Does liquid L-carnitine really help get the fat off?Sales clerk at VitaminShoppe says so.....?

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My first question is: Does liquid L-carnitine really help get the fat off?Sales clerk at VitaminShoppe says so.....?.

My next question is: Anavar, Turinabol, or just more effort?.

Hi, I'm new to all this internet lark, so go easy with the lingo if you can..

I'm 6ft 3" bout 13 stone & I want to see my bottom stomach muscles whilst bulking my upper body..

I've been going gym on/off for bout 4 years, which I've been fairly consistent with for bout a year and half now. For the last 8 months I've been doing more repetition training for definition but still doing the pyramid training on the core items at the start. Where not stated below will be 4 sets of 12 reps:.

Monday -.

Flat Bench (12, 8, 6, 10) (6 reps is about 90kg).

Decline / Incline (alternate weeks).


Stomach - Gut Buster Slings & Cable Pull Downs (High Reps).

Tuesday - 1hr Cross trainer, burn fat.

Wednesday -.

Wide grip pull ups.

Sit down Rows (12, 8, 6, 10) (6 reps is about 80kg).

Romanian dead lifts.

(Stand with 20kg weight and bend form side to side alternate) not sure of name but hight reps.

Stomach - Gut Buster Slings (High Reps).

Thursday -.

Squats on Smith (12, 8, 6, 10) (6 reps is about 120kg).

Leg Curls.

Leg Extensions.


Friday -.

Shoulder Press (12, 8, 6, 10) (6 reps is about 34kg).

Front raises / Side raises (alternate weeks).


Stomach - Gut Buster Slings & Cable Pull Downs (High Reps).

I've done the Creatine/No Xplode/Long Jack Cycles in the past and want more. My mate keeps urging me to do em (d'boll head) and I've finally caved in and am quite interested in Avar/Tbol cos of the minimal side effects..

I know I'll need less carbs and more protein in my diet (bout 160g a day?) if I'm to start with Avar or Tbol (60mg/day oral, for 8 weeks?). I want more size but mainly more muscle definition. What strength gains will I get from them both... Do I need to change my routine? etc etc.... I don't eat a massive amount, but I can put weight on no troubles. What do you guys recommend?.

Cheers for your time,.


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Go with the tbol bizzle. high protein and medium carbs. talk to frank 1st though!!..

Comment #1

Sustanon 250 for 8 weeks maybe with some winstrol tabs too that will pack on some size for you...

Comment #2

I'd advise you to use equipoise or primo for 6-8 weeks (400mg weekly) with either tbol, anavar (30-40mg daily) or winstrol tabs (25-50mg daily) running alongside. Side effect will be minimal and gains should be mostly kept..

This course will be clean and cost effective...

Comment #3

Will Equipoise be effective with a 6-8 week cycle though extreme??? I was under the impression that 12weeks was the minimum length of an EQ cycle...

Comment #4

I'd advise anavar at 15 to 30mg daily. I wouldnt advise anymore than that as I'm on day 4 of a 15mg a day cycle and everything is bigger, veinier (is that a word?!) and harder..

And when I say everything I'm including my ****....which was a little unexpected!..

Comment #5

I honestly dont know where people come up with this sh*t about EQ needing a minmum 12 weeks..

WHat?? Like you inject EQ every week and it's not until 7 or 8 weeks in that it "switches on" and say " Oh hang on, were supposed to be building some muscle tissue here. Better get to it before we forget" LMFAO.

ANY, AAS when intruduced to the body signals a anti-catabolic/growth signal..

With EQ,because it's reasonably mild in comparison to others,give lean tissue gains with minimal water retention so you might get a lb gain in 12 weeks, but that just means that if you run it for 6 weeks you'd be looking at around 3 lbs. But this is a weight gain your body can handle and maintain, so you will be more likely to keep the gains post cycle. The shorter cycle length also lowers the level of shutdown to your system and therefore the speed with which you recover ready for another cycle...

Comment #6

LOL. fair play. in that case I may add EQ to my next test cycle. I like it's appetite boosting properties!!! but was put off by the length I thought I would have to run it for...

Comment #7

Cheers for the advice,.

I'm really only interested in Oral steroids, 50mg of turinabol? I heard there is little/no side effects, is this true? What sort of size and strength gains will I get from an 8week course if I stick to my routine?.

Oh, and has anyone got any fresh ideas of how to up my protein levels throughout the day, protein/carb/fat ratios?.

(Sitries... frank is a government agent... but cheers anyway).

Going on hols mid week, so I'm gonna start when I get back....

Thanx again for the advice,.


Comment #8

I know jimmy bizzle personally, and I'd have to question his diet and eating habits. I seriously think he should post his diet regime for review by other members before he hits the juice..

Comment #9

I wrote this message, using the same pc, soz guys...

Comment #10

No, I am richtries, I just posted a message whilst jimmy bizzle was still signed in. Confusing I know...

Comment #11

Both my brother and cousin have done 8 weeks of tbol in the past. the gains were minimal. Theyve since gone onto injectables which are cheaper and less toxic on the liver. Theyve not looked back..

I personally have only used injectables..

Comment #12

So what would an 8 week oral t'bol course actually do for me then?.


(P.s. Richtries wishes he was Jimmy Bizzle haha!)..

Comment #13

I rekon if you eat right, train hard and get enough rest you could put on and keep half a stone of mass bizzle...

Comment #14

So have you drawn any conclusions on your turinabol bizzle? Heard you found some interesting products on yor recent holiday to Turkey?.

I would recommend eating more than 70 grams of protein a day first!..

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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