Does Nutrisystem affect sleep?

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So, I started Nutrisystem a month ago, 4 weeks down as of last Friday. And I'm just curious how people are sleeping? Since I started the plan I haven't been sleeping well at all - I toss and turn all night and wake up at odd hours.

Is it just me?..

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Your question was: Does Nutrisystem affect sleep?.

I am on day 5 and for the last 2 nights I noticed that I have been sleeping better..hopefully it stays that way!! Have had enough trouble with sleeping over the last couple of years!!..

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I have been sleeping much better! I was getting leg cramps too, but those have disappeared.

The first week or so I woke up alot since I had to go to the bathroom...

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Me too. Mostly cause with all the water I drink the bathroom is calling to me at all hours of the night...

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Is it posible that you have more energy before? I know that's what I'm hoping for! lol Exercise is what helps me sleep at night - even just a walk a day...

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I am on day 2 and was just zonked today! I have the opposite thing happening!.

Hope you start sleeping better Pagsy..


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I had bouts of insomnia the first few weeks on the program. It was possibly due to my body detoxing all the crap out, lots of water (so needed to get up for the bathroom LOL), and just the plain change in calories and carbs (I had lots of "sugar crash" before NS). It eventually went away, and I sleep pretty well now. Try eating your dessert earlier...sometimes a full stomach can keep you awake. Good luck!..

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I have more energy when I'm eating properly and not loading myself with sugar and bad carbs. I sleep less but I still sleep well...

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I had trouble falling asleep. I seemed to have a lot of energy. I started drinking camomile tea with mint and it did the trick. I also eat my dessert in the afternoon and have 1/2 banana as my evening snack which keeps me from having too empty of a stomach...

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I am having a hard time sleeping too. I really don't know what it could be. I am a little srtessed because I really want to lose weight. Thanks for bringing this up. I hope all of you who are not sleeping will get some much needed rest...

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I am trying to adjust my meals so that I'm finishing eating earlier. I normally go to bed around 10:30/11:00 and I moved up my dessert time from 8:30 to 7:30 last night. 3 hours should be enough time.

I slept well until 4:30 am and then I woke up and moved to the couch where I was able to nap another hour.

Hopefully it's something that just works it way out of my system. Thanks for the tips!..

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