Does the Mega Man vitamins from VitaminShoppe have testerone in them? Why can't females take them?

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My first question is: Does the Mega Man vitamins from VitaminShoppe have testerone in them? Why can't females take them?.

My next question is: Anyone have any experience of Prochem products? I can get hold of this stuff easily but it is not a lab I am familiar with. I am interested in one product particulary called 'one rip 200'..


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Your question was: Does the Mega Man vitamins from VitaminShoppe have testerone in them? Why can't females take them?.

A very good lab it's up at the top with Wildcat lab, post pics to make sure it's not fake!..

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My source has offered Prochem, a mix of test enth and tren enth at 150mg/ml each..

Sounds like a good combo, was thinking 2 ml/wk for 1st few weeks as not used tren before and you hear so many scare stories about it ,then maybe move up to 3ml/wk..

Not heard of prochem before but found a thread on muscletalk where they recon it's dodgy and can't give it away , but then they recon apex are dodgy and I've used apex t-350 and deca with no problems.

As a precaution for the deca I got in liquid letrozole (ag guys) and cabergoline.

I assume this is wise to keep in stock for the tren as well ? .

I like the thought of tren for helping with strength and fat loss at the same time as I mainly train short heavy sets, not to fussed about size really but any fat loss would be nice..

Comment #2

Id just run 1ml every 3rd day mate - dont be frightened of tren it's nt as scary as all the keyboard warriors make out!.

Am sure the people slating pro chem prob have their own agenda..

Comment #3

You ever had tren cough LeeB?.

I hears it's terrible and people feel like they're dying!..

Comment #4

Yes tren cough is very odd.... can come on almost immediately after your jab but passes after a couple of minutes.. kind of a cough where your coughing as yuor catching your breath!.

Altho I wouldnt say it's terrible... at the end of the day it's a cough... yes it's not very nice... but there are much worse things in life!..

Comment #5

"id just run 1ml every 3rd day mate - dont be frightened of tren it's nt as scary as all the keyboard warriors make out!".

O.k mate, I'll try that. Does it need to be strictly every 3rd day i:e jab, miss 2, jab or will x2 /week do, eg Wed and Sat ? .

Also been doing some reading(always useful) and seen that in test/tren combos the test is run higher i:e 300mg tren and 500 or 600mg test per week. Is this needed or is 300mg test/wk o.k as the tren makes it a powerfull combo anyway? I could add in 1ml/wk of some t-350 I have to make 650mg/wk of test and 300mg tren..

Another idea I had was run some equi to help with cardio before the tren as tren supposedly kills cardio ? I'm always running a bit of test as HRT so adding the equi in is easy. Or not worth it ? .

Any ideas welcome...

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Id just keep it simple mate - look at what you have used and got results from in the past (especially in terms of total mgs/week) and stick to those amounts - if you think you grow better from more test then use more if not no need to add it in just cos someone says you should..

Id also stick to every 3rd day fairly strictly to keep blood levels consistent - altho if it's enanth it's not such a big issue - but my personal advice would be still stick with every 3rd day!.

Tren wont kill cardio in my opinion any more than EQ will help it!..

Comment #7

Hi mate , damm fast response there !.

I was just about to ask if equi would benift tendons before tren use increased strength that fast you might risk injury..........but you replyed before I had chance.

I think I will just stick to 1 ml every 3rd day and spend less time overthinking everything and more time eating right and training.

I can always repeat the cycle again with differences/ add-ons later in the year if I like the results and want to tinker..

I won't worry about the tren killing cardio either....... mines already S**T.

Cheers for the reply....... labrat...

Comment #8

The product you are talking about I think is called TrenTest it is 200mg of Cyp and 100mg of Tren E I used it on my last cycle and gained 17lbs in 10 weeks....excellant product..

As for MT slating PC well they are renown for backing one lab over all others at the moment Wildcat is flavour of the month the MOD's have in the past banned members and deleted posts for mentioning other labs..

Comment #9

Out of interst has anybody tried wildcat. Heard good things about it. I like apex and always thought it was good but heard they had stopped making it...

Comment #10

Guys, Muscletalk is not a forum to go to for unbiased opinions, many of the people posting there have "interests" to protect..

I once said GL Ultratren was the best anabolic compound I'd ever used and a t1t threatened to ban me even though I was advertising with them at the time! They recommend the use of certain brands and no others.

I'm privvy to some pretty real info on the hardcore side of things and I know Pro Chem are good if some what unreliable in availability. Muscletalk slated GL who were at the time the best UG lab around, then they slated Apex even though I've seen some of my own athletes win Universe titles and pro cards while using it so I disregard anything I hear from that forum...

Comment #11

PROCHEM it is then for me, roll on payday..

Comment #12

Totally agree mate, some of the stuff you hear there is cringe-worthy lol..

Comment #13

I would be pretty set back if some one came up with negative facts about Pro Chem and it's different lines , ok , you dont go on the bottle/packaging alone but this to me comes over as total quality and looks very well to the eyeSet out well and neat labelingThe Equa comes in a very high dose and I found personaly my appetite went higher than usual , a good sign and the Tren again , the legendary cough , sure you could do with out it but as it's a bit of a a pain but again a good sign as this is trens little tag to say I am the real dealYou will not be coughing and spluttering every shot it's just one of those things , puts the body in a bit of slight shock but nothing to stop you sleepingIf the cough does come in it only last a few minutes if that so there is nothng really to worry about hereTren is a quality all rounder for me and the cough thing is niether here or there for me not trying to sound like a hardcore loon who does not care though...

Comment #14

On the subject of pro chem products, what should the consistency of nandrotest 500 be?, should it be all liquid or does it tend to be thick and gloopy?.

The one I have is thick and gloopy and tends to settle jelly like at the bottom of the amp. Does it sound dodgy to you guys?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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