Does Nutrisystem lead to constipation?

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I am on my second week- first 3 days I was regular and it was great! Then I have had nothing but problems since. I have searched for this word for advice, but only find peoples questions and no answers- sure I am doing something wrong. But I could use some advice..

I use stool softeners. I used to eat nuts and they helped. (Pancakes and syrup was my best combo!) I am eating 10 peanuts at night again to see if it is gonna help. Wish I could eat more. I drink the water and with all the fiber and water I thought this would NOT be a problem..

I saw a gal posted yesterday but never got an answer. Hopefully she will see this too...

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Your question was: Does Nutrisystem lead to constipation?.

I have a lot of problems off and on with this too. 3 prunes a day doesn't help me much though. I have found though that drinking extra water seems to get the system working pretty good and of course lots and lots of veggies because of their natural fiber. Mostly raw veggies. It's the most uncomfortable feeling though...If peanuts can have them for your fat during the day...

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This is week 4 for me on the plan and I am having terrible problems....the prunes arent helping either....i eat them for just about every fruit serving, stool softeners, etc....i drink plenty of water, plenty of gets frustrating...i hope someone on here has an answer...

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Smooth move tea - get it at whole foods...

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I read about a month ago - to take magnesium tablets, I have started that and it really has not helped much. But I am going to keep trying. I also will use YOGI Tea - "get regular" that helps. Miralax works too.

Good luck and you are not alone ~..

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Why would this program cause constipation? It seems that with all the veggies and stuff it wouldn't??? (I am still very new on the program)..

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In the am before you have coffee or tea try some hot water with a couple table spoons of lemon juice. This is the only thing that works for me other then laxtives which are not safe to use daily. I drink this everyday and it has been a big help...

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Oriental Steak with Green Peppers and Noodles always did the trick..

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I had forgotten about this tip, and it is a natural diuretic, but I didn't know it would help with constipation..

The smooth move tea is a good option too...and has no calories. Let it steep a minimum of 10 minutes..if not longer. Makes it really strong!..

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THIS IS A REAL SERIOUS ISSUE- PEOPLE DIE FROM CONSTIPATION. Please keep close tabs on it. My mom ended up in the hospital and almost died- she was blocked-backed up. She was vomitting real bad and do not remembe what else (long ago)..

I too cannot believe with what all we eat it would be an issue! Saw my Dr today about other things and asked him and he was surprised too after looking at what we eat and drink. He suggested a daily fiber "pill". I have been putting lemon juice in water (cvold tho) and was told I would get the runs and I said COOL, BRING IT ON! :-) But nothing happened. I will try hot water..

I do think Nutrisystem should be seriously addresing this problem more seriously as it can be life threatening...

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I take a very concentrated anti-oxidant which makes me have to go within an hour of taking it. My husband takes some kind of pre-workout supplements, and when they don't agree with him or he takes too much, he has to go within 15 minutes, so maybe one of those might work for you...

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I take chewable fiber tablets on a daily basis.....they're sugar-free. Mineral oil works, but that takes about 8 hours to kick in. You could take it before bed or before work...

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I don't think fiber is the issue here. You'd be surprised at the percentage of water you used to get daily just from food. That moisture content is down quite a bit with Nutrisystem food, and is a good reason to keep drinking all that water. That said, coffee gives me a boost, and (if needed) the ol' egg frittata could clean anybody out. One observation: days where I have bars for meals or snacks tend to result in the right conditions for problems. I love the convenience and taste of the bars, but they do require drinking a lot more water..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/19: 209.6.

5/12: 200.0.

84/22/25 (Days NS/p90/smoke-free)..

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Thanks for posting this! I thought I was the only one and I have been eating prunes everyday too!..

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Oh yeah wanted to end with this.......Here I sit all broken hearted came to s.... and only f....... Have lots of that!..

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You all think I am kidding about this!!! I am not. This is just like a laxitive to me!!!..

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One rounded teaspoonful of Konsyl(natural Psyllium)in 8 oz fluid two times a day helps me...

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