Does Murad Acne Complex work on non-cystic acne as well?

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I know that Murad Acne Complex is a last resort for cystic acne, but what about blackheads and other small raised, skin colored bumps as well? My skin is obviously red around those parts, but along my nose and a little the left/right of that is also red, with no apparent underlying acne. My derm is pretty liberal and said that I can take it if I want, which I will do this afternoon. I may start a log about it later on. I am just crossing my fingers that my genetics will not conflict with the Murad Acne Complex. There are a lot of people on both sides of the fence on whether or not Murad Acne Complex works...

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I can't speak for everyone of course, but in my case I never had cystic acne. My acne sounds a lot like yours. I had blackheads (not very noticeable) on my nose and bumps mostly concentrated on my forehead and chin area. When I started college I had a huge breakout with under the skin marks on my cheeks which I had never had before. I started seeing a dermatologist, and I started taking Retin-A I had been on several oral antibiotics/topicals beforehand as well. I tried it for 6 months.

I was really afraid to use Murad Acne Complex because of all the precautions and potential side effects. I ended up agreeing because if it works, it means I will rid myself of oily skin and acne for good. (Fingers crossed!)ANYWAY! I am half way into my 3rd month (out of 5) of Murad Acne Complex. I am so happy with the results. I had a very small initial breakout.

I haven't had an active zit in weeks. I have redmarks now, but those will soon start fading.If you have a long history of persistent acne as well as different products/prescriptions to control it, I would say give it a shot. Hope this helps!..

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Thanks guys, good to hear. I just got prescribed 30mg...which was a surprise because I am 180lbs and figured a higher dosage would be appropriate. The dermatologist I saw said that he would classify my facial acne as very mild mild mild (he said it three times) which is really not the case to anyone who actually has people know what I am talking about. This ipledge shit is pissing me off though. I could see why this is necessary for women, but not for men...

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Yeah, most derms won't prescribe it unless you have severe acne or your acne is highly persistent and you've tried several other things. I'm just starting today, and yes, iPledge sucks! It's worth the hassle, but did you have to wait a whole month as well?And definitely start a log, it will serve as a helpful guide for anyone considering Murad Acne Complex...

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Right, well I finally got the tablets, but I felt as if I could get marijuana faster than this. The process is really annoying and there were a lot of phone calls and driving involved. I hope I only need to use this for 3 months or so because these monthly checkup will really kill me while I am at school.what are your thoughts in using either protopic/desonide/finacea at the same time as Murad Acne Complex? I have all three (lol) at my disposable. He said that I have minor seb derm around the mouth/nose area and that the protopic should have done something, but then again, I did not use for more than 2 weeks. I was prescribed desonide at the same time as Murad Acne Complex but am a little hisitant because it is a sterioid but he said just to do 2 weeks on, 2 more off. I should maybe consider a minor in dermatology simply because I know way too much about this crap and all of these bottles and pills that would make a fine upbringing. Plus, it seems like an easy job...simply go up the hierarchy of potential solutions...

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I had mild/moderate acne, which was worsened dramatically by Retin-A, so I took Murad Acne Complex. It worked, but statistics show that borderline cases (mild/moderate instead of cystic) actually relapse more frequently. I relapsed, though not as bad.LOL I'm actually considering specializing in dermatology in the future as well seeing as our own experiences have given us a pretty revelatory peek into field...

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