Does loose skin become a problem after Medifast?

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Hi all you wonderful ladies hereI was reading this board and all the discussions about gastric bypass brings up the question of hanging skin. My oldest daughter had the surgury last July she was 415 pounds. She now weighs 245. But she has a lot of skin hanging where it shouldn't be for a 35 year old. On her arms and her belly and thighs.

My question is does this also become a problem for us? I am going to lose 150 pds and I'm 50 something. I haven't seen anyone talk about that on these boards as a lot of you have lost a lot of weight. My thought going into Medifast was this was the alternative to gastric bypass as you do lose a lot of weight quickly. I have lost 11 pounds my first week (pat me on the back ) and I was wondering if we have to deal with that problem also.

Thanks so much for all the support I've gotten here in just a weekI feel like I've been here a long time!.


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I have a little bit of loose skin in my stomach and upper arms, but it's not bad. I made sure to concentrate on exercise and strength training almost from the beginning, though. I think that's one of the pitfalls of GB, most people don't concentrate on the exercise aspect of it. Also, they say it takes up to 1 year from when you stop losing for your skin to shrink up. I would focus on your exercise and moisturize. Every little bit helps! Good luck!..

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If your daughter had gastric bypass last July, then she probably also hasn't had enough time for her skin to adjust to her new body. Nearly 3 years ago, I lost 75 lbs in 3 months and I had a lot of loose skin, but after a year or so, it started to show improvement and I've lost another 50 lbs in the last year and it really hasn't caused much of a loose skin problem. I do have some loose skin but it isn't as much as I would think for how much weight I've lost. I've talked to others who had lost over 100 lbs and they told me that their skin did firm up some with time but for others, their skin only firmed up slightly and they ended up getting surgery to remove excess skin..

It really depends on a lot of things though. Anyone who loses a large amount of weight, no matter what the program, will probably have to deal with some loose skin issues...

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Absolutely agree...weight training to firm up and build some muscle is invaluable. I would suggest it highly to anyone losing weight, especially to those of us who have lots of fat to lose. Also,,,skin brushing is supposed to help tremendously as you lose you don't have as much loose skin. check out she has a skin brushing package available that is really great. It's something you do once a day, but it only takes a few minutes before you shower...and the benefits can be terrific. It's worth it...

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Thanks for the help ,,,,THE SUPPORT AND INFO HERE IS AWSOME!..

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Read the discussion thread on how important is water intake..

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Raydeo, Congrats on your great start. I lost 50 lbs and didn't do any strength training during the weight loss, so I had a fair amount of loose skin, especially in my abdomen (ok.. and arms, butt, chin, you get the picture). I started strength training and then with the passage of time, it's starting to firm up now. I would recommend incorporating strenth training early in your exercise routine.

My feelings though... I'd rather have loose skin than fat! Becki..

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I've lost about 100lbs since 2001 and now I am having an arm reduction June 25th. The skin won't go back no matter what I do and genetics plays a big part too. I am really excited. If I had the resources, I would have alot of things nipped and tucked..hahaha..

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I'm pretty sure it all depends on your lean muscle:body fat ratio. Since you're losing so much weight at a rapid pace, your body composition (for that same ratio) goes out of wack, and it's not at a good proportion. Apparently, strength training is invaluable when it comes to not receiving loose skin.

I'm DEATHLY afraid of getting loose skin. Deathly. :[..

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My sister also had GBP and has a ton of loose skin. However, she did not exercise while losing. The key as stated earlier is weight training! She has lost 150 pounds. However, she has had some other side effects....dry skin, hair falling out, still can't eat breakfast etc. When your body is done losing the fat then you begin to lose muscle. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to weight train (even if it is light)...just remember your heart is a muscle and that is why some GBP patients and those who lose so fast can have other problems if they don't exercise and eat right.

Doing dumbells for your arms, squats and walking for your legs, and crunches for your abs are all things you can do at home and not have to invest a lot of money. Good luck!.


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Does anyone know what exercise would work for the hanging skin on the arms. I bought some weights but don't know what to do with them. thanks..

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Yes, for the loose skin on your arms I hold the weight over my head and bend my arms behind my head, both hands holding the weight, and boy I hope you understand what the heck Im saying...wish I had a pic.....


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I do tricep dips off of a step to help define the back of the arms...

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No I really don't have any. I had a saggy lower tummy, but you can't really tell, even in underwear. I have been a slow loser, so maybe that is one of the benefits. I also have naturally oily skin, so I guess that means it is more hydrated than most...

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Me too Becki, LOL Thanks everyone for the help I need to run,,,gotta buy some dumbells!.


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I love tricep dips off of the stairs! It's gets them so good!..

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Hey, this is a great question to post for the Trainer, too.

I walk with weights and do mostly bi-curls. That movement alone and helped tighten my arms up immensely. I also do tricep workouts with free weights three times a week. I bet swimming would really help, too!..

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My dr. told me that unless you have good genes, most likely it the arms won't bounce back. You can build muscle in them, but probably not enough to take in the flab. My arms looks so bad that I am having an arm reduction June 25th. I have good muscles, but with a weight loss, my arms are getting flabbier from losing fat..

Have a great day!..

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How do you do tricep dips off of the stairs? My arms are FLABBY, FLABBY, FLABBY!..

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