Does anyone take Megamen multivitamins from VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: Does anyone take Megamen multivitamins from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Iv got my gear - test 500mgs per week is the proposed cycle for 12 weeks. problem is I dont want to blow up like a ballon like I did on my 1st cycle! I dont want to be accused at work of using gear! last time mt face and neck were pretty bloated and I want to avoid it this time round. Is there a way I can do this without inducing otherside ettects. iv heard proviron can cause hairloss and I definately dont want that. (i will be using finasteride also). what about armidex/???is it effective for reducing water retention sucessfully?and if so - what are the side effects. and is it pricey???..

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I think a lot of people forget about their diet when on gear and eat a lot of food they dont need.

In addition they dont take into account that the body has to process all that food and so dont think about digestive enzymes and probiotics.

I utilise both of these through bio drinks and by eating certain fruits and also supplementation with enzymes..

Additions of food such as broccoli to the diet can also help reduce estrogen..

Nolvadex will not help with water retention in my experience. The only think that will do this is an anti aromatase like Letro,Adex or Aromasin..

But as been said before, people generally blow up cos their diet goes to pot and they dont keep their fat under control..

Interesting as if you thinnk about it Insulin goes to 3 places when storing glycogen - Liver, Muscle, Fat..

If you have a higher fat to muscle ration where do you think that the nutirents are going first..

Bulking up (eating everything you can for 'calories') rarely produces the muscular gains of a lean mass diet (500-1000 calories over maintenance) in my experience and I've done both. I hardly ever use anti estrogens on a lean mass cycle unless I am using heavy test and I rarely go over 1g of test a week, most of my courses utilise high anabolic compounds as this works well for me...

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I hardly ever eat junk food, on cycle or off. however I do consume a lot of calories from carbs. so your saying that you dont need to eat that much on cycle to gain. I thought the general rule was that whilst on cycle eat as much as humanly possible in order to maximise carb and protein levels for growth. I usually eat 5 or 6 meals a day all with high carbs and high protein. what should I be eating..........

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Basically to avoid bloat you have 3 options..

1:- Keep carbs and salt under control (as has been said).

2:- Use Anti-Aromatases (as has also been said).

3:- Use a lower dose (has not been said! LOL )..

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The "eat as much as you can" theory is made up by people who want an excuse to eat sh1t!!.

Think of the maths of it; 1 lb of muscle is 454grams. This is 1816 calories. So to gain 1lb of lean muscle per week you need 1816 calories per week more than you took in before. That is 260 calories a day!!.

Obviously in the real world it is not that perfect, but what i'm trying to get at is that you only need a small increase in calories to fuel lean muscle gains..

Likewise 1lb of fat is 4086 calories or 584 calories a day..

Hense the reason that the knowledgable dietitians will advis a slight increase in daily calories and only when that has proved not to work do they increase calories further...

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Interesting views there. il definately use nolva, probably at 20mg EOD. and il keep my diet as clean as possible. maybe reduce the carbs a bit. I never actually calculate my calorie intake - that would be a mission...

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When you're trying to bulk, you're gunna voluntarily reduce carbs. why not just bypass gear altogether and get even less bloat..

You guys make me smile sometimes...

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Yea but Shane not all of us can afford not to use Gear like yourself mate.

It is worth saying that for every 1g of carbs the body soaks up 3g of water so you will avoid or lessen the bloat by lowering the carbs..

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That's true paul, I am practically natural. ahem, but surely by compromising the nutrient intake, you are also gunna compromise the gains. I say, get big. if anybody at work says owt, f*ck em. not literally, but you get the drift. may as well get used to the allegations of steroid use now, cos they'll only get more frequent as you get bigger...

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I see your point mate and when people ask me I say yes I am on steroids it is not illegal to use....

My point was more down the eat cleaner route rather than don't eat many guys just eat anything when trying to bulk and then blame the steroids for the moon face and the fat guts, if you have the sense to research steroids then whey don't you have the time to research diets and eating clean??..

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One good way to combat people pointing the big wobbly steroid finger at you is to show them a photo of ronnie coleman.. tell them HE is taking steroids, which is what makes him look like that... you just train hard and eat well and look how you do!!.

That way people can see a comparison and the way you look is less out of the ordinary!..

Comment #10

You keep a picture of ronnie coleman in your wallet don't you lee..

Back on subject, tamox does the trick for me...

Comment #11

No.. I prefer markus ruhl... it's the hair... haha..

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Cheers 4 the info guys. il probaby just do what I did last time and eat as many carbs and protein as possible but include the nolva this time. that should help with the bloat...

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