Does Enzyte work better than yohimbe or "the cobra" which is sold at VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: Does Enzyte work better than yohimbe or "the cobra" which is sold at VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Anyone herd of the name wildcat?, been doing some research and it's not looking to good but I'm 50/50 at the moment. Reason I ask my source has recently got some but also has Sciroxx Biomed, Syntrop Labs and Axio Labs. Anyone used these products ?

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Your question was: Does Enzyte work better than yohimbe or "the cobra" which is sold at VitaminShoppe?.

Your question was: Wildcat ?

Wildcat have a good rep on another forum i`m on but due to a recent bust(i`m guessing) theyre keeping a lower profile right now..

There was also a long thread on the above and that theyre under new management or sommat and also appear legit..

Sorry cant link you to the threads...

Comment #1

Some boards they have a good rep others they have a bad rep for me I have heard far to many bad stories about them to touch them..

Comment #2

Yeah I saw the ukm thread and a mate of theirs tried some self promotion on my forum which was rumbled..

Saying that they were invited to UGM and I heard of no probs.....

Comment #3

PS Carbs are you the moderator on UKM ? that is what I was reading, but on other threads the people that have tried them say they are good. The thing that is stopping me is that on UKM the guy I think his name was volvo or something was acting as a seller and also a person that has tried the products..

Comment #4

Yes mate I do MOD on UKMN and the guy was volovo well he was one of a few that got caught out as we have a function on the site that tells us if someone uses more than one user name.....

Comment #5

My 2p's worth... WC are a popular setup these days and their products get good reviews from most - as cal said, they are laying fairly low at the moment though.

They did make a complete balls up of their introduction to the forums though by trying to employ tactics that are blatantly obvious these days...

Comment #6

Just my input on WC......fake..

Bought some 25mg winni tabs and some arimidex.....did sweet FA! waste of money...

Comment #7

I've not heard anything too promising regarding them either...

Comment #8

Ok I will avoid them, what about the others I mentioned in the first post?..

Comment #9

Im actually on wildcat test enan since 2 months with no problem except extrem pain s injection at the begining (firts jabs I can hardly to walk for one week), the big advantage of wc is stuff is 20 ml for the price of 10ml, thats all. Otherwise for those who thinking of wc test/tren, I dont even think about it, it must be ouuuuuuuuuchhhhhhh !!!!..

Comment #10

Sorry mate but it is not a good sign that you are ahving extreme pain after an injection this is bad for any lab..

Comment #11

Yes I know but my first jabs were too fast as I was a little anxious and since I take all the time to inject properly and very slowly..

Comment #12

I have done test jabs before and never had a pain, so that dont sound to good. I dont want do to any test if it's gonna hurt, as I do quite alot of c.v as well...

Comment #13

I dont know if I have the old test from WC I know they renew their stock a few time ago with a little oil in more so may be this version is painfree ......

Comment #14

I use w/c products, not had a problem.... I am not using the injectables though, only stick to the orals as the b/a and oil they use is painful as ****kkkkk...

Comment #15

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