Does Nutrisystem give you bad breath?

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I've been having issues with really bad breath lately, and I think it's from the Nutrisystem foods. It reminds me of the halitosis from old people and I can taste and smell it when I exhale sometimes. OMG, it's foul! Is anybody else having this problem? I notice if I have a cheat day, it's gone, and when I'm on plan 100% it's the worst. WTHeck is going on?!..

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Your question was: Does Nutrisystem give you bad breath?.

Well, thats good news I guess...I wasn't trying to do low carb, just sticking to the Nutrisystem plan Any suggestions on how to not drive off people in close encounters? LMAO! I'm really self concious about it...

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Sounds to me like you got a tooth that's gone bad on you. Get that sucker pulled and that stank should go away. If not, I'll kiss on ya, bad breath or not..



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That is one of the side effects some people have from the sugar alcohols in foods. The culprits are Maltitol and Sorbitol! Check the amount of those that you are ingesting on the days that you have the worst and see if it coincides.

Foods that cause halitosis potentially include high protein foods, sweet foods, and acidic foods..

Aside from avoiding the foods, you can try to brush your teeth and use mouthwash immediately after eating so that the "bacteria" does not have a growth period to cause the odor...

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Drink lots of water..

Brush your teeth frequently..

Sugar-free gum..

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You single? *wink*.

Just found marks thread about me, what a a-hole. If he's not single I feel sorry for whoever she is..

Lol, no bad teeth in this mouth, if I don't breath, my breath smells fine. Its coming from within.

I brush pretty frequently. I'm thinking it's the sugar alcohols now, or this ketosis thing. I'm online researching it right now. And, I'm upping my water as we speak...if water and breath mints is what it takes, I'm there..

Thanks everybody for the advice so far, I'll keep you updated on my stank...

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That's a very good idea, Mark - bad breath, Nutritoots, and a marvelous sense of humor. How could anyone resist us?..

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Has anyone tried Bodymint as a possible solution?.

My breath's OK ex(ept for when I awaken AMs. Brushing my teeth/ mouthwashing's the 2nd thing I do AM's!..

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I'm sorry about the OP's situation but your comment made me laugh out loud...something I rarely do..

Off to check my breath!..

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