Does the weight loss pill intensify, and censor really work? I got it at VitaminShoppe. Does anyone ?

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My first question is: Does the weight loss pill intensify, and censor really work? I got it at VitaminShoppe. Does anyone ?

My next question is: Eazy people.. I'm 18, weigh up an down between 11 - 11 an half stone.. I train 5 - 6 days a week.. healthy diet.. I have made my mind up on deffently doing a course of steriods.. I have been researching for about a month now..

But all the feedback I have been gettin for nap50s are very bad and dont sound to appealing.. the feekback for naposim 5mgs, have been quite good. sorry for the essay lol but I would appreciate any feedback what so ever or some of your experiences and cycles you have done or just advise befor I start my course... write back thanks lloyd..

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Your question was: Does the weight loss pill intensify, and censor really work? I got it at VitaminShoppe. Does anyone ?

In the month that you have been researching have you come across a single individual who feels using at 18 is a good idea?.

You will not retain any of the weight you put on during a cycle. Using anabolics would be entirely pointless for you at this point.

You have some of the UK's finest competing male and female bodybuilders on this website with vast amounts of knowledge on diet and training. At 11.5 stone this area of your bodybuilding needs a serious overhaul. Unless you are very short you have a good 3-4 stone of natural weight you could add..

I realise you want advise on anabolics but your are not ready to use them...

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Don,t just jump straight in at the deep end cos of storys ppl,s told you or so,but do your research train naturally with the rite diet etc while your bodys still maturing and then see where your at and how you feel in say maybe a couple of years....

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You still got alot of natural weight to put on tbh, I do admit on using a anadrol50 only cycle once which was stupid although I did keep 40% of gains, and strength loss wasnt much, still wouldnt recommend..

Wait till your at least 20( should be 21 though imo) and if your 6foot, wait till 14stone etc. do you have a PCT in place etc etc ...

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Lloyd, have you only posted twice bcos you've come here looking for someone to vindicate what you want to do and you've not had that happen so you've not posted again?.

You do what you want bro but when you see the results start to come and you decide you want to stay on gear longer and more regularly and then you start to get side effects please remember the advice you were given here and how I predicted one course would lead to another.

We've done it all before and have fkd up and learned from our mistakes, we're trying to help you avoid those same mistakes...

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Age issues aside...

If youre gonna do gear do it when youre training is reaching pb poundages,not cos the postmans delivered them lol.

Use gear to enhance youre training, dont simply rely on the gear for progress-you`ll be disappointed..

Oh yeah 6x a week is way to much....

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Thats a bad mindset and an even worse endevour. At 18 you have enough youth, vitality and testosterone in your newly developing adult body to acheive really good things with nothing more than a bit of thought, patience, good diet and a decent gym membership. You have to eat yourself big to gain bulk. Gear just opens the door wider to that when your body has reached it's own limit. You have'nt even built yourself up with what nature gave you yet. Do a course now and you will ruin that!..

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Could you tell me what other substances your going to take to keep the weight on ??..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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