Does it take time to get used to Medifast foods?

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I've read nothing but good things about Medifast on the boards and seen all of your success with MF. But I spoke with one of my co-workers who said she only lost weight because she starved herself while on MF. The only Medifast product she could eat were confused the soycrisps. She lived off of diet soda, water, and soycrisps for a month. My order is shipping tomorrow and I was looking forward to it until speaking with her. Does it just take a few days/weeks to get used to the food.

FYI I'm a very picky eater. If anyone else can relate, I'd love to hear from you...

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I'm a really, really picky eater and believe me there were some things that I received that I literally gagged on the first few weeks, now I love them. It takes time to get used to some of the products. Everyone is different and you might find that you'll like things that your co-worker didn't. I am not starving by any means and haven't had a Diet Pepsi in months, and don't miss it either. I would say it took me a few weeks to get used to some foods..I hated the oatmeal when I first started, now I eat it daily. Just take it day by day and you'll be fine..

Wonderful choice on starting MF, you won't be sorry you did!..

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I am the pickiest eater on Earth and had my doubts at first too. Yes, it does take some time adjusting to the food, but if you look at what you ate before MF, no wonder!! I ate alot of white sugar, white flour, sweets and fried foods before MF.

There are some things I've had only once that I will never eat again (Beef Stew & Chili~ and I hate the Vanilla shake but use it for recipes) , but there are also many things I look forward to. I know alot of people have trouble with the oatmeal but I make either pancakes or waffles with it, and have it everyday. The shakes are yummy and there are so many recipes on the Boards that you're sure to find something you'll enjoy. Just remember why you're doing this ~ to lose weight ~ and once you reach goal you'll know the correct way to keep healthy! I don't think you can go wrong, at least give it a try. Medifast works!!!..

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I agree with Ali & Karen - talk about "choking it down the first few days!! I found those I like and those I'll stay away from. Maybe your friend has underlying agenda to her analysis she shared with you. I'm sure you can decide for yourself what will do it for you and what you will stay away from. Forge ahead girl one packet at a time, it's the best decision you will make FOR YOU!!..

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The good thing about Medifast is it doesn't matter which Medifast meals you eat as long as you get 5 a day. Something you really hate, can be sent back as long as there are 6 packets left, keep your packing receipt the # to call is on that.

I was totally surprised at how much I liked a lot of the foods, and a lot I can't eat so I don't. Everyone's tastes are different, this is NOT gourmet food, it's fuel for your body and I think tastes oh so much better then Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig food..

Welcome and Good Losing..

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You've received some very good answers so far. Everything new takes some getting use to. The Medifast products are no different ~ you will get use to the taste and yes, even come to enjoy them! If your co-worker starved herself on the program, the fact is she just wasn't doing the program correctly! For example, I see no mention of a lean and green and soycrips are a medifast snack, not a meal! It is VERY IMPORTANT that you have all 5 medifst meals, your lean and green and drink all your water. Diet sodas should be limited to one a day..

You've made the decision to get healthy and lose the extra weight ~ stick to that decision. Focus on your reasons for doing the program to begin with and don't let anyone else discourage you from reaching your goals. YOU CAN DO THIS! Medifast is by no means gourmet food, but it isn't bad either. You will be getting all the vitimans and nutriments your body needs and after the first 3 days will have a bust of unbelievable energy..

Good luck ~ this program works.if you work the program..

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Hi & welcome to MF!.

Don't listen to what she said, you have to go by your OWN experience. Everyone is different. It sounds like she didn't exactly do the program as written. Soy crisps are a snack not a Medifast meal, and diet sodas aren't a free item.

Stick to the boards, read the advice and tips. You will do just fine, don't be nervous in the least. Medifast works if you do the plan as written. You can't compare your weight loss to anyone elses during this journey because we are all individuals and lose weight at different rates. Don't pay any attention to those throwing negative comments at you about MF. Let it go in one ear, and out the other.

As far as the taste of the food, you will have to try and see which ones you like when you get your food, but keep in mind, your taste buds will change as you go along on the program. If I had products I didn't like, I called Customer Service and exchanged them. They were very helpful and guided me through the process. Give it a good honest try. I now have my favorites and stick to those, but the first couple of months was a trial & error period..

I want to wish you the best on this journey, you are worth it, and gaining good health is priceless...

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Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement. I'm looking forward to my package again, even though I know it will take some getting used to. I guess my friend just really didn't give the plan a chance. She found one thing she liked and ate only that, which I know was wrong...

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Kmiser I agree with you 100%. I have found things that I thought were really nasty, but then have come on the board or go into the chatroom and found how to doctor it up. Some of the things were bearable, some still horrible, but you will find your own way and find things that you do like and that will get you going on the road to losing the weight you want to.

You have access to a whole new community here, take advantage of it, everyone is so support it really is wonderful..

Good Luck on your venture remember we are all here for the same reason..

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I think Medifast is very easy to get used to, and it is worth it! Always keep your eye on the prize. If you continue to eat what you always eat, you will continue to be the same size! Which do you prefer?.

Some advice for the Medifast meals:.

Eggs and Oatmeal - always mix with the water (I use the max. suggested amount per packet) in a plastic bowl, stir well, and refrigerate for at least 1/2 hour before heating. Then proceed with directions. I add a small amount of Splenda, cinnamon or sugar-free syrup after heating..

Non-cream soups - always mix with the water HOURS (or the night before) before you heat. This allows for dehydration of contents. I add small amounts of spices to taste - salt-free seasoning blend (Mrs. Dash), garlic pepper, onion powder, chili powder, salsa (chili). This really helps enhance the flavors. You can read many other suggestions on the recipes thread..

Shakes - I prefer to blend the shakes with 1 cup crushed ice and 3/4 cup of water in a blender. Blend for several minutes. I then add some SF syrup or SF jello powder..

Hot drinks and cream soups - I put in mug and add water SLOWLY. After adding about 1/4 cup of water, I blend the powder carefully in the bottom of the cup until a paste is formed, then continue adding water and stirring - this prevents lumps. Then season to taste after heating..

You can be quite creative with your lean and green meal. It is usually difficult to eat it all! 1-1/2 cups of veggies and 7 oz of chicken (for example) is quite a bit of food at once, especially after you've been eating the supplements every 2-3 hours. There are lots of suggested recipes for chicken, fish, etc. You can also choose to have a nice omelette with lots of sauted veggies (mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, etc.) Your L&G choices are endless - try to vary it to prevent boredom. I have found that I actually LIKE vegetables!.

Oh, and don't forget to drink LOTS of water..

Good luck to you. Don't let your co-worker's comments get in your head. I've known people who've tried this and given up after one day because they "didn't like the food". Seriously, don't expect gourmet food! But you can acquire a taste for most of the supplements if you would rather stay on plan and melt pounds than to continue eating tasty but unhealthy junk!..

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Everyone's experience is different, but as you can see by these boards, there are a lot of us who have been using Medifast and getting great results. My advice is, when you find something you like, make sure you have enough of it! I sent 5 boxes back from my first order and switched them for tropical punch which is my favorite. As long as I have it, I'm good to go..

Stick to the Medifast plan as writted, drink lots of water, and use these boards (amazingly helpful!) You will do great!..

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Deb, You are truly inspirational! Keep it up! I started medifast for the second time just to get my bloodsugars down. I was killing myself and didn't care. I feel much better now and am down 14 lbs. I have back problems and a fractured pelvis which gives me mobility problems so I can't exercise much. Keep up your good work. You can do it!.


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I'm not a picky eater, but I still only like a few things at Medifast offers....

I live off of....

Hot chocolate.

Chocolate RTD's.

Peach Oatmeal.

Chocolate Pudding.


Soup once in a while..

You will find what you like and just stick with it. And after the first week things def. start to taste better. Don't give up! Good luck to ya!..

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I am sure you will be fine. It may take some time, but you will figure out which meals you like and which ones you don't. And there will be things that you won't like, but you may find that your tastes will change, and in a few weeks those meals that you couldn't stand may become some of your favorites. It is different for everyone. I personally did not need time to adjust, I liked most of the meals right from the start - and the few that I didn't like never grew appetizing to me. I know that it is not that way for most people.

Just know this - Medifast WORKS, and it works quite well, as long as you follow the plan as it is written. If your friend was just eating the soy crisps all day, that is not how the plan is meant to be followed - they are a snack, not an actual meal. And you do get to eat the Lean and Green meal as well, where you are allowed quite a bit of variety. And you may find that the portions for the L&G are quite large - I often have trouble trying to finish mine!.

Try not to worry - I am sure you will be fine!..

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Don't borrow trouble - try it and see!.

I'm sure you'll love it!.

I do!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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