Does have free weekends?

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My question is: Does have free weekends?.

My 2nd question is: Okay.  I'm really excited and nervous.  And I guess I just needed a place to say it!  I've known this guy for two years.  We've been friends...not best friends just friends.  We've been on stage together, he's dated someone, I've dated know just friends.  Then it sort of came about it in a neat way that maybe we should go out.  So, we talked about us and how we felt and as it turns out we both would like to see where it might go. .

Now, me being me (I'm 31 he's 27) I'm wondering what to wear!  We've decided we are going to go downtown, eat and then check out some live music.  He's seen me in my pjs, with no makeup, bed name it.  Plus side...and he still wants to go out.  :-)  But that's my dilemma...I want him to see me...I guess as he never has before and really he's seen me at my best and my worst.  So, I really don't know what to wear.  Dinner and live music...I don't know if there will be dancing. .

I'm so excited about it I can hardly contain myself.  The date using isn't until Saturday.  So, I have time, but I'm so excited, I just want to have it all planned out now!  He said he was really looking forward to it.  and so am I!.

My second dilemma is how do I keep from being self conscious?  I mean okay, be myself we're already friends.  I get that.  I just know I'm going to be worried about this or that... ya see I've never been on that many dates, married early.  Maybe I just need regular dating (online dating with tips!  ).

Did I mention he's totally hot!  I feel like he's a little out of my league.  His previous girlfriend was absolutely gorgeous.  Anticipation is part of the fun, right?.


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Thanks for the reply..

Stunned...yes!  I would like for him to be stunned.  I feel like there's so much to talk about and just hope I don't forget the things I've thought of.  But, I will relax and have a good time... once it's here. .

What about the days between now and then.  Is it okay if I don't hear from him between now and then?  We texted just for a second earlier today, but that's it.  It's not like I expect to have long conversations, I'd rather save that for face to face anyway. ..

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By all means, save some conversational fodder for Saturday. Hey you have plans for a date... That's what matters. Don't worry about what happens until then...

Comment #2

I dont know how you can keep from feeling somewhat selfconscious because the status of your relationship (thru is changing.   Do you know where you will be having dinner and where the live entertainment will be?  If you know where he plans on taking you , then maybe that can help in choosing your attire for the evening..

Since the two of you know each other already - I'd say stay as you are in personality  because .. he obviously likes who you are.  Maybe just hike up the flirting a little..

If he asked you out on the date using - then he pays.  Also - dont fall into the trap of texting instead of talking live on the phone.  So many hurt feelings and mishaps have taken place because you cant hear how the person is speaking to you when he or she is texting..

It's wonderful that he is excited about your first date using and has expressed it to you.  It has been so long for me .. that I wont know what to do with myself if and when my first date using with the man of my dreams arrives..

I hope sooner than later my dream man will contact me and let me know when he will be arriving in my local area.  We have been in contact now for almost a year and a half and I have been anxiously awaiting our first real date.  He asked me today what I plan on wearing should we meet (in person) for the first time over a night time date, if we meet during the day alone or with other people present.  So I have reviewed some of my clothing options and for our first night time alone date using I plan on wearing a provacative dress - fun and flirty - shows some skin without letting it all hang out.  I had another dress in mind as well - but it definitely lets it all hang out and I dont think that would be great for a first date using - although he may have other ideas ,hehehe.  If we meet during the day .. I could wear slacks and a black top (long sleeve) or another dress I had in mind - my mother likes it .. black and tan.  The dress is great for my figure without being provacative.  I'll probably go back and review it again .. why not?.. I have time..

In the meantime I get down in the dumps because the date using has not arrived yet and he's flying all over for work while I'm left behind here .. bored out of my mind .. *sigh*..

Have a wonderful first date!!!  ENJOY!!..

Comment #3

It's all so first.  I just hope I don't get hurt.  I'm so excited about what's in store.  We ended up meeting at a mutual friends house the other night just to hang out.  It was so great.  He's always been a friend, but now that I see him in this new way... well, it's just something else!  He apologized for overlooking me previously, I said I overlooked him too. .

But the best part is that we had our first kiss...which, came a little quicker than I thought it would, but seeing as how we have known each other for 2 years, I think it's fine.  Well, let me tell you, it was great!  I've been on cloud 9 since.  It was one of those things as I was leaving, and the world stopped and even though it was cold outside, I didn't know it!.

We talked about the self consciousness and he told me not to worry about impressing him he was already impressed. .

Now, I have to worry about coming off as too excited or being too much, though so far he seems to have the same thoughts and feelings as I do.  I tend to over analyze and I need to just chill and let things happen whether they progress or stop.  But our plans have changed.  Our mutual friend is having a cook out and so he asked if we could do the downtown thing next week.  I said sure...he apparently has great grilling skills and our friend wants him to do the cooking.  Which I really don't mind moving the plans, this will give him a chance to show off.  So, now I'm back to what to wear...for something different.  :-)  Oh and I should mention that our mutual friend whose house we will be at for the cookout is our biggest fan.  I guess he saw it before either of us did, so he is really happy for us..

I used to date using someone who traveled for a living.  It's an adjustment.  We dated for a while before the traveling started, but it's definitely something to have to work through.  And us girl's always wondering what to wear!..

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