Does automatically renew?

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My question is: Does automatically renew?.

My 2nd question is: Just curious what the rest of you feel is appropriate behavior in the following senario:.

A man and woman (one or both of whom are in a relationship) who work together go on a business trip.  They are accompanied by another coworker.  The three of them attend an evening business sponsored event where there is some drinking and kind of a party-like atmosphere. If the 3rd coworker leaves (at a "respectable time"), is it acceptable for the man and woman to remain and "close" the party? WHy or why not?..

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Yes, a man and a woman do not need to be chaperoned by another adult. I think some couples would be bothered by this and others wouldn't, it's not something that would upset me if my SO did this because I trust him and simply being at a business event with a female coworker does not mean anything inappropriate.I was thinking about this the other day. I think the belief that men and women can't be respectful and non-sexual together is something that helps keep women out of higher business positions...

Comment #1

The problem is what??? They work together and if there is no prior cheating whats the problem? It the other own insecurities that are here...

Comment #2

Well it depends on the people involved. It sounds like there's some fear and distrust here..


Comment #3

I really didn't intend the question to be about jealousy, trust, or an already established opinion.  I merely wondered what other people thought about it.  I guess I was thinking about it from a respect toward any SO  and decorum perspective. ..

Comment #4

As far as decorum, I don't think there's a problem with the situation in and of itself. Many others would say, if you are acting in a way that you'd be comfortable with your SO seeing, you're ok..

Comment #5

I don't see a problem with stayingI would act the same whether the co-worker was male or female, I don't think it makes a difference..


Comment #6

Are they talking to others & networking. Which is the point of a meet & greet, after the seminar. Or ... are they sitting together at the back, ignoring everyone else & behaving date-like? Then no go. It'd be the same if it was happy hour after regular work. If they are behaving date-like, no go.

Under the guise of "just friends!" It's disrespectful from both people, to the other partners that aren't there.

Good distraction frees us from emotional pain, bad distraction gives you a mouth full of whizz. ~~~ Guru Tugginmypudha..

Comment #7

Yes it doesn't mean anything inappropriate is happening - if someone wants to cheat he/she doesn't want to be out of town for it to happen.


Comment #8

Yes I agree. It's insecurities coming in to play. Always try to take a deep breath, realzie you are being trigged by "old feelings" and try to rationally assess the situtation at hand and see if the emotions and doubts are warranted..


Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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