Does anyone share their experiences with online dating(like any tips or thoughts on it a

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My first question is: Does anyone share their experiences with online dating(like any tips or thoughts on it a.

My next question is: I've been dating (online dating with this terrific guys for a few months now.  In the beginning like everything new we went out alot.  I have a great time everytime Im with him.  He showed an increasingly interest in me and asked to met my daughter which was a big step for me - but after speaking with her, she encouraged me to introduce her to him.  Everyone is now getting along and we are having a great time.  Back in October he joined a karate school rather far from his home but close to where his son lives - so that him and his son can bond more.  We are both divorced with children; obviously.  Well since he joined the school, I never get to spend time with him.  Now I know the schedule is difficult, but it seems like he has totally put me off to the side.  And I have tried to be understanding but the lack of attention is bothering me and has becoming very noticeable to my daughter who has actually told me to get rid of him.  I have addressed the issue with him and I have discussed that maybe our dating (online dating with is just poor timing and we should maintain a friendship but he insist that he doesnt want to let go.  I would like to be with him more, but there never seems to be an opportunity and sometimes I wonder if he is just holding on just not to have to start new with someone else.  Or does he not want me to start over with someone else?  The other thing is that we work in the same building together and I make it an issue not to have our relationship (thru in the workplace, cause it's not a professional thing to do in my opinion.  Many people know that we are a couple, but we have kept it very impersonal at work.  But honestly, I think if we didnt work together I would probably not see him at all..

Should I just get the nerve to end this since it's making me miserable - even though I really like him and dont want to?  And most important which I left out, Im divorced to my first relationship, after 20 years Im back on the field and I had no prior dating (online dating with experience, so now this is all very new to me and I'm very confused by the mixed signals.  He says he wants to be with me, but makes no effort to make that possible, it's all about karate and his son.  And I cant imagine telling him that his interest in his sons life is a thorn in our relationship...but it really has made it quiet impossible for him to spend any time with me.  If thats the real he says it is. .


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Your question was: Does anyone share their experiences with online dating(like any tips or thoughts on it a.

You said you are miserable, why would you even want to continue to be miserable?  Cut the ties and move on..



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This one of few times when I think it makes more sense to leave than to try talking it out. If you think rationally, what changes could he make to create more harmony in your relationship? They would all involve distancing himself from his son, making you the "bad guy" in their relationship. No good choices here. Relationships with people who have other first priorities are difficult, there isn't much you can change. It takes a lot of patience and understanding and feeling like an outsider, and no one would blame you if that kind of life isn't for you. I think the fact that you're feeling miserable now is a pretty solid indicator that this isn't the right relationship. I would suggest you cut your losses before you invest too much more...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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