Does Medifast work the 2nd time?

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I had great success with medifast last year ~ lost about 30 lbs in about three months, then maintained & through exercise (and "firmed up") for 5 months. Then stress at work hit & I returned to stress eating & not exercising. I feel defeated & out of shape & desperately want the body I had achieved back...but, I am really struggling to stay OP this time & my weight loss itsn't consistant when I am. It just seems SO MUCH HARDER this time. I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. Did it work the 2nd time around? Have I "screwed up my metabolism" for good? Any insights would be really appreciated. Thanks!..

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I am back OP after being successful in 2007/08, lost 60+, then gained it all back in pregnancy. I am 11 weeks in and have lost 29lbs to date. It is possible!!!!!..

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Yes it works!.

Wish you luck on round 2!..

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I think mentally it is harder the second time, but it still works. I just found I had to be in the right mind set and stick to OP eating. Once I was back to eating as I had before MF, it was really hard to accept the need to do Medifast again...

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I am back to Medifast for a second time after pregnancy #3. The first time I lost 48.5 lbs. in about 5 months, and this time around I have lost 23 lbs. in 8 weeks. I would say it is working for me, and it will work for you too!..

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Thank you to each of you for your responses ~ I really needed the motivation & inspiration!..

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I joined in 2006, and did great, never tempted to go off plan, and lost over 50 lbs. I'm back now, and find it much harder to stay on plan, but it is still working when I stick to it. I think it is just a mental thing with me...

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I am just starting round 2 myself. I'm most worried about why I gained back what I lost and how I can be sure to keep it off the 2nd time around?? In maintenance I was watching what I eat and even trained for and ran 2 half marathons, yet I've put 20 of the 30 lbs I lost back on...

It's definitely hard for me mentally to do it the 2nd time. I decided the best way to help that was to order some of my fav Medifast foods and try some new ones to keep it as fresh as possible...

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I lost 90lbs from Sept 09 to Feb 10, and now I'm back to lose some post-surgery weight I'd gained. Like others here have said, I find it harder mentally this time around, but I'm losing...

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I too am a recommitter and originally did plan in 07 - I lost over 60lbs and kept some off, when I restarted I was 205. I am now at 174 and working my way to actually hit and maintain at goal this time - goal being 135..

At first it seemed the mentality of doubt was strong and trying to beat me down but now I have been able to shrug off doubt and incorporate pure determination - I am armed with the knowledge of what led me off plan before and equipped to overcome being sidelined - I am totally looking forward to working my way thru transition and maintenence - THE RIGHT WAY - so as to truly make this a lifetime lifestyle change - I will stay close to the boards and the achievers!! Who consistently provide food for thought to keep me on track on this quest..

Cheers - Eileen..

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