Does or yahoo personals work? any success stories or failures?

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My first question is: Does or yahoo personals work? any success stories or failures?.

My next question is: I recently got out of a long-term relationship (thru in which I was cheated on and had to end our engagement.  Although it's only been a few months, I've started dating (online dating with again...and yes, I am ready for a couple of reasons.  1) I wasn't truly happy the past couple of years in the past relationship (thru and 2) I'm not the type of person to sit around and cry over something that obviously wasn't meant to be.  It still hurts...and some mornings I wake up thinking, "How the heck did this happen..?" but I am ready to move on with my life..

That being said...I've been out on four dates with a guy I met through a friend.  Actually, he and I met several years ago - there was mutual attraction - but because I was in a relationship, it never went anywhere.  But my friend and I used to joke that he was my 'backup guy' if my relationship (thru with my then-boyfriend failed.    Well, it failed and we were both still interested...and here we are four dates later..

I've had a lot of fun on the dates and it seems that he has too.  We have a number of things in common, make each other laugh and there is an ease of conversation.  On my way home from his house last weekend, he sent me a text saying that he had a great time and to let him know when I got home so that he knew that I made it safely (it was after mid-night and we live about 45 min apart).  I am really interested in getting to know him better...and I think he feels the same way.  He even suggested that we see each other more than once a week, maybe have dinner together during the week once our schedules calm down (we are both really busy with work right now)..

But I am somewhat off kilter because there hasn't been any first kiss.   You would think maybe by now?  So far, just hugs and a kiss on the cheek.  I am wondering if I am giving off the wrong signals...I realized that so much had happened between me and my ex, that I've kind of closed myself off to physical contact?  Even the basic flirty kind.  And I think that I am maintaining that behavior..

Any suggestions?  This new guy is great and I don't want him to think that I'm not interested...

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Your question was: Does or yahoo personals work? any success stories or failures?.

Idea:  when you see him at your next gathering just lean into him a little and say "how about a kiss hello?" and see how that goes.  Flirt, but I have never been shy with guys when it came to kissing and no matter whether he had masculine energy or not .. they were relieved that I did make the first move..if I made the first move.  BUT - everyone's situation is different so feel it out and make your decision one way or the other...

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