle instead of the Letro, as Letro is a bit too efficient as an anti-aromatase..

With hind-site ( always f**kin' 20-20 isn't it??) I actually knew I'd be highly stressed and should have added 11-OXO for those 2 weeks to modulate the cortisol. Alas, I opted for HMB instead, and even at 4000mg a day, it wasn't sufficient to offset the catabolic effect.

Kind gives you an idea of how stressed I am!..

Comment #29

I'm pretty sure I understand this but could someone please clarify what this means please? (i really just want to know what "SQ" stands for)..

Comment #30

Well, half way in at the moment. The 12 lbs I lost is back on and strength is steadily increasing. Ideally, I would like another 12 lbs back on, but I think work have something against me gaining here, coz it's got mentally busy again. Product Developement dropped our interest rates by 0.7% so we've been mullah'd with work. 1200+ new applications and over 100 requests for product changes in the last week alone!!.

Thankfully, now Nationwide & HBOS have followed suit it should even off a bit. Fingers crossed!!..

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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