Does Exercising during Medifast Slow Down Weight Loss?

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I have been on the program for about three weeks now.So far so good 12lbs lost. I plan to start excercising next week, but I am concerned that it will slow down my progress. I am constantly on the boards and I see that a lot of you have lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. I wanted to know when did you start doing the 45 minute recommended excercise? Also by the way congratulations to all of you for being steadfast on this journey..

Thank You..

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I started exercising simply by walking. A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat but you are losing fat and gaining muscle. Muscle does speed up your metabolism, however. I didn't really start hitting the gym until a couple of weeks ago It was a personal choice, I can't obsess on 2 things at once!LOL..

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I started out just by walking too. Now I walk/run and lift weights 5 days a week. I really dont think I would have lost as much weight over the last 5 months without the excerise..

I have also noticed that I am smaller (smaller clothes sizes) than I was the last time I was at this weight..

Excerise is great and it makes me feel great too..

And believe me, I'm not an excerise kind of person. Every morning I have to make myself do it. I never want to do it. But every day that I do, it becomes more routine and less of a struggle. I find that I have to do it every day 5 days a week to stay on track. For some reason I find it really easy to fall off if I dont make it part of my routine everyday monday through friday. If I skip a day it easily becomes 2 days, then a week and then a month...

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Exercise doesn't slow down the weight loss unless you burn more than you are taking in. You can check with the trainers and Nutrisystem to make sure that what you plan on doing will not adversely affect your losing momentum.

As lilcatfeet said, a lb of muscle weighs the same as a lb of fat. Muscle however takes up less space... one major reason to take measurements in addition to weighing. The scale might not change, but you'll definitely see the difference in inches and clothing fit.

To give you an idea.....

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Ewwww! Nasty picture. Really puts things into perspective..

Fat be gone!!..

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Wow, Clandy. Very good post. Definitely gets the point accross. lol I was actually concered about the same thing. Also, I worried about when I hit a plateau and try to get out of it by having to work out harder b/c I'm already working out. Does that make sense? The idea scare me a little.


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Hi Folks- My weight reduction "appears" to be slower with exercise. However that it a misconception. I am losing inches like crazy..

One thing that does affect how the scales portray the loss is that muscles are about 70% water. As you build muscles and are consuming fluids, the "slow" weight will be deceiving because of the exercise, it is being replaced with water-laden muscle..

I did a little experiment this week. I did not eat or drink any medifast meals. I did a hard 3 miles (in 50 minutes while pushing away with my exercise poles). I weighed before and after my walk and I had gained a pound. Now remember, we lose water through sweat (which I had a LOT of) and breathing (which I did a LOT of).

When making a decision as whether to refrain from exercising so that the weight reduction will be more noticeable, or exercise to improve your health, build up your body and to have that lovely endorphin release, which occurs during exercise, forget what the scales say. Pay attention to how much better you feel after a good walk/workout..


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Well..I am 265 lbs down 80 from 345. I just started exercising a couple weeks ago. I started just by walking. I couldn't do anything else with three herniated disks, bursitis, and something I can't pronounce. All lower back issues...see a coorelation to belly fat and lower back? I have plenty of belly fat. Anyway, since I started exercising I am famished sometimes and my weight removal has slowed dramatically.

I do see the scale go up sometimes too. My eating is fine and OP for me. I do notice a coorelation to my sodium intake numbers. More sodium, more water retention, more exercise, more water retention. Fun fun fun! But I feel great and look grea too!..

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About 2 months ago I joined the gym to truly exercise, it has actually increased my weight loss and more amazingly I now know that I'm loosing fat and not muscle. last month alone I lost 5% body fat. cant wait to see this months total..

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Exercise may slow "weight loss" but it absolutely increases "fat loss" - which is what everyone should be working toward. Any decrease in losses at the scale are temporary but will be completely offset by the benefits to your health. And you will find you can fit in smaller clothes at the same weight when you are fit...

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I started exercising right after I started Medifast which the book recommended you NOT do (I didn't catch that part in my first read-through). I agree that weight loss is probably close to 80% what you put in your mouth and 20% activity. As for exercise and/or weight training, muscle does take up less space than fat, more muscle mass causes you to burn more calories while at rest plus it gives you a more toned look as you're losing. I think it's probably true that you will see more in the inches department than in the weight department. And also when you are exercising, muscles that get sore can cause the surrounding tissues to retain water - so drinking water to help flush out the toxins is really helpful. For women over 35, they lose about 1/3 pound of muscle mass every year, so even though you may be working out or weight lifting, most women don't build muscle really fast.

I'm trying not to be too worried about the number on the scale - although I have the scale - itis problem - and more concerned with my overall body shape. That is taking some mental work for me, though, I will have to say.

You guys are ALL so incredibly motivating. You have all done so well, and lost so much weight. Thanks for posting - it sure helps keep me motivated!..

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It slowed me down for about a month. But I kept at it, and now the pounds are coming off and the best part is that I have had a few times when I ate too much, healthy food, but too much and as long as I am exercising I even lose when I eat too much. Sometimes if you are exercising a lot you need a little extra to not feel famished, but I have noticed that when I exercise I am not as hungry. Realize that your weight will slow down at first, but then your body will begin to become used to the exercise and the weight will begin to melt away. The best part of the exercise is how your body looks when you are exercising as apposed to what happens when we are losing huge amounts of weight with no exercise, it has really helped the flabby legs look that I was getting. I am still 218 pounds and yet I am able to fit into women's size large bike pants, the last time I was able to wear these bike pants I weighed 170 pounds.

Good luck and you can do this...

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Yes, when I started I had about a one month plateau, but I ended the month in a smaller size...

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